8 Best SEO Rank Tracking Software to Check Keyword Position

Rank tracking is the action of checking the positions of the keywords that your website ranks for in the Search Engine Results Page. Many software helps you track your ranking, besides offering a great set of SEO tools to boost your business. In this post, we’ll go through the best rank tracking software out there. 

Why Use a Rank Tracking Software

Whenever we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we talk about keywords. Your keywords make up a great part of SEO and you should choose them carefully. Today, we’ll be focusing on what to do once you choose your keywords: monitor them. With these tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your visibility. Tracking tools show you what keywords perform best, thus you know what to replicate to increase the good results.
  • Identify problems. If your ranking falls, you can see why: maybe your competitors outrank you or you have technical errors. Once you know, it’ll be easier to fix it.
  • Assess your competitors. Besides tracking your own keywords, you can track your competitors’. Getting insights into their strengths is an amazing way to make informed decisions. And also steal their search traffic as we explained once.
  • Find keyword opportunities.

Now, these are the best rank tracking software out there:

Best Rank Tracking Software List

1. SEMrush


One of the most popular options out there is Semrush. The beauty of Semrush is that it has more than 40 easy-to-use tools for your online marketing strategy. This also means, of course, that’s quite expensive. 

Among the many reasons why Semrush is such a great option is the fact that data is updated daily, showing the most accurate ranking progress of your keywords.  


  • Segment rankings by devices, search engines, or geo-locations. 
  • Keyword Magic tool. A huge database for doing keyword research.
  • Organic Traffic Insights. It helps you assess your website’s search performance and find out the “non provided” keywords in Google Analytics. We’ll go in-depth about these keywords in future posts.
  • Keyword Gap. Compare your competitor’s keyword profile to yours.


  • Pro plan for small teams: $120 per month. Track up to 500 keywords.
  • Guru for growing agencies: $230 per month. Track up to 1,500 keywords.
  • For enterprises: $450 per month. Track 5,000 keywords.

The Pro and Guru tiers also include a 7-day free trial.

2. Seobase


Serving more than 15,000 satisfied customers globally, Seobase has powerful and free SEO tools to improve your search engine rankings. With their intuitive UI and their daily reports, you’ll boost your search engine ranking


  • Tracking overview. 
  • Desktop vs mobile performance. Track both platforms to get the full picture of your site’s performance.
  • Invite up to 30 users. 
  • Report feature. Let your clients and teammates see the ranking.
  • The position history chart represents ranking over a period of time.
  • Use colored tags for specific keywords to stay organized.


  • It has a free plan that includes 1 team member, 1 tracked website, and 3 keywords.
  • Basic: $7 per month. Up to 50 keywords and two team members.
  • Premium: $27 per month. Up to 500 keywords and 5 team members.
  • Professional: $97 per month. You’ll access their full suite of features for up to 300 sites and 3,000 keywords.

There’s also a 7-day free trial for its paid plans.

3. Ahrefs


Another beloved tool among marketers is Ahrefs. Founded in 2011 in Singapore, unlike Seobase and Semrush, Ahrefs is partly free and partly paid. It’s super user-friendly and it has tons of free resources to help you escalate your keyword strategy, from articles to YouTube videos


  • See where you rank for any keyword in 229 countries. Get an overview for free or pay to access all the search results. 
  • Segment data based on location, volume, positions, traffic, and more.
  • Track up to 1,000 keywords with updates every three days.
  • Choose your preferred language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and more are available in Ahrefs!

Ahrefs ranking


Each plan has a 7-day trial that costs $7. Within those days, you’ll access ⅕ of the plan’s full features.

  • Lite: $99 per month. Track up to 500 keywords with updates every week.
  • Standard: $179 per month. Track up to 1,500 keywords with updates every five days.
  • Advanced: $399 per month. Track 5,000 keywords.
  • Agency: $999 per month. Track 10,000 or more keywords. It updates every three days and allows five users.

4. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin and therefore it allows you to monitor your business inside the WordPress admin area. You’ll get real-time analytics and e-commerce reports, as well as SEO ranking insights without leaving WordPress.

