9 Best SEO Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords

You want your page on top of the Google search results.

However, that is only possible when you have robust keyword research with high-specific and lengthy keywords as the target. Such keywords are known as longtail keywords, and they play a major role in lifting your website’s position on the search engine. 

Longtail keywords are mostly well-thought questions from people looking for specific and/or elaborate answers.

Hence, these 3 – 5 words long keywords are of much significance in the content marketing strategy for any content creator. When these questions become more specific, and there is a relevant keyword catering to them, the search volume decreases, and the conversion rate increases.

This is why it is important for you to have a great keyword finder that helps you locate the longtail keywords. We have curated a list of 9 excellent longtail keyword finders for you –


Semrush is one of the most famous and well-known keyword finders specializing in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and competitor research. Yes, it offers all of this from just one platform.

We love using and recommending SEMrush – it has the best keyword research tool, called Keyword Magic. It is both easy to use and accurate in terms of search, relevance, semantic and volume data. That’s why it is #1 on our list of best long-tail keyword finders.

It includes millions of local and national keywords that are both short tail and longtail. SEMrush grows your traffic organically with a systemized SEO workflow that also analyses your domain’s backlink profile. It runs technical SEO audits and tracks your SERP positions daily for better monitoring.

The auditing involves an in-depth check of 130+ tests and trials. It also tracks your competitor’s website and analyses it to give you the necessary recommendations. Another thing the tool does is creating and tracking all your PPC campaigns, drafting and scheduling content on your social media, and also branded reports.

Their plans include over 40 advanced tools and specially curated features to boost your SEO and overall marketing. It includes domain and keyword analytics, metrics updates, product listing ads, and more.



  • 7M marketing professionals using Semrush
  • 30% of fortune 500 companies use Semrush as their marketing tool
  • Secured data
  • World’s largest database of 20 billion keywords, 310M ads, and 17B URLs
  • Analyses data for you and gives recommendations 
  • Improves your online visibility 


Their pro plan costs $99.95 per month, billed annually. The guru plan costs $191.62 per month, billed annually, and their business plan costs $374.95 per month, also billed annually.


Mangools KWFinder

This research and analysis tool helps you find longtail keywords with no difficulty.

KWFinder also offers exact search volumes along with the most accurate keyword difficulty for you to select them wisely.

It also tells you where your competitors rank with the keywords that are most famous for them. It runs a historical search for keywords that give you long-term trends for the keywords that you must use. 

This lets you identify the most important keywords and even the seasonal and hot topic keywords boosting your website’s organic traffic. The best part about this tool is its free trial that helps you analyze if it is the right fit for you or not.

The free trial gives you 5 lookups per 24 hours and 25 related and 10 competitive keywords per lookup! They are trusted by HubSpot, Pcmag.com, Backlinko, and more.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Finds easy to rank keywords
  • Finds location-specific keywords 
  • 2.5B related keywords with 20M added monthly
  • 52,000 supported locations
  • Thousands of keyword ideas
  • Approved by SEO authorities


Their basic plan costs $29.90, the premium plan costs $39.90, and the agency plan costs $79.90 – all paid per month, billed annually. 


HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

HubSpot’s Content Strategy Tool is no less when it comes to finding relevant longtail keywords. It is an SEO marketing software that builds your position in the search engine.

This tool helps you plan, strategize, and optimize your content, along with measuring the real return on investment later. They are integrated with all of HubSpot’s content tools, maximizing optimization. 

The HubSpot tool also offers detailed reporting that includes the topics and terms people are looking for and where your content stands for the said queries. The data is plugged straight from Google to see where your SEO strategy stands, which you can tweak and change accordingly.

All in all, it is complete marketing software for the entire team that works on blogging, landing pages, email, market automation, lead management, and a lot more things that are responsible for your website’s ranking apart from keywords.



  • Gives actionable recommendations
  • Designates canonical URLs
  • Tracks important topic in one dashboard
  • Increases traffic 
  • Includes metrics like average position, total impressions, clickthrough rate, and more
  • Offers free tools like website grader, email signature generator, blog ideas generate, and more 


The starter plan costs $45 per month, billed annually. Their professional plan costs about $800 per month, billed annually. The enterprise plan costs about $3,200 per month, billed annually. However, all of these plans are proper marketing plans and not restricted to only a keyword finder.



UberSuggest has a free longtail keyword finder that helps you generate higher traffic and also provides you with SEO training and support. It tracks your rank on a daily basis and gives you personalized SEO suggestions on the same.

Their latest feature allows you to type in a competitor’s domain in their search bar and find better keyword ideas for your website. It gives you insights into other’s strategies to adapt, improve and make a better strategy out of it.

Its top SEO pages report gives you a list of competitors ranking and who is popular for which organic keyword phrases. This lets you write content with similar keywords to be in the top list of the Google search.

It also gives you more keyword ideas and longtail phrases along with its volume, competition, and seasonal trends for each keyword. 



  • It provides you with content ideas
  • Absolutely free to find millions of keywords and their related data
  • Allows you to see the exact content in your space that people are linking to
  • It tells you what your competitors are doing best
  • Warns you against competitor mistakes


It offers a free 7-day trial. However, even the paid plans are comparatively cheaper than the others in the industry. Its induvial plan costs $12 per month, the business plan costs $20 per month, and the enterprise plan costs $40 per month. All of these – billed monthly.



LongTailPro helps you uncover longtail keywords within minutes to improve your website’s SEO score. It helps you find less competitive keywords easily, which leads you to high converting online traffic irrespective of your website’s niche.

