15+ Best Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make MORE Money Online

Advertising is one of the most excellent mediums to earn huge money when you have a blog with growing traffic. This is how you monetize your blog, in all the right senses.

Display ads are one of the most common, simple, and easy monetization methods that suit even new/beginner bloggers. Display ad networks are chosen according to the traffic on your blog since all networks yield different blog incomes and have different features with different working.

To save you time, effort and money, we have curated an extensive list of the top 15 ad networks/platforms for bloggers to make more money online. You can use them right away to increase your blog revenue.

However, if you are a beginner, you should be ready to expect low ad incomes initially.

Since it is 100% passive income, be assured that it will grow as your blog and its traffic grow. So, let’s get the money rolling!



How could we start with any other platform but AdSense? It is a simple, easy-to-use, and free tool that lets you earn money by displaying ads next to your content online. It does not really need a lot of explanation, but what it does is maximize your blog revenue from your blog.

With 2 million people earning through AdSense, it gives you relevant ad space and optimizes the size of your ad to automatically for the desktop or mobile version of your blog. You can also add a single code to your site to see how ads will automatically be tailored to your site’s layout.

This will help you make any changes to the code to fit the space in a more defined way.


  • Increase revenue by tapping into the largest online ad network who bid for ad spaces
  • Only the highest paying ads are showcased on your website
  • Ads are screened according to your audience o that only the most relevant ads are shown
  • Block any ad that you do not like, have full control over the ads
  • Customize the ad space
  • Developers including Google developers, AdSense Management API, AdSense Custom Search Ads, and a lot more

If you get approved for AdSense, there is absolutely no need to join any other Ad network. Follow our guide on how to get approved for AdSense for more help.



HilltopAds is one excellent platform to make money online. It is a self-service platform that launches your campaign within minutes and monetizes your online content. They have the best converting offers with a high eCPM.

It has a deeper targeting system with its own server and RTB solution. All the traffic is scanned and verified beforehand to give you nothing but quality visitors.


  • real-time statistics
  • eCPM optimization
  • Self-service for advertisers
  • Ad networks rotation for publishers
  • Now adserver solution
  • Custom solutions
  • No financial transaction fee
  • Elite support

Additionally, it monetizes up to 30% extra than others with weekly payments. It suits all the niches and only shows clean ads to ensure that your visitors are shown the right content.

Amazon Associates 


Amazon Associates is an affiliate network by the big brand itself. It is a marketing program that helps content creators, publishers, marketers, and bloggers monetize traffic on their online platforms.

Since there are over a million products on Amazon, associates are able to use several link-building strategies to direct their visitors to recommendations and quality their income through purchases.

They have a contextual advertising offering which is known as the Native Shopping Ads. These ads let you automatically display products that are relevant to your visitors based on your page’s content on the website. An affiliate commission is passed on to you for a visitor who purchases that product from your website.


  • Globally recognized, operational and functional 
  • Allows you to link products from a pool of millions
  • Minimum payout threshold of $10
  • Customized linking tools
  • Free trial program
  • Different commission income for different products
  • Up to 10% associate commissions
  • Competitive conversion rates maximize incomes

However, this is how it differs from AdSense – you only get paid for purchases and not clicks or impressions. However, it is still a great opportunity since the company is globally recognized and functioning. Still, you need to be aware of all its strict rules and policies before becoming a user.


media net

Media.net is the perfect ad network for new blogs to tap into one of the largest pools of advertisers worldwide. Trusted by big names like Forbes, CNN, USA Today, and a lot more, they have advanced technology that helps you maximize your blog revenue.

Since they are not GCPP, you do not necessarily have to be on good terms with AdSense or anything Google-related. Hence, it is an independent ad network which is a great alternative to AdSense.

It specializes in contextual ads but also uses video, display, and native ads that can be customized according to your website’s look and requirements. Every contextual ad that is put up on your website is based on the keywords you use so that people only look at the most relevant ads and click on them for better monetization.


  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Easy to get accepted
  • Excellent customer support
  • Better income potential
  • Revolutionizes your ad strategy
  • Global demand for the inventory
  • High-quality display ads
  • Customize dads for higher user engagement

It also does not have minimum traffic requirements, making it an easy ad network to be used in case you are brand new in the market.



AdThrive suits best for bloggers/publishers who have over 100,000 page views every month. It handles everything for you, from optimization to advertiser relationship management. AdThrive’s custom video player gives you free video hosting and lets you earn through videos on your site as well.

They promise to give you about 173% average revenue lift over the self-managed advertisers. And, you get paid irrespective of the fact that the advertiser pays AdThrive or not.

Since it is a Google Certified Publishing, it requires for you to be in the good books of AdSense, with the majority of your traffic belonging to the US. AdThrive delivers the highest RPMs and serves you even in the worst economic downturns.


