15 Best Shopify Affiliate Program Apps (Start for Free)

Affiliate marketing is one of those marketing strategies that will work in any niche. And never get old.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, it simply means selling a product that you don’t own and making a commission every time someone makes a purchase using your referral link or code.

As a business owner, you can setup an affiliate program of your own, and recruit affiliates to market and sell your product – without paying anything upfront.

It’s quite similar to Influencer Marketing, but in most cases, you need to pay influencers beforehand. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, you only pay when someone refers a sale. SO there is no upfront cost.

The 15+ top Shopify apps that help you implement a successful Affiliate Marketing program on your Shopify store are –


With UpPromote, you can seamlessly group all your influencers and affiliates with a single commission structure that is best suited to them all. Set up an auto-tier commission, lifetime commission, or a specific commission model to incentivize the affiliates in a structured way. 

The app enables you to build an unlimited team that helps you increase and enhance your reach, sales and revenue. You can also convert customers into affiliates with a post-purchase option. Affiliates can invite others to your brand with the MLM feature.

It is an ideal model for all business sizes since it has features that drive the best results irrespective of the business size. The app’s affiliate registration form is fully customizable, getting you the perfect fit for your brand according to the brand’s needs and requirements. 


 What makes UpPromote better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • No coding or technical skills required
  • List your offer on the app marketplace in order to approach more affiliates
  • UpPromote marketplace access
  • Multiple commission programs
  • Automatic payment system


It comes with a free plan and also a 14-day trial for the paid plans. The paid plans start from $19.99 per month and go up to $119.99 per month. 


Affiliatly, as the name suggests, is an affiliate tracking software made especially for your e-commerce business. It is super easy to use and helps you control and track the whole program from your browser with a few clicks. You can easily boost your sales and get insights about the influencers that are working for your brand and how they are helping to contribute to its growth. 

It lets you manage all your affiliates individually and see their individual statistics to make better decisions about each one of them. Log in as an admin and control every bit of the program yourself, and customize it the way you want to with Affiliatly.

Lastly, it offers you the seamless tracking of activities and performance of your influencers along with gift cards as a payment option for your affiliates.


What makes Affiliatly better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Boost traffic and generate higher sales
  • The only platform to offer the most extended trial period of 90 days
  • Gift cards as a method of payment
  • Manage affiliates individually
  • Generate links for your affiliates easily
  • Solid integrations with several apps, including Shopify


Their plan starts at $16 per month and goes up to $129 per month based on the different features each plan offers.


ReferralCandy helps your sales grow through word of mouth and rewards customers for referrals. It customizes all the reward options as per your needs and requirements, offers live chat support to solve any queries that you may have, and allows one-click integrations that connect you easily to marketing platforms.

The data and dashboard that are monitored in real-time will enable you to see analytics and insight to make better decisions.

It builds an audience for you which is highly engaging and converted into successful leads with the referral offer.

The analytics board that we discussed enables you to send insights about traffic sources and referrers to the analytic apps, as well. With ReferralCandy, you can automate your entire referral process seamlessly and have invite mailing lists, customers, referred purchases at the tip of your fingers.


What makes ReferralCandy better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Track all the successful referrals
  • Prevent any referral fraud by identifying suspicious referrals and banning them
  • Automatically invite customers 
  • Boost email performance through robust email marketing
  • Subscription app integration, email integration, automatic integration, and custom developer integration for more flexibility and ease of use
  • All pages work beautifully across every single device
  • Sales optimization
  • Full customization


Its premium plan costs $49 per month, whereas the enterprise plan is billed annually at $3,999 per month.


LeadDyno is one of the most popular affiliate marketing apps for Shopify. It is especially loved by small businesses due to its ease of use and little to no complications involved.

The app lets you increase the revenue of your eStore with a quick and easy set-up with an all-in-one affiliate tracking solution—the app tracks all the clicks, sales, and leads that are related to your business.

