9 Best Brand Monitoring Tools & Software

Brand monitoring is one of the most crucial things a business should focus on. Through brand monitoring, various things for your business are taken care of.

To name a few advantages of brand monitoring, the brand’s online reputation is made sure to be on par with the standard. It also enhances customer service, makes the most of influencer marketing, and truly helps in higher lead generation.

Brand monitoring combines social monitoring and social listening, along with several ways of tracking brand mentions on various social media channels and collecting audience insight.

It helps you track different channels to identify all your brand mentions and work on the mentions accordingly.

Brand monitoring improves your marketing impact and creates customer-centric products, boosting revenue generation through increased sales. It also enhances customer relations along with retention and adds new customers to the list.

It is an effective way not only to focus on the customers but also to create a leading C-level strategy by emphasizing internal work.

It improves team communication and collaboration and measures performance to evaluate campaign impacts, customer support efficiency, employee wellness in the organization, and more.

When brand monitoring is done with brand monitoring tools, it automates the entire process and makes it easier, quicker, and more efficient to drive results.

Most of these tools come with a free trial and have varied ranges for the price, monitoring scope, and the depth of its analysis to fit every brand’s budget and requirements.

1. Brand24

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Brand 24 gives you instant access to brand mentions across multiple networks around social media, news, blogs, forums, podcasts, and many more. The tool provides automated sentiment analysis that detects segments into positive, negative, and neutral mentions.

The instant alerts and notifications help in faster engagement and reaching out to the customers in case of any issue. It also offers discussion volume charts that help you identify sudden changes that can destroy our company’s reputation.

Brand24 helps you spot those issues before they increase and maximizes positive publicity.

The tool also helps identify industry influencers, and he’s you make the right decision on whom your brand should work with.

Automated report generation comes with every mention of the day and a thorough analysis of each customer’s action.

The report has a track record of likes, shares, replies and customers reactions as well. The report also consists of tips and advice on how the company’s product can start garnering more leads and jump ahead of the competition.

Features that distinguish Brand24 from others:

  • Real-time mentions feed
  • The mention analytics lets you know who is exactly talking about your brand online.
  • Effortless data exporting
  • The filter feature helps in narrowing down the results based on the mentioned source, sentiment, number of visits, and more
  • Slack integration
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Marketing and PR impact tool


The Plus package costs $49 per month. The Premium package costs $99 per month, whereas the Max pack costs $199 per month. It also comes with a free trial.

2. Zoho Social

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Zoho Social’s social media marketing dashboard is exclusively curated for brands who wish to take good care of their online visibility and react to customer analytics.

It is one of the most accessible tools needed to manage your brand on social media through unlimited scheduling of posts, monitoring analytics, and creating custom reports to analyze performance.

The tool comes with a publishing calendar where you can schedule posts with unique time slots, preview them, drag and drop to reschedule to posts, and manage your entire content pipeline from a single space.

Zoho’s SmartQ prediction is one of the most intelligent features that predicts the post content to be posted when your audience is the most active.

It comes with integrations like RSS and zShare that help to pair these tools with your Zoho Social dashboard. The listening dashboards help create listening columns that track brand reviews, mentions, and brand keywords to understand the analytics.

It helps your brand discover trends and participate in industry conversations to increase brand visibility and presence.

It also offers a live stream of all your social engagements that help you respond to them and get greater context on brand interactions. Zoho has tailor-made content approval systems for brands that they can use to manage draft approvals and content workflow easily.

The collaborative feature helps you create and assign specific roles for all your employees for a hassle-free workflow, eliminating work duplication. The stats and analytics feature enables you to discover where your audience is from, the type of content that works for them, and what they are saying about your brand.

Zoho is also one of the cheapest brand monitoring tools that comes power-packed with all the features needed for an effective brand presence.

Features that distinguish Zoho from others:

  • The direct messages feature
  • Team discussion tab to discuss reports, engagement, and work collaboratively via chat, video, and audio calls.
  • Performance analyzer metrics
  • Custom reports for social channels that are visually appealing
  • Schedule and automate reports


The Standard pack costs about $10 per month, billed annually. The Professional plan costs around $25, and the Premium package costs around $35 per month, billed annually.

Along with a free 15-day trial, Zoho also offers a free plan consisting of 1 team member, 1 brand, a zShare browser extension, and a publishing feature for 7 channels.

3. Buffer

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Buffer is a 360-degree social media management solution, one of the market’s best brand monitoring tools. With more than 75,000+ companies trusting the tool, it helps your brand create the perfect post for each of your social media networks.