  • Best in class technology
  • Industry-leading partnerships
  • Highest display and video monetization
  • The only ad management firm with the strength and backing to continue supporting publishers no matter what
  • Exclusive advertise demand
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)
  • Traffic growth opportunities
  • White glove service and dedicated support
  • Ad quality assurance 
  • Regular blogs on their website to help you grow even more

The platform is built for the long-term as it is there to stay on your website and monetize your content in the best way possible. All you have to do is get affiliated with them and then focus on your core content, leaving everything else to them. 



Ezoic is an ad platform that fits well with bloggers with at least 10,000 monthly page views but no more than 50,000 sessions. This also is the right fit for your blog if most of your traffic does not necessarily come from the US. All it requires for your blog is to be original and the traffic to be identifiable.

They are a GCPPP as well and do not require any technical or coding knowledge from their users. Their support is an exception, with a full day of online support every day of the week with little to full control on the ads. It basically works according to your specific requirements, which is rare in small ad managers like Ezoic.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Automatic intelligent optimizations
  • Control advanced testing with rules setting, managing preferences
  • Split testing to compare results
  • Premium revenue, no contracts, no hidden fees
  • Capitalizes on the changing conditions to inlock more revenue from each visit
  • Automatic sophisticated testing and personalization
  • Access premium ad partners
  • Full control of monetization
  • Intelligent ad size changes
  • Better ad locations for each visitor

They call themselves an intelligent ad platform, increasing your revenue, balancing the UX, improving site speed, and streamlining your overall growth. Basically, an all-rounder for your website!



PropellerAds is built for performance and grows your revenue by being a robust advertising platform for marketers and affiliates. It is specially curated for conversion-focused campaigns and boosts productivity by cutting manual processes.

It automates all the ad optimizing procedures, and the AI system betters the settings to increase the conversion rate.


  • Send up to 1M messages in less than a minute
  • Powerful self-serve platform
  • Simplified ad creator
  • Real-time reporting
  • Fully managed media
  • Acquire quality leads with tailored solutions
  • Seamless integrations via XML/RTB
  • Education center with extensive resources to learn to earn
  • Wide ad unit’s selection
  • Low minimum payout threshold

Their fraud prevention technology keeps your data secure. With their unique advertising channel, you can make use of push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, and native interstitials to target special events and find prospects with suer activity targeting.



Infolinks displays innovative ads by intent. Their contextual targeting uses keywords on your website to ensure that your ads only reach the audience interested in the particular product or service.

Viewable impressions are perfected to achieve greater performance.

They have an easy and fast signup process, with a fully customizable ad unit and location experience.


  • Power ad units
  • Simple dashboard to track earnings
  • Payouts reviewed via bank transfer
  • Matches ads to keywords in your content
  • Notification bar-style ads
  • Vertical ads only displayed on the unused portion of your site

Infolinks already have a strong customer base of 350,000+ publishers who are actively monetizing their content with Infolinks, as the ad network promises you nothing but the highest possible earnings.



One of the best ad networks out there due to their high earning potential and personal support is Mediavine. With a minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 sessions, it is a great long-term goal to consider. It has a faster and user-friendly ad delivery method when compared to other ad networks in the business.

They offer faster page loading speeds generating higher income. Their network of advertisers and publishers is already solid, so be rest assured that you will be selling your space to the highest bidders in the market.


  • Gain a partner dedicated to your dedicated success when you join Mediavine
  • Around the clock support
  • It helps in your overall growth
  • Optimal campaign performance
  • Top 20 ComScore property
  • Reaches over 125 million unique visitors
  • Best in class technology and traffic commitment
  • Ensures brand safety
  • Caters to all possible blogging niches

Stunningly well suited for fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle blogs, it does well for other niches as well. The full-service ad management builds sustainable businesses for content creators by taking over all the heavy lifting. 



Monumetric helps you measure what matters. It makes you money by filling your ad space with the highest CPM offers in the market. It is your full-service income partner that helps you reach your revenue goal with the best user experience.

Their premium demand, innovative ad technology, and dedicated monetization with data teams make your blogging business a profitable one.

Professional website specialists are assigned to you as you join Monumetric, which works with you to ensure monetary success and satisfaction. Custom dashboards display comprehensive metrics to analyze and measure results and work on what is not working out.


  • Data-driven ad strategies built for publishers 
  • Custom dashboards
  • Latest ad technologies
  • Delivers highest bids and quickest turnarounds
  • Customized reporting periods
  • Earning tracker
  • Comprehensive performance timeline
  • Metrics identifier
  • Impressions by ad unit



If your site’s reputation matters to you and you wish to focus more on quality than quality, Revcontent is your platform! With Revcontent, you have a lot of control over the display of ads, with removal rights if you do not like a particular ad.