Time-saving tools are also offered by the app that fit all sizes of the companies that enhance engagement, automation, analysis, and the reward system for the influencers and affiliates.


What makes LeadDyno better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Top integrations with top eCommerce platforms, CRMs, payment processors, and email platforms
  • Monitor marketing performance from one dashboard only
  • Increase sales through the automated affiliate program
  • Unique affiliate dashboards
  • 67M+ referrals 
  • Elite support
  • Trusted technology that never uses 3rd party cookies or domains


The pricing starts at $49 for a starter pack, $59 for the biz builder pack, and $79 for the accelerator pack – all paid per month. It also offers a 30-day trial.


Refersion is a wholly loaded influencer marketing and affiliate program software/platform that is launchable in minutes. You can easily connect to their partner apps and let it track all your orders, customize the program with your own terms and conditions.

This results in easy-to-read reports and real-time data that showcase accurate results derived from the business. 

The app takes all the heavy lifting into its hands to help you focus on more important tasks like building relationships and partnerships with all your affiliates.

The affiliates include bloggers, ambassadors, influencers, and even customers. You can easily recruit, track and pay your influencers and affiliates through the seamless affiliate marketing platform. 


What makes Refersion better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • It lets you track all the digital sales that you affiliate refers in minutes
  • Watches the clicks and conversions in real-time 
  • Automates all commissions and saves your time
  • Unlimited commission structures
  • Recurring performance reports
  • Automatic approvals for orders and affiliates
  • Improves the relationship between your affiliates and you by a personalized affiliate portal
  • Analytics performance dashboard helps you understand the results the business is giving
  • Commission and payment transparency


Their professional plan costs $89 per month, and the enterprise plan is a fully customizable plan, a quote of which can be ascertained by contacting their sales department.


The Fusion affiliate program is exclusively built for people willing to earn a one-off fee or a cost per acquisition. You can use this app as soon as you install it and get hold of one of the largest networks in the industry that will help you boost your sales, revenue, and relationships.

It lets you recruit as many influencers and affiliates as you wish to, with no maximum cap given.

Create commission rules that suit your business the best and pay commissions whenever you want for the referrals made. You can also create discount codes for your affiliates to promote tour stores on social media platforms through Fusion.

With Fusion, you can also manually invite people to your affiliate program or bulk import them from heavy excel files. The dashboard helps your affiliates look at their commissions, statistics, referral links, discount codes and get their hands on promotional creatives. 


What makes Fusion better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Recruit unlimited affiliates
  • Track unlimited offers
  • Get unlimited traffic
  • Grow your brand through word-of-mouth marketing and more referrals everyday
  • Payments are made seamless with PayPal integration 
  • Dedicated dashboards for each affiliate
  • Extensive dedicated support


The pricing range starts from $49, according to your specific needs and requirements. 


GoaffPro is the top to bottom affiliate marketing solution for your Shopify store. Especially for beginners, this is the perfect fit because the free plan offered by GoaffPro is quite a structured plan with various useful features.

Easily convert the existing customers into affiliates with a customized portal, product-level commissions, and sales tracking through multiple ways. Generate coupons and more, along with managing payment through one single platform (PayPal integration) for a seamless working of your store.

It offers advanced affiliate tracking as well, from landing to conversion and boosts sales throughout the campaign. It has a referral link generator to drive more traffic and a site stripe to share links of the referrals quickly.

The complete customization offered is through. Custom branded affiliate portal, portal under your own domain, and Google and Facebook login for easy and quick signups. Meaningful analytics just makes reporting and insights crystal clear!


What makes GoaffPro better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Uncapped revenue
  • Create and send automatic welcome emails
  • No technical skills required
  • Compensation plan builder for advanced MLM plans
  • Limit commission distribution according to levels
  • Network links for better recruitment


The hobby plan is a free plan. Their premium plan costs $24 per month, with a feature up-gradation facility when required.


