13 Best Team Management Apps, Tools & Software

Team management is one of the essential things a manager should master. It results in increased employee satisfaction and also builds trust.

Additionally, it reduces the chances of unnecessary conflicts between team members too.

However, managing a team is not as easy as it may sound. Especially if the organization structure is complex and the team is huge.

This is where team management software comes into the picture.

Team management software enhances collaboration and makes coordination easy. It also increases the productivity of each individual as everything gets systemized.

It helps everybody manage, assign, and schedule tasks. It also collects data about completed activities.

These team management tools and software ensures agile task management, efficient task reporting, regular reporting and analysis, easy project management, and coherent team collaboration and communication.

Here is a list of the 13 best team management software –

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to manage your team and their work.

It is has a chat, CRM, and desk software integrated and manages complex hierarchies, too. You’ll keep track of all your projects, hold your teammates accountable for their job and analyze your productivity with ease.

It can scale into a platform with an all-in-one feature that your business needs.

Teamwork has a strong clientele, including Netflix, Disney, Panasonic, HP, making it a credible source for team management.

Whether it is a small business or a multinational firm, Teamwork helps teams worldwide achieve their biggest goals in lesser time.

Key features

  1. Helps you manage complex team designs and projects with ease
  2. Custom dashboard, board views, and regular project health status updates
  3. Time tracking inbuilt feature
  4. Get deep insights about your team and its resources
  5. Strong integrations including Slack, Google Drive, HubSpot, Xero, Zapier, Dropbox, and QuickBooks
  6. Includes enterprise-level features
  7. 24*7 customer support
  8. Helps in invoicing clients
  9. Chat screens, helpdesk, CRM, and content collaboration software for effective workflow


They have a basic plan free forever; the paid version starts from $10 per user per month and can go up to whatever level depending on your requirement.

Contact their admin to know more about their all-inclusive pricing structure.

Try TeamWork

2. Paymo

Paymo allows you to manage tasks, create schedules, track work hours, and bill your clients through the same single platform.

With 2.12 million projects managed and 2.08 dollars billed, it is one of the most sought-after team management software!.

If you happen to manage clients and work daily with freelancers, try Paymo. You’ll love it.

The best part is their invoicing feature. You can pay your team members through Paymo and save the hassle and cost of other payment processing software.

Key features

  1. Task lists and Kanban to set milestones and organize tasks
  2. Advance task management system with filters and task details
  3. Easy scheduling and monitoring
  4. Real-time task comments
  5. Desktop and mobile time tracking inbuilt software
  6. Multiple timesheet views to add, view, and edit time entries easily
  7. Static and live time reports
  8. Customizable report builder
  9. Visual reports with detailed pictorial representation
  10. Quickly see who is available for work or overbooked
  11. Built inaccurate leave management system and planner
  12. Add and track expenses with multi-language invoicing
  13. Assists in creating estimates according to projects
  14. Built-in integrations with G-suite applications, slack, QuickBooks % Xero, Paymo API & Zapier

Paymo provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your entire team and replaces many tools you use for different work actions. It keeps everything in sync under the same roof, avoiding messy integrations and extra costs from various subscriptions.


They offer a free trial, after which you can subscribe to either of their plans.

The small office plan costs $9.95 per user per month (without a user limit), and the business plan costs $15.79 per user per month (no user limit).

Try Paymo

3. ClickUp

We use ClickUp here ar BforBloggers. And we recommended it as well.

With ‘all the features without the mess; choose what you want and hide everything else’ as ClickUP’s tagline, they certainly abide by what they say.

It is a customizable productivity platform replacing multiple workplace app and having everything synchronized under one roof. It caters to all the departments and levels of an organization.

They build on making the whole process of working efficiently on their app, making employees more productive and driven to perform better.

Key features

  1. Streamlined process management
  2. Custom statuses, checklist templates, multiple assignees, task dependencies
  3. Agile board view with status templates
  4. Resolve comments to mark a task finished
  5. Scrum points to value each task
  6. Workload chart to know who has the time and who is overbooked
  7. Reminders, automation, milestones settings
  8. Filter and search tasks
  9. Sort the job according to your preferences
  10. 4 different views for assignees, managers, and intermediaries
  11. Drag and drop feature with custom templates
  12. Organize sub-tasks for actionable content
  13. Enables you to copy projects, spaces, and lists
  14. It helps you set priorities according to work’s significance and urgency
  15. Bulk rescheduling through Gantt charts
  16. Custom dashboards with real-time management
  17. Automations with webhook actions
  18. 2-way sync calendar with time view and tracking
  19. The most diverse pool of integrations with Slack, Github, Gitlab, Everhour, Toggl, Harvest, Goodge Drive, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Figma, Timeneye, Outlook, Capier, Integromat, Single Sign-on, Automatic Import, Bitbucket, Time Doctor, Embeds, One Drive, Sentry, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, Box, Front, Zoom, Twilio, Bugsnag, Calendar, Miro, Discord, Tableau, Giphy, and Marker.io
  20. Complete A to Z customization
  21. Real-time editing, syncing, reporting, and collaboration

