11 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved

The last time I posted about AdSense was a big hit.

That’s why I thought to extend this category. Here is the revised edition on how you can get the fastest AdSense approval the right way.

CheckList To Get Your AdSense Approved

1. Take No Shortcuts. Do Not Copy Content.

The more original you are, the faster you will be approved.

This is an important topic for you to notice. You may don’t notice, but there may be some pirated content on your blog. This can be an article you wrote after reading an article on some other blog. Piracy isn’t only meant to be a copy-paste.

However, you may curate content based on your needs. Try to write content in your language rather and imitate someone. Make no grammatical mistakes and imperfections. Make your content beautiful and enjoyable.

2. Make Your Blog/Website Ad Ready. To Make your Blog Ad Ready, you need to have a responsive Theme.

The theme must have Ad Slots above as well as below the folds. people should be able to see an Ad As Soon As they land and start reading an article.

Make sure you don’t use any Third-party Ad Services before applying for AdSense Approval. They will reject you at first glimpse. Use a responsive, clean and clean theme.

Also Note that many Google AdSense Approval submissions get rejected due to “Improper Navigation” or “Difficult To Navigate” Themes.

The best Theme You can Get Is From ThemeForest or MyThemeShop at very low rates.

3. Write 3-4 Long Articles just before a week of applying.

Each AdSense Account is manually approved. You need to make sure you write, share-worthy and long articles at the recent date. Google isn’t gonna check each and every post of yours, so a few posts with the best content would work.

A Long Article is not less than 1200 words. They are informative and provide the best relative information with links to every term a user should know about. They may be a “How-To” or “What -is” Article.

These articles also rank higher in Search engine results and make the most of your blog’s success.

4. Prepare Your Privacy Policy, Contact & About page.

About pages are recommended to be created as soon as you create a blog. They are equally important for your AdSense To Get Approved. Prepare Privacy Policy and Contact us page or again, your Blog will never be approved.

These pages make sure you are not a spammer and you are serious about your blog/website. They prove your site’s legitimacy.

5. 30 Days – 30 Post Rule. Do Not Submit your AdSense Application before your blog has completed 30 Days Of Continuous Online Run.

You have to make sure your website /blog is fully built and launched. It shouldn’t be in the building stage.

Apply after you have published 30 general posts including 10 long posts. Use comprehensive language and literature. Try to use images as low as possible. Images should be uploaded only if necessary. They make your website/blog slow as well as decrease the area for readability.

6. Do Not Use Free Hosts. If you are using Free Hosts, you are already broken. Any day, someday, your blog will be deleted without any notice or clarification and your work, as well as your dream, will vanish.

AdSense approves only 1 of every 1000 Applications they receive from freely hosted websites/blogs. There are multiple disadvantages to free hosts and some of them are:-

  1. No one will take you seriously.
  2. Think of you as a rookie (Merely Beginner)
  3. Your Work has no security
  4. Your work is not safe.
  5. Major Ads and Affiliate programs will disapprove you

Don’t believe me. Read This Case about a blogger‘s experience.

For anyone (even you) who wants a quick, affordable, and easy way to start a blog, I would recommend Siteground hosting. In fact, they are officially recommended by WordPress.org.

7. Branding Is Required. Although it isn’t compulsory for AdSense, it is needed to make your work yours. You have to brand your blog with a perfect logo, perfect & matching domain and theme.

This shows you are serious about becoming an online marketer and you will run for a long time.

8. Register your website/blog in Google and Bing webmasters and make sure you are verified. Take a minute and get yourself a Google Analytics tracking code. This will also help you in getting valuable and truthful analytical data to help you in understanding your traffic.

9. Keep following SEO RULES. I have a detailed guide on ranking and SEO. So make sure you check that out. Google has a decent place and respect for blogs and websites with proper optimizations for search engines.

This makes sure you are willing to make your web presence and you are not a mere beginner who will soon run out with nothing.