The Bamboo Referral program helps the store owner to generate brand new leads automatically. It allows you to leverage your customer’s word-of-mouth marketing to increase your reach without spending a huge chunk of money.

The referral system provided by Bamboo drives conversions and enhances your overall rate of interest for the store’s revenue and engagement. 

Reward the customers who invite their friends to shop from your store with customized offers and discount coupons. They have a dedicated referral page that is automatically created and dedicated to the program.

It increases your market outreach, brand awareness, and reputation. 


What makes Bamboo better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Increase your organic referral rate
  • Increase brand trust
  • Quality and dedicated referral page
  • Robust integrations
  • Effortless referral 
  • Top tier referrals


The lite plan is a free plan that you can use for basic features and up to 30 monthly orders. The paid plans start from $29 per month and include more advanced features and a higher number of orders.


Affilo’s affiliate marketing platform helps you recruit unlimited influencers and track their orders without any hidden costs or fees. There is no set-up that is needed to start influencer marketing with this app, as everything is automated: automatic payments, automatic ordering, automatic approvals.

Useful stats in the application help you evaluate the performance of your business and its affiliates. 

With Affilo, you can define your own commission rules on either a percentage basis or flat rate basis. All commissions can be paid effortlessly via PayPal. It also gives you the option to pay through gift cards with only one click. Everything, again, automatically!


What makes Affilo better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Unlimited affiliates, orders, affiliate links, and deep links
  • Huge traffic and visits
  • Unlimited coupon codes, banners, commission rules
  • Internal messaging system
  • Recurring and one-time commissions
  • Promotional tool links
  • Detailed monitoring and statistics
  • Fraud prevention system
  • PayPal integrations


They follow flat pricing of $24 per month.


This particular affiliate marketing platform is a professional multi-level marketing referral solution that helps build your affiliations seamlessly. It drives free sales and massive traffic to your online store and allows the store owner to build an unlimited network of multi-tiered influencers and ambassadors connected with your brand. 

With ShoutOut, you only pay for the results. Since it is directly linked to your Shopify store, it lets you easily manage and track all the performances of the affiliates, influencers, and sales staff. Furthermore, this enables you to pay them a commission on only actual sales and nothing else.

It is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) program that lets you quickly scale your business, and that too exponentially. It recommends your products to the other people in the tour network and attracts more and more influencers who want to be linked with your brand.


What makes ShoutOut better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Free traffic
  • Pay only for actual sales and results
  • Unlimited potential
  • Huge network growth
  • Unlimited coupons for your affiliates
  • Customized dashboards
  • Quickly pay affiliates with integrations with PayPal and more
  • 1500+ useful integrations


Their plan for Shopify starts at $59 per month with a 7-day free trial.


Secomapp is a Shopify affiliate marketing app that launches your affiliate program and its registration form in minutes with a step-by-step guide. You can track all the work that your affiliates do with an affiliate link and analyze and measure their performance through a summarized matrix.

It also allows you to convert your customers into affiliates with post-purchase popups that catch their eye and ensure them that working as an ambassador with you will reap the benefits.

Growth affiliate network marketing with Secomapp is also done with multi-level marketing as it allows each influencer to invite or recruit unlimited distributors among them in the network. This multiplies and grows your business tenfold and increases the reach more than you can imagine.

Affiliates who recruit others get network commission for every referral order.


What makes Secomapo better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Increase sales with gifts and automatic discounts
  • Promotion popups that convert customers into affiliates
  • Lucky wheel and coupons to drive more traffic
  • Analysis and statistics for robust reporting
  • Simple affiliate registration process


They offer a free plan; however, their paid plans can be ascertained by contacting the sales team.


One of the top-rated Shopify affiliate marketing platforms, GrowthHero manages and optimizes all your influencer and affiliate programs.

Tracking their performance, getting valuable data-driven insights, and boosting affiliate revenue are some of the many things that GrowthHero does for you.

