10 Best Buffer Alternatives

Buffer is one of the most sought-after social media tool-kits that ensures your social media management system works in your business’ favor.

It publishes and analyzes all the necessary insights for your business growth and lets you focus on your core business by taking away all the management and analytics responsibilities from you. However, over time, several Buffer alternatives have emerged that offer you more services than the platform does at more competitive rates. 

These platforms connect with your audience and create a strong presence for your business across all media platforms in no time. These social media tools are available in multiple numbers offering the best of services that suit all sizes of businesses. In our article, we will be discussing the top 10 Buffer alternatives –

1. HootSuite

HootSuite allows you to do much more of the social in much less time than any other platform. It schedules posts across all your social media platforms in a few clicks and automates your content schedule, too.

The platform also reviews posts in a calendar view to simplify things further. It contributes to increasing your social media presence and following by producing quality content that your audience likes. It also accesses the image assets directly through the platform’s dashboard, which makes it easy for you to post regular content.

Not only that, but the platform also keeps an eye on social conversations, brand mentions, and trends going on in the market. It quickly replies to the comments from a streamlined inbox and combines all conversations from social networks together. 


Here is what makes HootSuite a great alternative:

  • Its robust analytics dashboard makes you invest in content that really matters
  • The platform you the top-performing content with personalized insights to make the work better
  • It lets you collaborate as a team
  • It ensures faster communication through all social channels
  • The platform assigns and resolves social posts with members to discuss ways to respond
  • It improves engagement by monitoring and managing incoming messages across all networks
  • It tracks audience opinion and responds accordingly 
  • The platform also promotes organic content to expand your reach and manages paid social campaigns 


The plans come with a 30-day free trial. The paid plans start from $18 per month and go up to $650 per month, depending on the type of plan you need for your business. They also have a customizable plan, a quote of which can be obtained by contacting HootSuite’s sales team.


2. SproutSocial 

SproutSocial helps you to reimagine your business’ social media role and how it affects the company’s growth. They have a powerful, all-in-one social media management software that unlocks the complete potential of social to transform your marketing strategy. It focuses on each aspect of your business to ensure that everything is capitalized in its best form. 

They are known for their usability, customer support and satisfaction, and user adoption. It lets you uncover all trends and gives actionable insights from social data, and informs your brand and business strategy to do better with respect to the prevailing competition. The platform provides tools that help you publish, engage and analyze the data entry points that matter to your business growth. 


Here is what makes SproutSocial a great alternative:

  • It offers scheduling, reporting, and publishing tools that let you focus on the core business and drive insights that elevate your brand name
  • The platform increases conversion rates by maintaining a competitive edge in the market
  • It empowers your team by creating a quick workbook of social tasks and ensures transparency among team members
  • Optimizes social efforts through content publishing, conversion management, and measurement


Their standard plan starts at $89 per month, billed annually, and goes up to $249 per month, billed annually. It comes with a 30-day obligation-free trial.


3. MavSocial 

MavSocial is a complete social media management software that integrates your social media, advertising, and reputation as different tools through one platform.

Whether you are an SMB, franchise, agency, or enterprise, it has solutions for all business sizes. The platform is known for its seamless scheduling and posts automation that enables you to manage, schedule, and publish all the content on all your social media networks through their user-friendly campaign calendar. 

It also engages our audience with your business by saving your time switching that occurs between several accounts. It does so by viewing all the comments and responses in a single inbox through a single window. You can reply, like, and tweet from a single social inbox and save on the time of switching through windows for different tasks.


Here is what makes MavSocial a great alternative:

  • It understands industry trends by tracking keywords and terms and identifies engagement with specific topics
  • It also builds reports delivering actionable data and insights that monitor real-time data to understand social media performance
  • The platform has an AI image recognition that saves time by managing digital assets with software backed by powerful technology
  • MavSocial’s app allows you to build and manage your social media presence even when you are on the go
  • All your accounts get encrypted with a two-step verification guard that secures the accounts via Google authentication and AWS security


It comes with a 14-day free trial. Their paid plans start from $19 per month and go up to $199 per month. The platform offers a customizable plan, which costs according to the services you choose for your business. 


4. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a platform that helps you achieve your social media marketing goals in no time. They ensure to give you powerful publishing tools, insightful analytics that help you analyze important data, and seamless team collaboration and communication with a streamlined platform and single window application. 

