13 Best Designing tools to Create Social Media Graphics

Social media and visual content go hand in hand.

No matter what is your niche; if you are on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter, you need to use graphics to catch people’s interest. In fact, if you are on Instagram, one of the top 5 apps used in 2020, there’s no way you can create content without at least an image.

That’s why we are here to introduce you to some tools to create social media graphics.

But why should I design graphics?

Well, it’s time, to be honest. If you want your brand to look professional, you can’t just use a random picture you found on Google images.

These things are fine in a Whatsapp group but not on a social media post.

Not the best of social media graphics

Of course, there are places like Unsplash where you will find beautiful stock images. But, once again, if you want to have a proper visual identity and stand out from the crowd, you need to create your graphics.

13 Best Designing tools to Create Social Media Graphics

Fear not, technology has made designing easy peasy. Raise your hand if you, like me, don’t have the skills nor the time to master hyper-complex tools. For us, these 13 beginner-friendly tools are key.

1. Canva

First of the list because of its popularity and versatility, Canva can be used both by beginners and professionals. It has 100 languages, more than 15 million monthly active users (MAUs), and an app version in Apple and Android.

Most images you see shared on social media were made with Canva. Here, at BforBloggers, we create graphics with Canva all the time and we love it. In higher plans, you have access to a Brand Kit which includes brand colors and font styles which is very useful.

You also unlock one-click resizing the image for different social media sites and team collaboration tools.


Key features

  • Brand Kit
  • Free Plan available
  • Photo editor
  • Resizing feature
  • Content planner
  • Can directly share to social media
  • Collaboration


  • Free plan available.
  • $9,99 per month for the Pro plan
  • $30 per month per person for Enterprise

If you’d like to see some Canva alternatives, check out our article about it.

Try Canva

2. Adobe Spark

Yes! The biggest name in graphic design has an app design to make social media graphics. But don’t worry, you don’t need any professional skills to master this baby.

The list of different designs you can make with Adobe Spark is so long. They enumerate them on their website and it’s crazy. So if you are looking for a tool that helps you with your social media but also your website, your cards, and your weekly schedules, go try it.

Adobe Spark automatically generates palettes with trusted color combinations fit for any need so your graphics are consistent and appealing. Additionally, premium subscriptions come with an Adobe Creative Club subscription which gives you access to multiple applications from Adobe Inc.

Adobe Spark

Key features

  • Free plan available
  • Collaboration
  • Photo and video editor
  • Brand Content Management
  • Templates
  • Beautiful typography


  • There’s a free plan. However, is more like a tour of the interface rather than an actual plan.
  • $9.99 per month for individuals
  • $19.99 per month for teams

Try Adobe Spark

3. Snapseed

Need to edit your picture? Try Snapseed.

It isn’t technically a design tool. Unlike Canva or Adobe Sparks, it doesn’t offer templates or advanced features. However, you can add text or frames and manipulate the coloring of your photo. Anyone who needs a quick and free-of-charge way to take their photos to the next level will adore this app.

You can edit your picture on Instagram, sure, but after a while, if you don’t publish it, it vanishes. I don’t know about you but I’m a bit indecisive and it might take me a while to release my creation to the world. Snapseed has no problem with that: they save any changes you do AND show you the change history so you can come back to any step of the editing. Beautiful.


Key features

  • Expansion of the borders of your image
  • Opens JPG and RAW files
  • Automatic adjustment of color and contrast
  • Save filter combinations
  • Can directly share to social media


It’s absolutely free!

Try Snapseed

4. Stencil

Stencil is one of the simplest graphic design tools.

Create social media graphics to share immediately or schedule them to post later. It has royalty-free images and layouts optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s got beautiful templates and a huge gallery of custom vector icons.

It would take less than 5 minutes even if you are a beginner to design your social media graphics and download them. It doesn’t even put a watermark on them.

It’s free for up to 10 downloads a month.

Key features

  • Resizing feature
  • Photo editor
  • Allows sharing directly to social media
  • Icon library
  • Huge template gallery


Free up to 10 downloads per month. Then 9/month.  Save 10% using code Bfor10.

Try Stencil

5. Giphy

Think outside the box. Social media is a place to relax and have fun. What visuals are amazing for achieving just that? GIFs!

Remember that now, audiences expect to have a personal engagement with the companies they buy from. Creating funny GIFs and showing your sense of humor is very personal. Have you ever seen the content from Buzzfeed? It’s full of GIFS and is so addictive!

Giphy allows you to create GIFs and backdrops, decorate them with captions, filters, stickers, and more.

Giphy GIF for social media graphics

Key features

  • GIFs and backdrops creation


It doesn’t cost a thing.


6. Skitch

Okay, so we already have tools dedicated to image edition, graphics creation from templates, and even GIF creation. What if you want to take a screenshot and edit it the easiest way possible?

That’s when Skitch comes in. With a quick keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+5), Skitch pops up and you can click and drag over the area you want to snip. The tool allows you to pixelate elements from your image, circle things, point to things and add text.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for Apple so we Windows and Android users can’t use it.


Key features

  • Sync across your devices.
  • Can use shape, annotation, and sketches.


  • Free plan available.
  • $7,99 for Pro plan.