On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you can plan, design, and publish your posts anywhere from one single dashboard.

Buffer also lets you plan and publish stories on the web or mobile. The scheduling reminds you when to share it, as and when your audience is the most active.

The collaborative feature of Buffer enables you the create draft posts, get feedback on the posts, and refine them as a team. You can also review posts for quality before publishing and make any necessary changes.

The tool gives you complete posting access ranging from scheduling, editing, and reviewing to letting you know the type of content your audience loves.

It also offers several free resources like browser extensions, resource centers, a content library, and remix and podcast features as a plus.

Features that distinguish Buffer from others:

  • Comprehensive Instagram marketing through direct scheduling, first comment system, shop grids and bios, and reminders
  • The preset schedule helps your brand and team stay in sync
  • Robust account management system
  • Proper transparency
  • Diversity dashboard
  • Revenue dashboard
  • Salary calculator


Buffer offers a free 14-day trial without the need for a credit card and a cancel-anytime policy. However, the paid version starts at $15 per month, billed monthly – called the Pro plan.

The premium plan costs $65, and the business plan costs $99 per month, billed monthly – for the publishing.

Their analytics package is a separate package costing $35 per month, billed monthly, for a Pro plan, and their Premium plan costs $50 per month for the same.

4. BuzzSumo

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1000+ marketers trust buzzSumo every day and help you find the content that performs the best. It enables you to collaborate with social media influencers that help your brand grow bigger.

BuzzSumo’s content insights help generate ideas, create high-performing, perfectly tailored content, and monitor your performance and identify influencers.

The tool has an inbuilt keyword tool that helps you generate thousands of keywords that matter by also making you understand these keywords’ popularity.

This gives you insights by combining keywords with BuzzSumo’s content to create comprehensive content, including questions and influencer data.

The tool also helps you predict viral hits by sorting stories based on trending scores. Real-time results help you see instant performance data, making it easier for you to analyze how the brand has been performing and where it needs to improve.

BuzzSumo’s feature named ‘Question’ allows you to explore the most commonly asked questions and bridge the gap between the knowledge your audience seeks and the content you are providing them with. It also allows you to dig deeper into the corners of any subreddit, along with analyzing questions on any web forum.

The tool has a robust set of backlinks, peaking at the website linking to key domains and competitors to increase social engagement and giving real-time updates.

Finally, it lets you track mentions, trends, and updates by monitoring your competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates.

Features that distinguish BuzzSumo from others:

  • The search tool helps you search volumes to discover how your keywords are seasonally affected.
  • Geographic filtering enables you to focus on relevant regions
  • Custom feeds depend on focused key topics, domains, and locations.
  • It provides content examples to generate content ideas
  • Dig into topics to understand trends and get more examples
  • The customer voice feature enables you to hear your audience describe their problem, helping you adopt their tone and language.
  • World’s most extensive index of social engagement data with 5 billion+ articles
  • Instant alerts as and when new links are created
  • Meaningful metrics, power share, and competitor analysis for Twitter
  • Language filters, domain analysis, discovering top authors


The Pro plan costs $99 per month, billed monthly. The Plus plan costs $179, and the Large plan costs $299 per month, billed monthly. They also have an enterprise plan with unlimited features, costing $499+. They also offer a free trial for 30 days.

5. Hootsuite

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The social media marketing and management tool, Hootsuite, helps you manage your social media visibility with results improving your business’s growth and scalability.

It helps you schedule posts across all social networks to save time. Automatic scheduling and reviews of the posts in the calendar view make the tasks easier. It offers an image asset from the Hootsuite dashboard, enabling regular posting.

The tool helps you keep an eye on all the latest social conversations, trends, and brand mentions that make sense to you, your team, and of course, your brand.

Quick response to all the comments from a thoroughly combined inbox makes interacting with the audience easier.

Their social analytics dashboard shows top-performing content, gives personalized insights and tells you why the cont4net is working and how you can create more such content.

The tool is loved by 18+ million social marketers, and only for the right reasons. It helps you publish, engage, monitor, advertise and analyze everything and anything related to your brand’s visibility.

Hootsuite’s mobile apps assist in quickly managing and maintaining the brand’s social media presence from anywhere and anytime. Through the mobile app, you can edit and post content, manage your social content schedule, and stay engaged with customers.

The complete social customer care solution called ‘Sparkcentral’ is effortless to implement, easy to scale, and always keeps your personal touch alive.