ClickUp is undoubtedly one of the best team management software to try. It comes loaded with features and works on all devices, including desktop, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Chrome, Web, Mobile, Image Markup, and Gmail.

They are also coming soon with localization through language translation and Firefox and Safari extensions!


They have a forever-free plan with primary and minimal features.

Their unlimited plan costs $5 per user per month, which is quite reasonable, too.

Try ClickUp

4. Hive

Hive was the tool we used before ClickUp. And I personally think it’s the best team management software for small businesses and startups.

Hive is a productivity platform that enables you to work faster and produce quality work. It gives each employee the freedom to manage their own work and switch over to other views whenever they want to.

In short, they are the most flexible team management platform ever!

Its mission is to improve the workspace productivity of all sizes and types of businesses. It is a platform built by the users for the users since the team itself is a Hive user.

Key features

  1. Gnatt charts, Kanban, calendars, and tables to organize work efficiently
  2. Over 1000 integrations
  3. Centralized dashboard
  4. Trusted by leading brands including Google, Starbucks, Toyota, and IBM
  5. Monitor and report projects in real-time
  6. Plan and schedule current and upcoming projects
  7. Direct and group messaging
  8. Share documents easily
  9. Collect relevant information through forms
  10. Repeatable workflows through Hive templates
  11. Creative collaboration with feedback loops and approval cycles
  12. Seamless automation


Hive’s base package costs $12 per user per month, whereas their Enterprise pricing is only available to those who contact them personally.

Try Hive

5. Monday

This team management software, called monday.com, helps you manage everything in one individual workspace.

You and your team can plan, track, and deliver your team’s work to the best of their abilities quickly and easily.

They have an average response time of fewer than 60 minutes, ensuring that if you are ever stuck, Monday’s representatives will be the first ones to reach out!

You can plan the entire workflow and share files from anywhere – your bedroom, the sofa, or even the dining table. They are available both as a mobile app and a website.

They provide solutions for various office-related issues like project management, marketing, CRM and sales, task management, remote work, etc. however, their team management software is always the talk of the down due to the various features!

Key features

  1.  200+ ready-made templates
  2.  Easy to use visual interface
  3. 30+ customizable workflows
  4. Drag and drop editor
  5. 8 different data visualizations including Kanban, calendar, timeline, Gantt, map, form, and workload
  6. Exportable images to share data easily with anyone around the globe
  7. Multiple integrations
  8. Automate repetitive work and save time


They offer a 14-day free trial post to subscribe to their basic plan for around $8 per user per month.

Their standard plan costs $10, whereas the pro plan costs approximately $16.

To get a quote on the enterprise plan, contact a staff representative.

Try Monday

6. Asana

We’ve also used Asana. The first team management tool made us realize how productive it is to get everything under one dashboard.

And there, it just keeps getting better. Asana is highly recommended by Aayush.

Collaborate, communicate, and rebalance your work effortlessly on Asana!

It helps you manage and systemize all your team projects, delegate work, and provide clear instructions on who is supposed to do what.

Asana’s work graph model gives the team all they need to stay in sync, adhere to deadlines, and reach their short and long-term goals.

Asana has a pool of highly reputable clientele, including Google, Deloitte, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Vodafone, Spotify, Uber, Slack, Paypal, to name a few.

Key features

  1. Helps in clear communication through team pages, project conversations, image proofing, and task comments
  2. Manages the team, work, their projects, and the task in a systematic order through custom fields, forms, subtasks, attachments, dependencies, and templates
  3. Custom real-time charts
  4. Helps work organizing strategic initiatives and monitors the status of all the team members and their work
  5. High data security
  6. Gives privacy controls by limiting access to any projects, creating a hidden team, or making groups public
  7. Several integrations, including slack, Gmail, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce, and box
  8. One on one meetings
  9. Helps in new employee onboarding through an easy setup


The basic plan is free of cost.

