11 Best Online Quiz Maker Tools

With various strategies available in the online world, you might think that grabbing the audience’s attention is a piece of cake. But, did you know that the average attention span of a user is merely 8 seconds?

So, what works the best in such cases is the interaction. Yes, meaningful interactions that turn the wheels of one’s mind – a playable ad instead of an ad, a magazine in a waiting room, than one without it. 

That is exactly what a quiz maker does. It simply allows you to create a quiz for your visitor. Quiz makers can help generate traffic and boost user engagement. Moreover, if you think from a user’s perspective for once, you will realize that quizzes help them find useful information.

Through quizzes, you can gather user’s information like email addresses or contact info that might help lead generation further. Thus, quizzes benefit both sides – the marketing or sales side and the user’s side.

Features of a Good Quiz Maker

Quiz makers can act as professional survey tools or can help create fun quizzes. They come in several forms.

Deciding upon the right quiz maker as per your goal is certainly important. To make your task slightly easier, here’s a list of the features that you should look for in your quiz maker app:

  • Various templates and user-friendly interface

A good quiz maker definitely needs to have several designs and template options to choose from. The user, after all, gets attracted by the interface initially. Also, it should deliver smooth performance over all sorts of devices ( mobile phones, laptops, etc. ) 

  • Data for lead generation

If you have an online store or business, you would probably need the user’s data for lead generation. So, the quizzes must be able to collect user’s data successfully.

  • Analysis of the data

As already discussed, the respondent’s data can be of great help. So, the app must sort the given data and analyze them to draw out meaningful outcomes. The data or else would be of no use if it can not be well-organized.

  • Built-in sharing options

People would want to share fun quizzes and their responses over their social media platforms. So, the quiz maker app must have built-in sharing options. This can help increase the reach and ultimately engage more users to the site.

Now, since you know about the quiz maker app’s key features, it might help you select one for yourself. Let’s just dive straight into some of the best quiz maker apps available.

1. Involve.me

Involve.me is a flexible quiz maker space that has recently been launched. It comes with various content types – survey, quiz, and personality test, to name a few.

The quiz section allows you to ask your audiences as many questions as you want. There is no limit to the number of questions or answers. Also, texts, videos, or images can be added to enhance user involvement.

In the personality test part, they tried to be very effective from a marketer’s perspective. Here, the results are assigned based on the responses of the user. This section can help generate more leads as not only answers are recorded but also users are given options to take action.

Involve.me’s survey tool is the one that collects feedback and information from the user. There are many question types to choose from, including single, multiple-choice, and free text.

Logic jumps are another powerful tool provided. It provides the users with the flexibility to skip irrelevant questions. Rather it asks for more details automatically.

This quiz maker also focuses on keeping track of the lost leads. That helps in collecting more data from people who left and didn’t answer all the questions.

Involve.me is available for free. Also, there are plans like the starter, professional, and business one. It starts at $ 19 per month.

Key Features

  • Several easy to implement customization options
  • Custom redirects or call-to-actions
  • Collects data from lost leads
  • The interface is supported in all the devices
  • Collects several contact info like email address, name, and social media profile links.

Try Involve.me (We managed to get 15% off for our readers – automatically applied when you click on the button)

2. Interact

Interact was launched in 2013, and since then, it has helped over 55,000 companies to create quizzes that generated huge leads. The tool allows you to create three types of quizzes – personality, scored, and assessment. The quizzes come with 800 plus ready-to-use quiz templates but are fully editable. 

Personality quizzes are the most popular and effective ones. They allow you to gather the opinions of the user. Scored quizzes are the ones where the quiz outcomes are shown based on the quiz’s total point.

While taking up the quiz, the user collects some points for each answer, and the total score is given. And for a certain range of scores, you can set up certain outcomes that will be displayed. This again is a fun yet useful task.

Assessment quizzes are multiple-choice quizzes that have an answer key attached. The user takes up the quiz, answers the questions, and gains some points. Based on the points earned, results are displayed.

The drag-and-drop builder in Interact allows you to create branching logic quizzes. For example, if you want to segregate the audiences based on their occupations, you probably would place a question like – ” What do you do? “

Interact allows you to customize your opt-in form for maximum benefits. You can enable email capture and call-to-action text to increase the interaction with the users. The call-to-action text allows users to learn more about the topic of the quiz. Users can opt-in after answering the last question and can see the results of their quiz.

To do this, they have to first provide their email info (because of email capture feature). This way, user’s info would be gathered. But it’s on you to make it optional or not.

Key Features

  • Over 800 plus quiz templates to choose from
  • The templates are ready to be used and are also editable.
  • Integrates with the email marketing system
  • Easy sharing on social media pages
  • Integrates with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track conversions. 
  • Survey analytics to better understand user’s opinions
  • Forever free trial

Try Interact (Interact also offered our readers a 15% discount – use code B4BLOGGERS.)