It not only offers affiliate marketing but referral programs that encourage customers to become your brand ambassadors.

This improves customer retention. It also has a multi-level marketing program that helps you not only get referral sales but also recruit brand new affiliates.

It offers automatic payments with Paypal integration or any other method that suits both you and your affiliates the best.


What makes GrowthHero better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Seamless set-up within minutes
  • Track affiliate orders using a simple tracking link or discount code provided by the store owner.
  • Fully customizable portal dashboard
  • Easily organize affiliates into groups for easier management
  • Convert the customers into ambassadors with a model referring to post-purchase, matching the store design
  • The configurator helps you change the content and style of all the affiliate pages without having any technical skills. Make all pages consistent as per the brand’s look
  • Add affiliate portals
  • Prove the affiliates and influencers with marketing and promotional material they can post online
  • Look at real0time analytics, campaigns, and tiers of commissions and sales


Try their plan with a 14-day free trial, or pay $39 for a starter plan per month, $89 for a pro plan per month, and $199 for a premium plan per month.


Enlistly is a seamless affiliate management platform built for Shopify.

It is one of the fastest ways to get your affiliate program set in less than 2 minutes, with a full-featured platform with real-time order tracking. It does not require any coding knowledge and enables you to provision your shop to track referral orders automatically., it gives you and your affiliates the dashboard access for simpler working.

Enlistly also tracks all orders in real-time and updates the order status and commissions as and when they are made. The shop owner can assign discount codes for referral tracking, which is reliable and validated by multiple conditions.


What makes Enlistly better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Automated orders for every affiliate
  • Analytics, traffic, and conversion data for comprehensive reporting
  • Invoice dashboard 
  • Affiliate management dashboard
  • Chatting gadgets for easier conversation
  • Promotional content for affiliates to share
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Group sales and performance tracker


Their basic plan starts at $9b per month, the company plan costs $39 per month, and the battalion plan costs $99 per month with different features to fit other purposes.


The Eggflow affiliate program helps you reach the highest with your brand’s revenue and sales and offers your affiliates a recurring 20% commission as long as the referral remains. It tracks all single-click commissions and referrals from your affiliate portal to give you a solid insight into everything happening with your brand.

Its outstanding support gives you the best possible support with any of your queries. 

It is best suited for Shopify experts, developers, marketers, designers, agencies, and merchants helping Shopify users with their eStores. It allows you to build trust and earn money with suggestions and referrals combined.


What makes Eggflow better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Lifetime commission system 
  • 90-days cookie window
  • Transparent reporting 
  • NET 20 payment terms, paying around the 20th of each month 
  • Elite support
  • PayPal and Payoneer integrations


The pricing model is a custom model, a quote of which can be known by contacting their sales department.

OSI Affiliate 

The easy-to-use affiliate software/application, OSI, makes it simple to empower and recruit more and more influencers every day to promote the brand. It helps you drive higher traffic and sales across all the social networks.

The networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many more platforms that may have protentional leads for your business. 

With OSI, you can easily assign your influencers promo codes that will help them promote your brand across all the networks. This will, in turn, increase your sales. It enables you to send a one-question email survey to find the best customers out there with the free tool and sign them up for your referral program.

OSI also offers referral landing page templates that can be selected from their pre-curated library of professional templates to drive more traffic and sales.


What makes OSI better than other affiliate marketing platforms –

  • Pre-made templates
  • 1000+ integrations
  • Social media sharing 
  • Promo code tracking
  • Personalized domain
  • Influencer directory
  • One-on-one support
  • Built in promotional content and resources


Their basic plan starts at $47 per month. The professional plan costs $97 per month, whereas the premium plan costs $247 per month.

That’s it.

These top 15 affiliate marketing platforms are a big-time savior if you are looking to leverage from the influencer marketing scheme.

We hope you’ve found the perfect affiliate app for your Shopify store.

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