To get the best of MonsterInsights, connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics


  • See your site’s top 50 Google Search terms and where you rank for them.
  • Find out the number of clicks, impressions, and Click-through rate (CTR) for each keyword.
  • Get site speed and headline tips for improving your ranking in SERP. 
  • Integrate with Yoast, AMP, and other WordPress plugins and services.


  • Plus: $199 per year. Access to Universal Analytics Tracking and standard support.
  • Pro: $400 per year. Get advanced integrations and growth tools.
  • Agency: $800 per year. Use on 25 sites.

They also offer a refund so if you don’t like MonsterInsights over your first 14 days of purchase, they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking rank tracking software

SE Ranking has been recognized by major review platforms for its value and its high-satisfaction service. It recently added SERP features and new databases for Competitive and Keyword Research. No wonder why it also received the award of the fastest-growing product!


  • Track your rankings on a country, region, or city level, as frequently as you want. 
  • Keep an eye on ranking changes in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube. The rankings module provides extra data such as search volume, competition, Google ads suggested bid, etc.
  • Understand the dynamics of keyword metrics with their historical data feature. Check who ranked for any keyword on any given month. 


They offer a lot of flexibility. Prices vary according to the number of keywords and rank frequency you need.

Each plan includes a free trial. If you’re lucky, you’ll find their exclusive offer of a 14-day free trial. 

  • Essential: $31 per month to track 250 keywords or $55 per month for 750 keywords.
  • Pro: $71 per month. Track 1,000 keywords and create your own SEO service.
  • Business: $151 per month. Track 2,500 keywords and get their API. 

6. Serpstat


Serpstat is a Ukrainian company that works with big brands like Samsung, Shopify, and Uber. It has received multiple awards such as the #1 selling SEO tool of all time. With its freemium model, you can get acquainted with Serpstat without hassle.


  • Complete research of SERP with advanced analytics.
  • Track the ranking of your site and your competitors worldwide, manually or following the schedule.
  • Analyze trends and keywords seasonality.
  • Keywords Grouping by tags.
  • Insights into traffic distribution among domains.
  • It has an extension for browsers.

Serpstat tracking


  • Lite: $69 per month. Check your position up to 15,000 times per month. Note that keywords quantity multiple on added regions/bases quantity.
  • Standard: $149 per month. Check your position up to 60,000 times per month.
  • Advanced: $299 per month. 150,000 position checks per month.
  • Enterprise: $499 per month. 300,000 position checks per month.

You can check out some of their tools for free or even request a 30-minute demonstration of the service tailored for your tasks.

7. Labrika

Labrika rank tracking

So by now, we’ve already got the idea that the prices of this software vary a lot. Luckily, Labrika is part of those who offer affordable rates for their clients, making it possible for small companies and individuals to get in the game. 


  • Check your site position by country, city, or region. Or even compare search positions in several regions at the same time.
  • Download reports in XLS format to share with your team members. 
  • Identify errors and defects on your website and get recommendations to rise on the SERP.


Just like SE Rankings, their plans are flexible. Each tier has different prices depending on the number of keyword ranking queries you need. 

  • Lite: $19 per month for 500 keywords.
  • Business: $29 per month for 1,000 keywords.
  • E-commerce: $73 per month for 5,000 keywords.
  • Agency: $140 per month for 20,000 keywords.

8. ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker rank tracking software

With over 5 years of rank tracking with constant improvements, ProRankTracker is our final rank tracking software. The company guarantees data privacy and 100% accuracy in its data. ProRankTracker also counts with worldwide recognition: it’s used by over 60,000 professionals.


  • Track terms in any language, from any country or city in the world.
  • Track your rankings across Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • Access a professional interface and reports in Spanish, French, German, and more.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android to manage your account anywhere, anytime.
  • Analyze full SERPs Competition Tool: see the top 100 results for any of your tracked keywords.


  • Free. Track 20 terms for 30 days with all premium features enabled.
  • Starter: $69 per month. Track 750 terms.
  • Pro: $89 per month. Track 1,000 terms and have up to 10 sub-accounts.
  • Agency: $180 per month. Track 3,000 terms, get API access and extra support.


So there you have it. The best rank tracking software to boost your business and improve your SERP rankings. Some are more affordable than others but all of them count with an impressive set of tools that will help you monitor your keywords really easily.

Have you tried any of these tools?

 Let me know in the comments!

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