3. Outgrow

Outgrow is another feature-packed quiz maker to help you interact better with your audiences. The platform is designed using numerical calculators, quizzes, and other interactive content. The contents include surveys, giveaways, polls, chatbots, assessments, and a few more. The features are pretty basic yet powerful.

There are personality quizzes wherein results are displayed based on the user’s choices. It supports logic branching quizzes too. Numerical calculators are yet another remarkable tool in Outgrow. It provides immediate results to the users. So, users can place their information and receive a result specific to their info.

There are assessment quizzes, polls, and surveys to keep users involved casually.

Assessment quizzes provide scores for the answers, and outcomes are shown based on the total score. Polls are used to collect users’ opinions about any particular topic. This will increase their interest and make them participate more actively. And surveys are majorly for gathering more information. Surveys do not show outcomes to the users.

The survey module is specifically for marketers.

Outgrow’s analytics module helps you understand the statistics of your quiz. It tracks everything – how many appeared for the quiz, how many finished them and shared, and how many opted-in for the lead form.

There is a 7-day free trial option available for Outgrow. However, after the trial period, you need to select a plan that suits your needs. The plan starts at $14/month.

Key Features

  • Chatbots, surveys, polls, and several content types available. 
  • Supports numerical calculators
  • E-commerce recommendations based on the quiz answers
  • Supports videos and images for questions and answers
  • Simple interface with various customization options
  • Graphs and charts based on the data entered

Try Outgrow

4. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is another great and easy quiz maker on the list. It comes with several templates and questions prepared by survey methodologists. That means the questions have been designed carefully as per the industry standards. 

There are a few templates provided by the Survey Monkey quiz maker for HR teams and leaders. Its other features include polls, customization options for quizzes or surveys, email integration, and much more.

The quizzes can be easily shared via weblink, email, mobile chat, or social media to gather feedback. It integrates with analytics for improved analysis of users’ responses. 

Polls and surveys help draw useful insights. You can use those insights to make major decisions. The basic plan is priced at $24.99 for a month. There are enterprise and pro plans as well.

Key Features

  • 150 plus written surveys by experts
  • Editable quizzes and surveys
  • Easy to set up
  • Better results with analytics
  • Promotions using social media
  • Insights from the quizzes and surveys for data-driven decisions

Try Survey Monkey

5. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs is one of the best online quiz makers available. It comes with over 100 expert-designed templates to smoothly develop quizzes, tests, or assessments for your audiences. Even the interface works great on all devices.

More than ten different types of questions are available, including video questions, for reaching out to the users more effectively. More than a hundred thousand quizzes are available. Also, users are free to respond the way they prefer – through texts, images, or videos. 

The stats from the analytics help you improve. This quiz builder integrates with the full-blown cloud LMS tool ProProfs Training Maker which helps you create additional content.

The plans are available with a free trial period of 15 days. And the basic plan starts at $0.25 per quiz per person.

Key Features

  • 100 plus quiz templates
  • More than 10 question types
  • Several customizations and configurations
  • Security of data
  • Customizable lead form
  • Integrates with major marketing automation tools
  • Easy sharing on several platforms
  • The interface works on all devices

Try ProProfs

6. Riddle

Riddle quiz maker is especially known for capturing email addresses. Its compatibility with email list software like MailChimp allows you to collect data from your leads and send them to other software. So, if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, Riddle might be the one for you.

Personality tests, polls, surveys – Riddle has all. Also, you can publish the Riddle quiz on any site, be it WordPress or Wix. Those who do not have a site can even share the quiz directly via the URL. The traffic generated would be redirected to your page.

Riddle is extremely flexible because of the numerous options that it caters to. The lead generation forms also come with several features. There are almost 17 types of form fields ( date picker, email, etc. ). You can just drag and drop the fields you need. Every field and button can be customized, and forms can be saved as templates for reuse.

The plans are available with a free trial period of 14 days. After the trial period, you can choose between a Basic, Pro, or Team plan. They cost $29, $49 and $199 respectively for a month.

Key Features

  • Various customization options are available
  • Great for capturing email addresses
  • Compatible with software like MailChimp
  • Collects data and sends them to other software
  • Sharing via URL to different platforms
  • Customizable lead generation forms
  • Customizable form fields.

Try Riddle

7. SurveyAnyplace

SurveyAnyplace is a quiz generation software to boost users’ interactivity as the data is collected from the audience in the most engaging way.

This quiz maker even allows its respondents to download a personalized PDF report of their quizzes. The report includes the feedback from the responses.

The leaderboard in the software displays the scores of all the quiz takers. There are question pools too. And for the professionals, there is an outcome screen that shows to check the respondents’ scores.

This is a great tool for teachers, trainers, marketing, and sales professionals. It has a 7- day free trial option available. Besides, it offers several plans. The Basic plan costs $33/ month, and the Professional plan costs $50 / month. There are two other plans as well – Enterprise and ReportR. The price of these programs is stated on the request.