It is one of the most trusted keyword research tools for marketing professional’s SEO consultants, agencies, and affiliate marketers. From a single seed keyword, it gives you about 400 longtail keywords within seconds.

You can also use their filters to get the appropriate keywords based on your average CPC bid, rank value, search volume, and more.

LongTailPro also allows you to do your keyword research based on what keywords your competitors dare doing. Switch to the competitor keywords mode to start with a competitor’s page and let the application dissect through their keyword’s strategy. It gives you keyword suggestions through all metrics and provides you with only the keywords that have shown high proven results. 



  • Analyze the keywords you have already shortlisted
  • Pull up keyword metrics instantly
  • Enter up to 200 keywords manually at a time and do the SERP analysis
  • Measure competitor’s keywords
  • Calculate the viability of the keyword ideas on a scale of 0 to 100
  • Tools to spy on your competitor’s taken to a whole new level
  • In-depth metrics like site age, trust flow, citation flow, and more


LongTailPro’s annual starter plan costs $25 per month, the annual pro plan costs $45 per month, and the annual agency plan costs $93 per month. The starter and pro plan come with a 7-day free trial.



AnswerThePublic gives you raw search insights instantly, directly importing them from your customer’s mind to you. It gives you insights on the longtail keywords that customers across the globe google.

It quickly gets out the useful phrases people ask around your keyword and gives you great consumer insights. This helps in creating fresh and useful content on your website that the customers really want to see/read.

Not only that, but it also lets you uncover hidden niches that highly boost organic search and give your campaigns an edge that make them stand out.

It streamlines your content production with valuable phrases and identifies content ideas without manually having to skin through the keywords, which could even take weeks.

It offers a free market search and even webinars and articles that make you better at search engine optimization and makes your content keyword rich with just the right amount and type of phrases that should be there, nothing more, nothing less. 



  • Look at what people are googling in real-time
  • Use search data to make big business decisions
  • Fill your content calendar with endless ideas
  • Get meaningful keyword searches
  • It helps you create relevant content driving traffic and views
  • Get an update whenever people talk about the keywords that are on your website
  • Monitor trends and compare consumer search behavior


The monthly plan costs $99 per month, the annual plan costs $79 per month, and the enterprise plan costs $399 per month, all billed yearly.



SERPstat is the growth hacking tool for all your SEO and content marketing needs. It is trusted by well-known companies including L’OREAL, Samsung, Philips, Shopify, Deloitte, and more. SERPstat is complete advanced analytics.

It groups keywords with tags and gives you the most relevant ones that you must add to your content to enhance your website’s quality. It also gives you insights into traffic distribution among domains and similar fluctuations. 

Specifically talking about keyword research, SERPstat has an in-depth URL analysis with insights on search questions. This gives you the right longtail keywords with a tree view keyword distribution.

The tree view distribution tells you which phrase is used how many times to give you a clearer picture about keyword research. It has adaptable filters to make the entire process even more effective and result-oriented. 



  • Robust SEO analytics
  • Comprehensive and reliable data provision
  • One-click SERPStat plugin
  • Manual and use cases page for training
  • Competitor reports
  • Monitors domain progress
  • Helps with domain tracking


Their paid plans start from $55 per month, billed annually, and go up to $399 per month, billed annually. All the packs have different features, and you can select anyone according to your specific needs and requirements. 



Wordstream is a free keyword tool that lets you discover new keywords and their performance. It enables you to succeed in Google and Bing ads by exporting these keywords to your website within minutes.

It analyses thousands of searches daily, making it faster, simpler, and easier for your business to find the right keywords that drive your traffic organically.

Since each keyword has a competition score, along with an estimated CPC helping you make the most out of your marketing budget – the free tool gives you that, as well. 

With Wordstream, you can easily download the entire keyword list in CSB format and upload it directly into your Google ads. The keyword tool is supported by Google, making it a reliable pick. Especially if you have just started and do not have that kind of money to invest already, this is the tool of your dreams! 



  • It is free, no terms and conditions applied
  • Utilizes latest Google search data
  • Optimizes campaign within minutes
  • Data exclusive
  • It gives you industry-specific and competitor information
  • Downloadable CSV file
  • Keyword filter filtering keyword results by industry





Wordtracker is much more than a regular keyword research tool. It is more like a market research tool that takes the competitor’s keywords, PPC and SEO into consideration and presents it right in front of you. It also gives you search trends for you to better analyze what is trending in the market, along with a robust SERP comparison.

What is different about Wordtracker is that it also searches the negative keywords that you must refrain from using. This keeps you in the good books of online content without letting you use keywords that are not required. It gives you 10,000 keywords per search to optimize your pages effectively.



  • Provides a SERP preview
  • Woodtracker, google, YouTube, amazon results available result together from one platform
  • Searches related keywords for the content that is in a better position
  • Lateral search
  • Live chat customer service
  • SEO competition metrics
  • Actual and not banded results


The bronze pack costs $27 per month, the silver pack costs $69 per month, and the gold pack costs $99 per month, all billed annually.


Over the years, ranking on the first page of Google SERPs has become too competitive, and only longtail keywords will take your website places for as long as you don’t get a higher D.A. and backlinks than your competitors.

It can be a little daunting searching for thousands of longtail keywords yourself to use them and enhance your online content, and that is why there are a plethora of longtail keyword research tools available online.

Some of them are paid, but some are free, too. You can choose from the longtail keyword research tools that we have mentioned above according to your needs and requirements and strengthen your SEO game like never before!

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