However, their premium plan starts at $10.99 per user per month.

The business plan costs $24.99 per user per month. And for the enterprise quotation, one needs to contact their sales department.

Try Asana

7. Infinity

This customizable work platform organizes your team projects the way you want and stores everything in one place.

As the name suggests, it gives you a lifetime membership by only paying once.

Whether it is media galleries, social media content, plans, CRM, digital resources, or a complete software overview – Infinity does it all!

They help you and your team work smarter, better, and faster. It is available on the web, Android, iOS, and desktop.

Key features

  1. Columns, tables, calendars, Gantt charts, forms, and lists – they offer it all
  2. Seamless switching between folders and spaces
  3. Clutter-free work with folders and subfolders makes organization easier
  4. Workflow customization
  5. Fully customizable attributed
  6. 50+ customizable templates
  7. Helps you save big with the lifetime membership
  8. 100% secure, reliable, and trust-worthy
  9. Every increasing and upgrading software
  10. Proactive 24*7 customer support
  11. Preview images or attachments easily
  12. Create and edit essential documents effortlessly
  13. Allows you to add relevant email addresses to the items in Infinity
  14. Simple and advanced formula calculations
  15. Invite, comment, mention, assign
  16. Sharable boards
  17. Upcoming weekly and monthly reports
  18.  Integrations with Zapier, Trello, Clockify, API, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more
  19. Improved automation


Cheaper than most of its counterparts, its lifetime membership starts at $149 for a basic plan.

The one-time payment for the start-up plan is $299, and the business plan costs $499.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you do not like their service.

Try Infinity

8. Basecamp

If you are working remotely, Basecamp is the all-in-one toolkit for you. They organize every bit of your team and their work for you, with incredible integrations and excellent automation.

It helps you know what everybody is working on, where to put the following items, and access them from anywhere at any time. It is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

They even have a book on working remotely; that is how much they are into making your remote work effortless and efficient.

Its fundamental is to improve any company’s workflow, ranging from freelancers, software development shops, design firms, consultants, start-ups, agencies, schools, architects, media houses, and non-profits worldwide.

Key features

  1. Interactive Gantt charts
  2. Project hour tracking
  3. Instant messaging and real-time group chats
  4. Resource allocation and forecasting
  5. Social collaboration made easy
  6. Issue and task history, priorities setting, scheduling
  7. Documentation and management
  8. Add recurring tasks easily
  9. Supports Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows mobile
  10. Best suited for small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses, and freelancers
  11. Cloud host deployment
  12. Automatic check-ins
  13. Separate features and views for owners, executives, managers, individuals
  14. Hill charts for project tracking
  15. File storage
  16. Reports and analysis
  17. Client access
  18. Privacy, security, reliability


They offer a 30-day free trial post to buy the business plan for $99 per month, at a flat rate.

The personal plan has limited features but is free for all users.

Try Basecamp

9. Any.do

The award-winning app helps you stay organized and become more productive. The simple and user-friendly interface allows you to organize tasks, lists, and reminders in one click.

It syncs all your devices seamlessly. It is a flexible platform that lets you keep track of your progress daily.

Any.do is available on mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop, and even your watch! Gives you the ultimate control over your team members and their task assignment.

Key features

  1. Beautiful customized themes and turbocharging powers
  2. Calendaring
  3. One-time, recurring, location-based reminders
  4. Color tags for better visualization
  5. WhatsApp reminders with natural language
  6. Unlimited daily planner
  7. Smart assistant taking care of your team and their tasks for you
  8. Ultimate synchronization of all your devices
  9. Plan, assign, and share responsibilities
  10. Full transparency
  11. Automated workflows
  12. 2000+ integrations
  13. 360-degree view of everything
  14. File sharing
  15. Activity stream to track progress


Their plans are segregated according to how many months you buy the plan for.

If you purchase their monthly plan for a single month, it costs $5.99 per month.

For a 6 months plan, you pay $4.49 per month. And for a year-round subscription, you only have to pay $2.99 per month.

Try Any.do

10. Todoist

With over 100,000 teams trusting their projects and enhancing productivity – Todolist is one great place to organize your team.

It lets you never forget important tasks and sets reminders for you and your team to get them done on time. You can prioritize your tasks according to how critical they are and share the workload with others in your team.

Todoist also helps you see tangible progress. Visualize your productivity trends to make them better with each passing day.