It gives you unlimited growth on social media networks with reduced spending on tools that help you do this. The platform is also cheaper than most alternatives available in the market and lets you manage more accounts and posts at once. With SocialPilot, you do not have to worry about running out of limits and being limitless!

It is the leading platform that popularizes your social presence, increases engagement, and maximizes lead generation through its robust scheduling and publishing tools.


Here is what makes SocialPilot a great alternative:

  • It is a powerful social media analytics tool that makes data-driven decisions
  • It improves engagement and finetunes all social media business strategies
  • The platform lets you download and share all presentable social media reports in a PDF format 
  • It also lets you communicate with your audience with a single social inbox and filters unnecessary conversations
  • With the platform, you can collaborate with your team and also manage clients efficiently
  • It provides you with workflows that better collaborate, lets you review and approve all content that needs to be posted
  • It offers RSS feed automation and bulk upload as well


It comes with a 14-day free trial with a cancel-anytime policy. The paid plans start from $25.5 per month, are billed annually, and go up to $127.5 per month, billed annually. These are the discounted prices that are going on their website currently and are subject to change in the future. 


5. Missinglettr

Missinglettr helps businesses improve their social media marketing strategies by focusing on content and audience engagement as a priority. It allows you to create several posts from the content with one single click and curates the best content in the niche, and schedules them for timely posting. Its features are designed to optimize every aspect of your business’ social growth techniques. 

Missinglettr drives traffic on the autopilot made with drip campaigns and churns out high-quality content for one year straight. It boosts organic traffic without any hassle and lets you take over your entire industry through valuable content that the target audience would love.

It also coordinates with our entire team for strategy enhancements with their multi-purpose calendar. The calendar allows you to schedule your social output in advance, review campaigns, and curate posts and content, all from a single intuitive tool.


Here is what makes Missinglettr a great alternative:

  • The platform tracks your performance with advanced insights and analytics and provides you with reports that help you grow
  • It also integrates with several other tools allowing you to track campaign progress and performance
  • It offers an intuitive dashboard
  • Missinglettr works with famous platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and much more
  • It helps in creating, sharing, and curating content that your audience is waiting to come across
  • The platform also unifies your business’ content and social strategy with a single streamlined platform
  • It offers you features that support your growth through scheduling posts, collaborating, brand customizing, automatic reposting, custom URL shorting, stock images, and a lot more


They offer a free plan that comes with basic features. The paid plan starts at $19 per month, and goes up to $59 per month, both billed monthly. They also have a customizable Agency plan, which is the most elite of them all, and the cost of this plan can be known through the sales department. 


6. Tailwind

Tailwind comes with powerful social media marketing tools for specific platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and more. It gives you a unique solution for each platform, accommodating their tools as per the platform’s requirements. This makes Tailwind different from all other platforms that exist to support and solidify your business’ social media marketing because none focuses on doing it as per specific social platform names completely. 

It lets you plan and schedule content and posts for an entire week in less than 20 minutes with its solid scheduler. The platform visualizes plans and schedules the post at the best time that reaps the highest results.

Further, it lets you create beautiful posts that grow the reach and measure results, and lets you know which post does the best. This enables you to create a similar post to ensure that your audience gets what they truly want to see. 


Here is what makes Tailwind a great alternative:

  • It gives you a personalized experience with a personalized schedule calendar with the most engaging times for your target audience
  • It lets you create new posts from anywhere on the internet and sends them to the most relevant people
  • The platform optimizes your social media platforms and their descriptions to ensure you get it as per your business’ voice
  • It has a SmartSchedule tool that personalizes everything as per your audience 
  • Interval pinning helps in the faster posting of content and provides more information about the content piece by sharing them to the relevant board at intervals decided beforehand
  • Its drag and drop calendar helps in personalizing the schedule exactly how you want it to be


The paid plans start at $9.99 per month, and go up to $39.99 per month, billed annually. It also offers a free plan with the basic features at no cost and obligation.


7. SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps you get more leads with less effort, as their tagline suggests. It is used by thousands of clients across the globe to share content on several social media platforms, including but not restricted to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With this platform, all you have to do is automate the entire posting spree and focus on the core business – the rest is up to them! It organizes all the content in different categories and gets you a balanced mix of different types of content that matter.

The platform also is evergreen for driving higher engagement and adding more variations to the posts. Not only that, but it also imports and adds content from various sources through Zapier. 