However, it is not easy to get accepted by Revcontent since their motto is quality over quantity, with a minimum of 50,000 visitors per month. The ads are targeted to blend on our site’s page.

It is a native advertising platform that pays its publishers on a monthly page.


  • Tap into highly engaged audiences 
  • Granular targeting
  • Optimization tools
  • Premium publishers and high-quality traffic
  • Native sponsored content
  • Customization from top to bottom
  • 1×1 single panel units
  • Non-intrusive seamless user experience
  • 40% higher CPM
  • Customizable organic and paid recommendations

It guarantees a revenue profit along with faster content recommendation technology that results in mutually beneficial partnerships. Content quality controls and granular brand safety result in building a solid reputation for your web pages.



BuySellAds lets you diversify your advertising strategy with a single platform by reaching technical audiences, exploring unique ad placements, and running multi-channel campaigns. It scales your growth at each stage and gives you direct access to the publisher’s inventory.

However, you need at least 100,000 page views monthly to join the platform with an only English language website with top-notch content and design. You can enjoy up to 75% commission per click which is higher than normal industry standards.


  • Creative contextual ad formats to suit your web design in the best way possible
  • Tailored targeted audios at scale
  • Ad-averse technical audiences like designers, developers are more are targeted
  • Exclusive insights on ad trends 
  • In-demand placements
  • Several types of publishers, including developers, crypto enthusiasts, business and technology
  • List your ad inventory in the BuySellAds marketplace

It offers serval ad formats, including email ads, content sponsorships, text ads, native ads, banners, and a lot more. 



Skimlinks is an industry-leading affiliate marketing platform that helps you maximize your revenue through ads on your online content platform. Whenever a visitor clicks on the affiliate link, you earn a 75% commission.

You can earn additional revenue when user purchases the products through the link itself. It is ideal for bloggers who wish to monetize content without displaying ads since this works as an affiliate link.

It goes well with a product review with the brands that the review is about. However, they only send payments every 90 days.


  • Scalable platform
  • Trusted by 100% privacy frameworks
  • A global network of merchants
  • Powers all commerce strategies
  • Free and easy to sue
  • Revenue diversification
  • 48,000+ affiliate programs 

It is trusted by the largest content platforms like Yahoo, MailOnline, HuffPost, and more. Over $2.5m affiliated sales are tracked every day. It connects you to thousands of merchants instantly.



Adversal is another self-serve platform for native as that lets you add native video ads and traditional display ads. This helps you monetize your content online even when you do not have large traffic on your website.

You can set up a campaign within minutes without any paperwork; their interface is smart and friendly with edit bid columns and real-time reporting. They also have a default tag management system that has a fraud filter for the safety of your content.


  • Built-in CMP
  • Easy setup
  • Fraud protection
  • Native, video, and display ad according to your content
  • Smart interface

It does not require any contract or commitment, so everything is hassle-free.  



This direct advertising network platform helps you find the best match between advertisers and publishers in minutes. You can do this by their prescreened traffic sources that result in generating conversations.

All the traffic is put into segments to control and optimize your ad strategy with a referral program that pays for referrals, adding to the income. Bidvertiser’s in-house technology gives unique solutions to maximize the passive income from your blog content with a framework that makes every impression count.


  • A thousand transactions analyzed every second
  • Real-time optimization
  • Top-notch fraud detection
  • Creative screening assuring malware-free system 
  • Fast delivery
  • Guaranteed delivery of revenue generation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Automatic optimization, bid override, and post back guarantee
  • Segmented traffic

It is available in several ad formats, including native ads, direct navigation, pop-under, push notifications, and XML. 



Adbuffs are the number 1 platform for supercharging your revenue growth for eCommerce brands. They base their results on data deliver excellent results for people willing to earn through ads.

Adbuffs have some great brand partners including but not restricted to Brillare, Mitchell USA, Looma and more. They have expertise in delivering great results and turning visitors into customers with a robust marketing strategy.


  • Expert team of creators and designers
  • Conversion-focused results
  • A profit generating marketing campaigns
  • Associated with multiple big brands
  • Robust launchpad

They scale your brand to generate continuous revenue with tonnes of resources along the way.

All in all, you can choose from many available options on the internet to earn huge money from ads. There are big names in the industry like Google AdSense and Amazon Associates, but they are not the only ones.

According to the traffic on your website and the specific requirements, choose the ad network that fits you the best.

You shall also consider their minimum cost threshold as some offer it as low as $5 while some have capped it at $50. If you are just beginning with revenue generation through ads, target the minimum cost threshold.

And don’t forget, there are many other ways to make money from your blog, without using ads.

Also, ensure that you are in control of the ads at all points in time, so only go with the network that gives you that control to block and remove ads if you do not like them. Since it is your blog, your space, and your platform – it should be you who controls it all!

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