10. Keep Your Blog Upfront. Make your social media marketing a blast.

Join Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube (If possible). Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, will provide you with a great share of traffic if properly managed.

Tools like Crowdfire and ManageFlitter are great platforms for managing every inch of your social accounts. Keep your timeline updated and engage your audience.

11. Purchase your own domain name. A . Com domain extension is preferred. Google AdSense doesn’t even accept the submission of websites that have subdomains like domain.WordPress.com OR domain.tumblr.com.

Get your domain from a registrar like NameCheap or Godaddy for cheap Rates. Purchase a domain name that clearly mentions your business. Your Domain Name is your Brand Name, so choose it wisely.

Make sure you are following every process. The process will take time, but you will see a change in your blog’s traffic and structure soon enough. AdSense is just another Ad Network. Meanwhile, you can use:-

  1. Hilltopads
  2. Propeller Ads

Any of the above will work for you if you aren’t getting approved for AdSense,Media.net or Infolinks.

I hope soon you will be approved for top Ad Networks but remember, I need you to come back here and tell me your story and techniques you used, either in the comments section, on Twitter, or through the contact form.

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  1. Wow! Great article man! I’m waiting as just submitted my application.

  2. Thanks Aayush for helping. My Adsense is just got approval. I’m so happy and want to thank you for this checklist.

  3. Can i change blog’s template afteter submitting sitemap to google?? Plzz relpy me

  4. Hey Aayush, a great article , i was looking for it & finally i got it. Thanks for your clear advice. I feel quality is what helps AdSense to get approved the most.

  5. Wow Aayush, thanks for sharing this AdSense checklist. I have recently created a blog hope to monetize it through Adsense, really that will help me.

  6. Great Post! can I change my Google Adsense account from one website to another from one gmail account?

  7. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Sir, Great article for blogger who want to place AdSense ads on your blog. Sir, please teel me that how we can put AdSense ads in our blog’s related post’s images.

  8. I have seen many posts about AdSense but your post best of all. Got Adsense finally approved and my traffic is also up.

  9. Wow thanks for your checklist, I’m working a lot on my site. I will try it now and will tell you if my adsense gets approved.

  10. Thanks a lot. I was planning to give my website for the Adsense approval thinking it was performing well.

    But surprisingly I had some prerequisites missing (as mentioned in your article). You just saved me from getting a rejection.

    Thanks a ton. 🙂

  11. About chitika, i registered with them ,but one day i received message from them that my account has been removed because there no more operating again. .Anyway i was using free domain.Blogspot.Com

  12. Great techniques. I will definitely use it for my blog’s Adsense. thanks a lot Aayush.

  13. Will changing my WordPress website template after submitting my AdSense application and Sitemap to Google will make any effect on my site or not….????

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  15. I applied once before and failed to be approved. I think I am lacking in the important pages section that you discussed in the 4th step. Will try again.

    Thanks for giving the idea of important pages.

  16. Getting Adsense approved on a blog is also good stuff these days as due to COVID19 a lot of big sites who used to avoid Adsense are now on it to generate some extra revenue.
    It’s good if Adsense is used wisely as it could affect your branding and conversions at some point.

  17. Adarsh Kumar says:

    Really helpful Aayush sir. I need this information from a long time but I didn’t get it in that much easier way. Really Thank you sir you helped me a lot.

  18. Don Vicks says:

    Great Article very detailed

  19. Nice article, Please help me out in this. I have a Website 9jatiktok.com with the aim to get Adsense Approval. This days getting approval is not easy so I decide to write my blog posts in Dutch language… Do you think I can get Approve?

  20. marisela rodriguez says:

    Hello excellent article. you know I would like you to explain to me once my account is approved how I should do so that it monetizes quickly. Could you help me with that please. If you want you can write me privately to my email. You are great. Many blessings!!!

  21. Sir, my site is two times disapproved with policy issue, I have good content but it’s still getting disapproved.

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