Key features

  1. Multiple integrations including Zapier, Dropbox, IFTTT, and much more
  2. 10+ apps and plugins
  3. Customizable templates4. Real-time sync across 10+ platforms
  4. Share work by creating projects, adding tasks, setting due dates, and assigning responsibility
  5. Share files easily
  6. Easy view of the team’s activity stream by project or team member
  7. Custom views for upcoming and overdue tasks
  8. Todolist boards with the drag and drop editor
  9. Natural language scheduling
  10. Centralized admin
  11. Visual Productivity
  12. Bank-level encryption, ensuring security and reliability
  13. Automatic backups
  14. 27/7 data sync
  15. Labels, filters, reminders


For starters, they have a free plan with basic features.

The premium plan starts at $3 per month, and the business plan for teams costs $5 per user per year.

Try Todoist

11. Wrike

Wrike offers versatile and robust team management software to make teamwork effortless and productive.

It lets you optimize results in the same space through real-time performance insights. With cross-departmental collaboration and 360-degree visibility, it ensures powerful automation to manage teams like never before.

It is tailored according to your personal needs and requirements and has several customizations to ensure team-specific automation and streamline processes.

Key features

  1. Real-time working
  2. Easy and secure information sharing
  3. Real-time updates
  4. Get a bird’s eye view of individual tasks and an eagle’s view for everything in the portfolio
  5. Encrypted data
  6. Enterprise-grade security
  7. Master integrations with Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Box, SurveyMonkey, and many more.
  8. Customizable and pre-built templates
  9. Gantt charts
  10. Cross-department communication
  11. Real-time and advanced reports
  12. Pre-built automation
  13. Project management teams, ensuring risk management, improved planning, and automation


They have a free plan limiting to 5 users.

Their professional plan starts at $9.80 per user per month, limiting to 15 users. The business plan involves a maximum of 200 users, costing $24.80 per user per month.

For their enterprise quote, you need to contact their sales department.

Try Wrike

12. Trello

Trello’s team management software helps your team, and you work together by customizing and expanding team growth.

It assists you in building team spirit through managing projects and organizing team tasks.

Its intuitive features give your team the ability and agility to quickly set up workflows and customize them according to your needs.

Key features

  1. Lists, cards, customizable timelines, productivity metrics, and calendars
  2. Has a robust pool of checklists, due dates, attachments, conversations, and more
  3. automation without coding, reducing tedious tasks
  4. top integrations with Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and more
  5. Reputed clients like eBay, Detr, SproutSocial, and more
  6. Over 1,000,000 teams worldwide
  7. Goal setting feature
  8. 100+ power-ups
  9. Tailor-made for each organization
  10. Attachment permissions
  11. Multi-board guests
  12. Public board management
  13. 2-factor authentication
  14. Advanced checklists
  15. Command and run the administration
  16. Priority support system for business and enterprise plans
  17. Simple data export


Their basic plan for individuals and teams comes free.

The business class plan costs $10 per user per month.

For organizations having 100+ team members, an enterprise plan is the ideal one. You can get a quote for it by contacting their sales department.

Try Trello

13. EasyNote

One of the most innovative team management software is EasyNote.

It is adaptable to any business type, size, and industry.

They’ve recently updated their software, and now it’s more intuitive and faster. One of the best parts about Easynote is that key keep adding new features for better collaboration and productivity of the whole team.

Key features

  1. Grid system to organize information intuitively
  2. Unlimited widgets
  3. Imports allowed from mondya.com, Asana, Trello, or Excel
  4. Robust search engine
  5. Instant notifications about any update
  6. Visualizations to maximize work efficiency
  7. Availability of millions of images
  8. Personal onboarding for free
  9. Quickest support service
  10. File’s support and storage
  11. Proactive conversation tools like instant messaging, chat boxes, comments, reviews, etc.


The premium plan costs $5 per user per month.

To get a Quote of their most elite plan, called the enterprise plan, contact the sales department.

Try EasyNote

End Note

Team management software highly helps in managing your team at a vast level. Especially if you have many team members, it makes your work effortless and focuses on your core business.

Everybody in the team enjoys the transparency and security that these tools and software offer. It also helps the assignee assign tasks to the people according to their workload, with numerous integrations and unlimited customizations.

With so many different options available on the internet to choose from, we are sure that you are not away from having an effective and efficient team with increased productivity on board!

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  1. Max Scott says:

    To manage my team I use Asana in connection with TMetric. Both apps work smoothly together and help us stay productive.

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