10 Best Synthesia.io Alternatives

If you’re interested in A.I. video generators that use human avatars, Synthesia might be your first option. However, the amazing service offered by Synthesia comes with a price not everyone is able to pay.

For those looking to create custom avatars, for example, the investment is $1,000 per year.

So today, we offer you the best Synthesia alternatives that allow you to benefit from artificial intelligence with great features and more accessible plans.

Best Synthesia alternatives

1. Colossyan Creator


Colossyan Creator has been featured in Forbes and other big magazines.


Well, you can try it out for free without even signing up and seeing it for yourself.

Their avatar customization really impressed me the first time I saw it. You can adjust the age, emotions, and expressions of all the AI actors.

This can look like your avatar frowning or being elderly, showing sadness, etc. And it’s all just with a click of a button!


  • More than 70 languages and variants.
  • In-app screen recording.
  • Create your own avatar.
  • Video subtitles.


Colossyan has flexible plans, with prices that vary according to how many video minutes you are looking for:

  • Free: try Colossyan with 5 free video minutes and two avatars.
  • Basic: $30 per month. It includes 10 video minutes per month and 12 avatars.
  • Pro: $100 per month. Access 40 video minutes per month and all premium avatars.
  • Enterprise: custom. Get collaboration features, analytic tools and auto-translate videos to 25 languages.

2. DeepBrain


Another great alternative is DeepBrain, chosen by Microsoft, Lenovo and other companies. This AI video generator has more than 100 native AI avatars and it also lets you create custom avatars.

You can see all the options on their website, they have teacher avatars, consultant avatars and other professions.

And if by any chance your message is directed to children, they also have two 3D characters: a panda and a Shiba. Yes, they are very cute.


  • More than 80 multi-languages.
  • Multiple regular avatars.
  • Free stock images and videos.


  • Starter: $29 per month. Includes 20 minutes of video credit per month and 11 avatars.
  • Enterprise: custom. Create unlimited videos, custom AI avatars and gesture functions.

3. BHuman

BHuman’s technology was something new for me. It doesn’t work with avatars or a picture of yourself but with a video of you. You can record a message and clone the video and personalize it according to the person that will receive it.

So instead of recording yourself a million times, you just do it once and the AI customizes it.


  • Multiple templates.
  • Clone your face and voice.
  • Integrate with Zapier.
  • API access.


BHuman is currently in beta so you’ll get a heavy discount. These are the beta pricing, keep in mind they are over 40% off:

  • Free: create up to 15 videos per month and access live chat.
  • Growth: $39 per month. It includes 200 videos per month and API access.
  • Scale: $99 per month. It includes 1,000 videos per month and two actors.
  • Ultimate: $150 per month. It includes 1,800 videos per month and three actors.
  • Enterprise: custom pricing. Custom integrations and engineering solutions.

4. Movio


Movio is another popular, award-winning spokesperson video generator software.

Like Synthesia, they have a feature that costs extra money to create custom avatars so they are quite even in terms of pricing. You can, however, easily swap your face onto the AI avatar with any plan.

It also supports more than 40 languages and has multiple tutorials to help you get started.


  • More than 100 real and CG human avatars.
  • Over 200 templates.
  • TalkingPhoto: bring photos to life.
  • Discord community.


Movio has four flexible plans that vary according to how many video minutes you need:

  • Free: includes 1-minute video credits per month and up to 5 minutes per video.
  • Essential: $24 per month. Comes with 10-minute video credits per month, auto-captions and unlimited hosting.
  • Pro: $180 per month. Up to 90 video credits and API access.
  • Enterprise: customize.

If you wish to create a custom avatar, you’ll need to purchase a separate plan for $199 or $1,000 per year depending on your needs.

5. Synthesys


Sounds similar to Synthesia and it is, alongside it, the most popular A.I. spokesperson video generator out there. This software is used by thousands of marketers around the globe.

You can take a look at their multiple avatars on their website to understand the appeal.

Moreover, its variety of voices is huge, having up to 15 synthetic human voices available only in the English language.