Try Skitch

7. Visme

Visme was launched in 2012, shortly after Canva. They have spent years transforming themselves into one easy-to-use app for presentations, infographics, and social media graphics in general.

The feature set in Visme is quite robust so it might take you a little longer than other tools to learn. It’s worth the while, though. All visual assets are customizable to fit your brand colors and theme. And you can also embed third-party content like Youtube videos.

Visme social media graphics

Key features

  • Millions of free stock photos, videos, shapes, and animated characters.
  • Audio and video editor.
  • Share directly to social media
  • Animate anything.
  • You can embed Google Analytics data from your website.
  • Team collaboration.


  • Free plan available. Includes up to 5 projects.
  • $15 for the Standard plan.
  • $29 for the Business plan.

Try Visme

8. Genial.ly

Companies, designers, teachers, and social media accounts use Genial.ly. Its wide range of features and effectiveness attract them all.

One thing that caught my eye when researching for this was its integration with Google Analytics.

Genial.ly puts a lot of value in monitoring how your creations are used in real-time. This feature is truly great since understanding your performance is vital in digital marketing.

Genially for social media graphics

Key features

  • Templates, graphs, and charts.
  • Unlimited creations.
  • Display statistics and Google Analytics integration.
  • Collaboration.
  • Online training academy.


  • Free plan available.
  • $7,49 per month to download your creations and unlock other features.
  • $20,82 per month to eliminate watermark.
  • $79,15 per month for teams.

Try Genial.ly

9. CapCut

Tiktok isn’t just a platform where silly teens spend hours a day -although if you have a young target audience, that already concerns you. It’s a platform where content can easily go viral.

Any brand that’s willing to use social media to potentiate themselves, should consider Tiktok.

That said, CapCut is a tool very popular on Tiktok because of its amazing video editor. If you are thinking about making short, dynamic videos on Tiktok or researching any other social media, give it a try.


Key features

  • Built-in stickers and filters.
  • Cool transitions.
  • Vast music library and exclusive copyright songs.
  • Speed change.
  • Remove background


It’s free!

Try CapCut

10. Easelly

Infographics are the perfect combination of content and graphics. You can check out our post on the 9 best software to create infographics. We didn’t include Easelly then but we think it’s a nice option to have in mind.

With Easelly you can create charts, graphs, pictograms, and more! Then share it directly to social media.

Although it isn’t free, Easelly is one of the cheapest options on the list.

Easily infographics

Key features

  • More than 320 templates.
  • Access to API.
  • Over 1.1 million objects, icons, and premium photos.
  • High-quality export PDF, JPEG, and PNG.


  • $2 per month for students.
  • $4 per month for nonprofits.
  • $5 per month for business.

Try Easelly


Many tools on this list have a desktop and a mobile app version. However, with mobile usage incrementing to the detriment of desktops, some companies opt for staying only as a mobile application. Especially those for image editing.

That’s the case of Over, a software that turns your mobile device into a full-fledged design studio. It’s a logo maker, speedy photo editor, poster maker, among many other social media graphics.


Key features

  • Over 1,700 stylish and quick-to-edit templates.
  • Poster creator, logo maker, and flyer maker.
  • Unlimited access to the best stock images around.


It’s FREE.

Try Over

12. Kapwing

I love a great meme. I mean, who doesn’t like a good laugh? Kapwing is a savior. They are a free online image, GIF, and meme maker.

To create a meme, you can start with a blank canvas, select a basic meme template or pick a trending meme and personalize it. I couldn’t resist and I made a meme. But I used a template from the trending meme list because I’m lazy. I promise I’ll get better with time.

Meme from Kapwing

After navigating a bit more on their website I realized Kapwing is much more than just a meme maker. Below some of the features it offers:

Key features


  • Free plan available.
  • $17 per month for the Pro plan.
  • $17 per month for teams.

Try Kapwing

13. Animoto

Our final tool to create social media graphics is called Animoto.

As an easy-to-use online editor, Animoto has everything you need to create stunning videos: time-saving templates, a music library, and eye-catching animated text effects.

Animoto for social media graphics

Key features

  • Music library with thousands of licensed tracks.
  • Unlimited videos.
  • High-quality video on paid tiers.
  • 30 color swatches.


  • Free plan available.
  • $15 per month for the Professional plan.
  • $39 per month for the Team plan.

Try Animoto

BONUS: Design Pickle

Unlike all the names mentioned before, Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design service. This means that it provides you with experienced designers to fulfill any request.

Just submit your design request, get revisions, and once you approve the design, download the source file.

You get a dedicated Design Pickle team that includes 1 project manager and a Designer, plus unlimited revisions. Of course, it costs much more than tools like Canva or Animoto but it might be what you need.

Key features

  • Unlimited design.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Graphic and custom illustration design.
  • Dedicated Designer and Project Manager.
  • Free stock images.
  • Custom dashboard to manage files
  • Same-day turnaround


  • $499 per month for the Essential plan.
  • $499 per month for the Illustration plan.
  • $899 per month for the Pro plan. (If you want same-day turnaround)

Try Design Pickle


Humans like visual content and thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there to design it. Whether you choose to create GIFs, videos, or images, any of the names mentioned above will be great to design social media graphics.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start creating amazing visuals!

We’ll love to see your results!

And if you’ll like to read about some unlimited graphic design services read this post.

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