Efficient customer service is the backbone of every business, and Hootsuite takes it a notch higher. It provides reporting and intelligence and keeps customer data at its fingertips through chatbots, CRMs, and agent interactions.

This is the one single platform managing all your channels from Facebook, WhatsApp, Direct Messaging, Google Analytics, Instagram, to several others.

Features that distinguish Hootsuite from others:

  • Maximize the value of Facebook posts through organic reach
  • Assists you in engaging more with the LinkedIn audience to boost professional network through sponsored content ads, professional bona fides, and more
  • Hootsuite ads simplify your advertising workflow
  • Real-time audience insights
  • Integrate top social listening tools like Brandwatch, Talkwalker, and more
  • Custom streams
  • A seamless and timely conversation for direct queries through Hootsuite Chatbots
  • Top CRM tools integration
  • Hootsuite amplifies to extend employee reach, keeping them engaged along with simplified administration and reporting.
  • Hootsuite’s impact helps in measuring campaign performance and optimizing social media strategy.


Their most basic plan, called ‘Professional,’ costs around $17 per month. The Team plan costs around $89 per month, and the Business plan costs about $605 per month.

To get the quote for the fully customized plan called the Enterprise plan, one needs to contact their sales department personally.

Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial as well. Their limited free plan comes with 2 social accounts, 5 scheduled messages, and 1 user.

6. Keyhole

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The social listening and influencer tracking tool that manages social media analytics for brands and their products helps marketers to improve their strategies and prove impact to colleagues, customers, and clients.

Clients ranging from Netflix, BBC News, WWF, L’Oréal to Google, and many more have over 7000+ organizations that trust Keyhole as their social media marketing tool.

It monitors real-time conversations, protects your brand online, helps you stay ahead of competitors, and enhances your social media strategy. The influencer marketing inbuilt tool in the app also allows you to discover, screen, and optimize all your influencer partnerships’ performance, boosting sales.

Additionally, it also helps you in measuring and analyzing all your campaigns from top to bottom. Its transparent and actionable insights optimize strategies for better and proven results.

They have a robust keyword tracker that ensures you are right in the game, tracking down any conversations that include your brand with real-time data and alerts. The hashtag tracking tool lets you track hashtags across social networks to measure your campaigns, events, and influencers’ impact.

As Keyhole monitors your social media accounts, it also helps strategize and execute account strategies and content with ease. You can easily schedule, publish and optimize all posts in one single place, using social media analytics as an advantage to maximize each post’s impact.

Lastly, it helps you strengthen and build your own data systems through the media monitoring API and its social media analytics. It allows you to add more data to your apps, reports and create an analytics system of your own according to your requirements.

Features that distinguish Keyhole from others:

  • Instant reports
  • Complete control over the social media analytics
  • Spreadsheet and screenshot free influencer marketing
  • Authenticated data and trustworthy analytics
  • Customizable and flexible interface
  • Custom plans
  • Granular data through various filters
  • Premium support with a proactive team
  • Comprehensive hashtag tracking
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Optimal post time provision for multiple social media accounts
  • Visualized social media strategy
  • Full-scale analytics access
  • Keyhole’s API fetches data from Twitter, YouTube, and other million news, blogs, forums, and websites


The Standard plan costs $79 per month, billed annually. However, their enterprise plan with all custom features has an undisclosed quote, only available when contacted personally. They offer a free trial of the services as well.

7. Awario

Screenshot 2021 04 08 at 3.28.41 PM

Awario calls itself the most straightforward monitoring tool for small and medium businesses. Rightly so, it helps you find essential discussions and join them in real-time to increase brand awareness.

The tool lets you spread the word about your brand and the product, service, or content across several social media networks, to follow word-of-mouth marketing.

Awario eliminates the voice and unwanted information in the market and only shells out meaningful conversations and mentions that matter to your brand.

It also helps you take your customer service social by answering client questions, positive and negative comments, follow-ups, and always being there for what the customers have to say about you.

It also helps you discover potential clients looking for services or products that a brand like you offers and enables you to convert them into leads by answering them before anybody else. Industry influencers are easily identified through this tool, allowing you to develop meaningful relationships and collaborations.

Its integration with Slack allows you to receive real-time notifications in a Slack channel and decide which of them needs immediate attention.

Awario API covers all social media and the web by considering mentions from all major social media networks, blogs, forums, and sites. The bots crawl over 13B pages daily to shell out mentions of your brand, powered by Boolean search.