Here is what makes SocialBee a great alternative:

  • It helps in setting up post-schedules as per your calendar
  • SocialBee offers different calendar views and scheduling stats to ensure that you are clear with all the terms going on with the business and its social media management strategy
  • It also offers custom URLs and tracking that help in retargeting the audience
  • The platform analyzes campaign performance and gives you insights and reporting on the same to make sure that you work towards performing better



SocialBee’s pricing starts at $19 per month and goes up to $79 per month, according to the features you need to include in the plan. 

8. Elokenz

Elokenz is one of the smartest content marketing distribution tools on the market that generates higher leads from the content you create for your social media platforms. It is a reposting tool that reposts the best of the assets in the market to bring you to lead the very passing day.

The auto-refilling queue analyzes the content you post and decides which shall be the next one to be shared on all the social media platforms to attract the highest amount of traffic. 


Here is what makes Elokenz a great alternative:

  • It imports your content to their database and displays it in their library for easy accessing
  • The platform selects social media accounts that your article suits best to be posted on and attracts the highest traffic
  • It also creates multiple status updates that ensure that each post is posted at a different time
  • It also analyzes your business reach, growth, and improves the content accordingly
  • The platform first learns what is the best content according to the audience’s reaction on the same, and then shares it more often to attract higher leads
  • It also helps in saving time as it automates everything and schedules daily tasks to reach more customers every day
  • It eventually increases the business’ long term reach, saves time on content promotion, and posts it as many times as the post reaps results 


The paid plans start at only $7 per month and go up to $59 per month. It also comes with a free 30-day trial!


9. Loomly 

Loomly helps you build a successful brand name with easy and efficient collaboration. It also publishes and measures content to ensure that only the best material is presented in front of your audience, which converts into customers.

Loomly supports businesses of all sizes, from agencies to SMEs, non-profits to large corporations, and teams of all sizes. It gives you worthy workflows and tools that do nothing but improve the brand name and social presence of your business. 

Loomly helps in posting ideas, creating content in its content library, managing all assets from a single platform, and even optimize posts and ads like an expert in no time. It also allows you to see what you are posting and how potential viewers will react to it, ensuring every team member is on board with the content. Automatic publishing saves you tons of time and enables you to focus on the real job instead.


Here is what makes Loomly a great alternative:

  • It creates excellent ad campaigns and manages the same
  • Engages and responds to the audience through a streamlined portal
  • The platform measures and builds the business through advanced analytics
  • It offers list and calendar view for seamless functioning
  • The platform offers powerful integrations with supportive tools like Unsplash, Giphy, and more
  • It also provides you with. Hashtag manager for greater reach
  • Loomly posts and ads mock-ups with a commenting system that enables easy communication


Their paid plans start at $25 per month and go up to $249 per month. They also have an enterprise-level plan, the price of which is only available at request. 


10. Apphi

Apphi enables you to schedule and post automatically on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It works with both Android and iOS and is desktop-friendly. Apphi schedules everything from photos to posts to titles to descriptions automatically and posts them at the right time when the audience is the most active. 

It also helps in scheduling videos on Instagram and auto-posting them after complete planning. You can organize and import your media from anywhere in less time and manage the platforms easily. This helps in business growth through a visually drafted plan with drag and drop editors. 


Here is what makes Apphi a great alternative:

  • It lets you add locations, hashtags, people, and more via the auto-post feature easily
  • The platform sets repeat timings for posts for a higher engagement rate
  • It also lets you bulk schedule different photos and videos all at once
  • It gives you the best time to post for improved lead generation
  • The platform automatically adds your comment as the first one on every post if you schedule it to be that way
  • It manages all the accounts and schedules everything on each of them
  • It lets you import media from different sources


Their paid plans start at $10 per month and cost up to $100 per month, according to the standard of features you require for your business’ social media growth.



As we have talked about the top 10 Buffer alternatives, it is clear that there exist several platforms on the market that do the same thing, but differently.

Some have better features; some are better integrated, some cost less, while some offer free plans that are best for beginners to explore.

Each of these platforms comes with its own advantages and is unique in its own, but the similarity they all hold is that they act as a perfect substitute to Buffer and help improve your social media and business’ online presence.

The aim of each of the platforms is to help your business grow, build and prosper, and hence, we recommend you choose any of the above-mentioned tools to up your social media marketing game!

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