About BforBloggers

Welcome to BforBloggers. A blog where we create content with an aim to help you become a content creator, whether it is a blogger, podcaster, or a Youtuber, to make money online.

Here at BforBloggers, you’ll find a beginner’s guide, tutorials, and articles to help you start and grow a business online.

BforBloggers is a free resource to find Software reviews, tutorials and guides on Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Youtube, Podcasting, and Online Marketing.

Over the period of the last 3 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to reach more than 450,000 people and help them through our articles.

Who’s running BforBloggers?

My name is Aayush, and I happen to be someone who owns a bunch of web real estate!

I’m the founder of Squeeze Growth LLP where we help clients with their content marketing efforts and publish high-quality articles in multiple domains. BforBloggers is part of Squeeze Growth LLP.

I started creating websites when I was 15. Writing about personal thoughts, then fitness and anything that came up on my mind.

Check out my interview with the Blubrry podcast here.

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Aayush Bhaskar