Features that distinguish Awario from others:

  • Nonstop monitoring
  • Powerful analytics segregated with positive, negative, and sentiment analysis
  • Tracks keyword mentions in any language, location, and across the web
  • Social selling
  • Email alerts
  • Daily/weekly summaries of new mentions
  • Boolean search
  • Handy followers to recognize workspace
  • Data-rich, automated, brandable White label reports


Awario’s Starter pack costs $24 per month, billed annually. The Pro plan costs $74 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs $249 per month, both billed annually.

They also plan custom solutions specially tailored according to your and your brand’s needs.

8. Mention


Mention, a social media listing tool, is a brand monitoring plus publishing tool. It is built to look over every online conversation that aligns with your brand and its products.

Tracking down these conversations enables you to spot trends, identify potential social media influencers that you can collaborate with, and get insight into your audience’s details.

It works with an advanced keyword search that simplifies the entire experience of targeting relevant conversations and people. Mention helps you monitor over 1 billion sources across the web daily and never lets you miss any mention of your brand.

The mention inbox and inbuilt mention feature provide you with constantly updated data within your feed. You can save these according to their status, allowing you to organize noteworthy mentions for precise reporting better.

Through this tool, you get robust analytics that helps you measure the impact of your work. It also enables you to filter out data to perfect your brand monitoring strategy.

It is an all-in-one tool that allows you to plan and manage your social media posting and set the post up for a specific date and time.

Features that distinguish Mention from others:

  • Refined results with noise elimination
  • Smart folders
  • Cross analysis of multiple alerts
  • Advanced alerts
  • Product conversation monitoring
  • Content calendars to maximize publishing


The Solo plan starts at $25 per month, billed monthly. The Pro plan costs $83, and the ProPlus plan costs $167 per month, again, billed monthly.

However, their most elite brand, called the ‘Company’ plan, is billed annually at $450+ per month, packed with all the possible features your brand monitoring needs.

Mention also offers a limited free plan comprising 3 social accounts, 21 important alerts, 1000 mentions, and 1 user.

9. AccuRanker

Screenshot 2021 04 08 at 6.47.43 PM

AccuRanker is a rank tracker built especially for agencies and SEO professionals, providing them with the right keywords that a business requires. It is trusted by 25,000+ agencies, SEO professionals, and reputed brands, including HubSpot, iProspect, IKEA, McDonald’s, and more.

The tool provides the users with on-demand ranking updates every 24 hours, with the refreshing of keywords every second hour. The data updates are given within just a few seconds.

They also offer free one-on-one best practice sessions with robust customer service, provide quick responses through chat, and have extensive help guides to solve any queries.

Through AccuRanker, you can access any data through their user-friendly API and utilize the advanced metrics across multiple landing pages and excellent data analytics.

AccuRanker provides global and local rankings from multiple countries through both desktop and mobile. It sees your competitor’s ranking on target keywords, measures your progress, and ensures that you leave your competitors behind.

Its historical data feature allows you to easily review all the changes in your keyword rankings.

This is followed by a feature that measures your SEO strategy’s impact and then organizes your keywords accordingly, tags cloud and landing pages in a way that your brand’s website stands ahead of all the competitors in the same keyword domain.

Features that distinguish AccuRanker from others:

  • Custom template reporting
  • Customized reports with a drag and drop editor
  • CSV importer
  • Google search console
  • Adobe Analytics integration
  • Several, more integrations with Google sheets, google data studio, databox, API, and more
  • Tracking SERP features
  • Accurate overview of the organic position of the brand in the marketplace
  • Unlimited domains and users on specific packs


Their pricing differs depending on the number of keywords you wish to choose. For 1,000 keywords, it costs $109 per month, billed monthly. 3,000 keywords cost $309 per month, billed monthly. 50,000 keywords cost $2,149 per month, billed monthly.


From managing the brand reputation, hunting down influencers, searching for social selling opportunities, getting reports and analysis, and finding new markets – brand monitoring tools are an all-rounder.

To unlock all the perks from one single screen, you must try out one of the brand monitoring tools from the list above, as these are some of the best ones in the market!

Especially in such competitive times, each brand needs to stand out and avoid the cut-throat competition by moving ahead of their competitors.

With so many substitutes present, it becomes more challenging for a brand to retain its customers or target new ones. Still, such tools enable them to understand their existing customers and what they love and introduce them to new potential customers that might be interested in a product similar to theirs.

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