Key Features

  • Integrates with web services such as MailChimp, Salesforce, and ActiveCampaign
  • Highly customizable
  • Outcome screen for professionals 
  • Surveys quickly
  • Personalized features

Try SurveyAnyplace

8. Typeform

Typeform is yet another one of the best quiz makers that you will find. The interface is engaging and so designed that the users can answer questions casually. The quizzes created are attractive and thus allow intuitive responses from the user.

The tool provides free access to API. There are several themes and templates to choose from. Also, forms and surveys can be built easily. Logic jump branching is also available, which allows the users to skip the irrelevant questions.

Typeform uses Zapier to seamlessly integrate into CRM services like HubSpot. This allows all the collected data to be automatically added to your existing accounts. Other integrations include Google Analytics, Zapier, Google Sheets, Slack, and more. 

Typeform offers two interesting plan types. They have the Essentials Plan and Professional Plan, both at 35 USD. However, the former allows 1000 responses and the latter 2000 responses. Both plans also include transaction gateway integration, MailChimp integration, and so on.

The only difference is that the Essentials plan is billed monthly. The Professionals plan is a yearly commitment. You also get up to 2GB of cloud storage space. Typeform can create forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Key Features

  • Build customized forms, surveys, and more.
  • Several themes and templates to choose from
  • Free access to data API
  • Customizable self-notifications
  • Logic jump
  • Integrated with CRM using Zapier

Try Typeform

9. Alchemer

Formerly known as SurveyGizmo, Alchemer is a feature-enriched quiz maker, and it comes in two versions. One is for individuals that focus on making the interface more user-friendly.

The other one is for enterprises that focus primarily on customer research, i.e., collecting more data and drawing useful outcomes. 

The setup is pretty simple. Anyone with less technical knowledge can even create surveys and polls over SurveyGizmo. The enterprise version also allows you to manage multiple users and teams

They also offer templates for common scenarios like product reviews, employee performance reviews, market research, etc. It is integrated with Salesforce and other SaaS products. The plan starts at $49 for a month for a single-use team. 

There are 40+ question set-ups, and you can add unlimited questions and receive unlimited responses. However, you can get a free trial that offers 3 different surveys and 100 different responses.

Key Features

  • Easy setup
  • Can easily create reports
  • Customizable surveys
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Manage multiple users, teams
  • Free trial version

Try Alchemer

10. Wufoo

Wufoo is a cloud-based builder that allows you to create forms, quizzes, and surveys. The interface is well designed. The customization options are several, and implementation steps are easy. There are 400 plus templates and reporting features available too. This makes it highly flexible.

It integrates with several native software to connect your data forms with several other business tools. There are ready-to-use themes available. Also, you have the option to design your own themes.

Wufoo offers a brand builder where you can store your custom colors, fonts, and themes. If you run an online store, Wufoo allows payment gateway integrations within the form. You can integrate the mails received with Zapier as well. 

With the drag and drop feature, you can easily build forms and customize them. The Wufoo plan comes to you at $14.08 per month per user. However, the professional plan at 29 USD per month is their most popular plan. 

Key Features

  • Has several native integrations.
  • Data can be exported to spreadsheets.
  • Customizable themes
  • Build forms easily
  • Email notifications when someone completes a form

Try Wufoo

11. AskNicely

AskNicely, built around the Net Promoter Score ( NPS), allows you to seamlessly get feedback from your customers by conducting surveys. It resolves to enhance user involvement.

The main focus of this tool is to create a customer-centric environment to get feedback. The feedback can be collected from every visitor at any point using mails, web, or SMS.

It uses logic branching and can also help to create forms and surveys in multiple languages. The forms are highly customizable with your choice of logo and colors. 

AskNicely integrates nicely with HubSpot and Salesforce that automates customer reach, and improves ratings and reviews. Based on the reviews, you can get an NPS score. The NPS calculator uses the input data to put forward a core on customer loyalty you have garnered. 

Key Features

  • Logic Branching
  • Forms and surveys in multiple languages
  • Integrates with HubSpot
  • Automatic survey delivery after each event

Try AskNicely

Conclusion: which works best?

So, that was the list of some of the best quiz makers in the online world. There are many more as well.

You can choose any quiz maker that suits your needs. After all, one of the main things that makes a quiz maker worth is how well it can analyze data. Some like Involve.me and Interact offer highly interactive building tools and a strong analytics record for you to survey from. 

The AskNicely NPS Calculator can allow you to value customer loyalty if you prefer seeding such things in numbers. If you are looking to engage customers with well-structured quizzes and multiple options, then Outgrow is a great option to work with. It is also specially calibrated towards marketers.

All features and usability considered we recommend Interact as the best quiz maker for most users.

Integrations form another important basis. While most allow exporting of data to other mailing tools, some allow direct integrations.

You can always begin with Interact’s fully free version and then figure out what your needs are!

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