  • More than 66 languages with 254 different voices.
  • 74 real human avatars.
  • Voice cloning.
  • HD and 1080 output.


  • Human studio synthesys: $39 per month. Includes unlimited videos and full video customization.
  • Audio synthesys: $29 per month. Unlimited voice-over downloads and access to 38 real human voices.
  • Audio and human studio synthesys: $59 per month.

If you wish to create your custom avatar, you’ll need to pay $497 per year.

As to voice cloning, the yearly plan costs $297.

6. Yepic


Yepic is an AI video software. It’s the world’s first and only simultaneous video translation service for Zoom, Google Meet and other conferencing tools.

It also offers multiple human avatars and an API in upper plans, making it a cool Synthesia alternative.


  • More than 40 avatars.
  • Turn any photo into an AI avatar.
  • Over 450 voices, 65 languages and 110 dialects.
  • Autotranslate.


Yepic has a 14-day free trial:

  • Standard: 29 euros per month. It includes 20 video minutes per month.
  • Plus: 79 euros per month. Get access to the API and animate any photo you upload.
  • Premium: 299 euros. It includes up to 500 video minutes per month.

7. Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is a bit different from the other tools since it doesn’t offer avatars. This software is an AI video generator that transforms text into animated videos, which are easily customizable.

It is specially designed for people who need to explain a certain subject or showcase their products but don’t need a spokesperson.

Their Spreadsheet to Video technology helps you transform your catalog feed into a library of compelling marketing videos.


  • Text to speech.
  • Access to a royalty-free media library.
  • HTML5 builder.
  • Team collaboration.


They offer a free trial and two plans:

  • Free trial: includes 5 non-premium exports.
  • Essential:$25 per month. It includes 25 premium exports per month and third-party transfer rights.
  • Business: $45 per month. It includes 50 premium exports per month and 20 licensed video clips.

8. Lumen5


Lumen5 is a video maker powered by AI that helps you create engaging video content. You can enter any sort of text, for example, a blog post, and Lumen will automatically find the perfect audio and visuals based on that.

Lumen5 also lets you easily create talking head content, a type of video that ranks amongst the most engaging ones.


  • Unlimited videos per month.
  • Automated captions.
  • Content library with millions of stock photos and videos.
  • Fetches content from just a link.


Besides their free forever plan, they have other plans that start at $19 per month. With them, you can remove Lumen5 branding and invite team members.

9. Hour One

Hour one

Hour One specializes in the development of virtual humans for use in professional video communications. They have big customers such as NBC Universal and DreamWorks.

Something that catches your eye about Hour One is its Ethics section. AI requires responsibility and they make it clear all actors are compensated for their appearances.



  • Free trial: access to up to 3 minutes of published videos and stock characters.
  • Lite: $25 per month. Access to 10 minutes of published videos per month and generate your own media by using AI.
  • Business: $199 per month. Create your own custom character and customize your videos with your logo.
  • Enterprise: custom. Access to unlimited custom characters and templates as well as the API.

10. Rephrase.ai


Finally, Rephrase.ai. This last Synthesia alternative is trusted by more than 50 leading companies like Microsoft, Mondelez and Nivea.

Its generative AI technology makes synthetic video creation as easy as writing a script. Rephrase.ai can generate numerous video variants from simple text input.


  • Multiple stock avatars.
  • More than 15 languages and accents.
  • Audio cloning.
  • Unlimited videos.


Rephrase.ai has three plans. You need to contact them and tell them a bit about your needs to know how much it will cost you.

  • Basic: includes 3 templates and one avatar.
  • Growth: access the API integration and CRM integration.
  • Pro: includes 8 templates and recurring avatar validity.

It also has an enterprise plan with a need-based structure.

Final words

This was our list for now. We included both simple AI video generators and AI spokesperson generators. For a list focused completely on the latter tools, read this post.

Be sure to stay updated because AI is always improving, and new tools are surely on their way.

In the meantime, tell us how has been your experience with Synthesia or its alternatives?

Are you already a fan of these AI spokesperson video generators?

Tell us in the comments!

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