7 Best Free (And Paid) WooCommerce Wallet Plugins

If you have a WooCommerce store, you might be looking for some plugins to help you increase sales. Preferably, free plugins. Sadly, most of the WooCommerce wallet plugins are paid and not particularly cheap.

That’s why today we’re going to list the best free WooCommerce wallet plugins.

Some of the options have both free and paid plans but we’ll focus mainly on their free services. At the end we’ll also list some great paid plugins for anyone that needs a more powerful solution.

But first, let’s talk about why you should use a wallet plugin in the first place!

Why Wallet plugins?

Wallet plugins help you grow customer loyalty and increase purchases. Instead of manually entering their credit card details, clients can add funds to their online accounts and use it for future purchases.

The funds can come from different payment methods that the site admin has previously established.

Whenever they make a transaction, they’ll receive an email notification.

Moreover, wallet plugins give YOU more control since you can impose usage restrictions.

Some ways to entice users to use this system are offering exclusive discounts or special promotions. A few plugins on this list even give cashback rewards.

Keep in mind that when you’re looking for WordPress’ plugins, it’s particularly important to check they support WordPress’ latest updates. Some plugins were great a couple of years ago and not so much now.

Best free WooCommerce wallet plugins



Previously known as WooWallet, TeraWallet is currently the best free wallet plugin out there.

The plugin is very user-friendly and assists customers in the process of depositing their money.

It lets the admin adjust the wallet amount of any customer from the backend. Moreover, you can convert WooCommerce coupons into cashback.

Being an open-source software, you can contribute to the plugin by joining their GitHub repository.


  • Available in 7 languages and three different varieties of Spanish!
  • Clients can earn cashback based on product category, product, or cart price.
  • Set cashback amount of calculation using fixed or percent method.
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, Marketplace, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace and others.
  • Allows money to be transferred from one registered user to another.

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker has multiple and affordable plugins for WooCommerce, each with a free and a premium version. Among them there’s a wallet plugin.

Thanks to it, customers can make payments for their orders using the Wallet balance. They have Multi-Purpose buttons, Sales Triggers and Social Share.

Some advantages of Hoicker’s plugins are their intuitive interface as well as their customization levels.

The wallet provides you an insight about the future sales which might happen in your store.


  • The admin can lock/Unlock user wallets and restrict Wallet usage on specific days of the week.
  • Customers can request funds from other users or send them funds.
  • Supports partial payment via wallet.
  • Limit Maximum Wallet balance for users.
  • Customers can withdraw their available Wallet balance to their PayPal account or to their Bank account.


You can get Hoicker for free or go with one of its premium versions:

  • 1 site license and no support: $5.
  • 1 site license and 1 month of support: $19.
  • 1 site license and 12 months of support: $49.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

Bitcoin WooCommerce walletBitcoin and Altcoin Wallets is a different type of wallet plugin. This is a plugin that lets you accept bitcoin and makes it easy for your customers to deposit from the blockchain.

Moreover, you can extend this plugin to work with other coins if you install coin adapters!

The plugin has a free and a paid option, although the extension for WooCommerce is premium.

They currently support two languages, English and Russian but they are working to support more.


  • Customers can deposit from the blockchain and transfer funds to other users.
  • An import/export functionality to back up transactions to and from CSV files.
  • Configure email notifications for users.
  • Easily install coin adapter plugins to use other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Wallet System for WooCommerce

Wallet system for WooCommerce

Wallet System for WooCommerce is a freemium solution created by WP Swings. They have tons of plugins and add-ons to help you set up customer loyalty programs, regain your lost customers and re-engage them.

Their wallet plugin is a solid option that provides online chat support and documentation to help you get started. It’s also compatible with other plugins like the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce.


  • Create a weekly subscription plan to recharge customer’s wallets automatically.
  • Send cashback rewards to customers in their WooCommerce wallets.
  • Let your customers earn wallet credit daily by simply logging in to their wallets.
  • Schedule automatic wallet top-up according to days or weeks.
  • Supports 5 languages and 7 language varieties.

Best Paid WooCommerce Wallet plugins

Account Founds

Account Funds WooCommerce walltet

Account Founds is a premium WooCommerce wallet plugin powered by Themesquad and with more than 1,000 active installations.

It comes with powerful reports where you can find and filter the information you need about how much is spent in your store using Account Funds. You can also set and measure the effect of bigger or smaller discounts when clients pay with their store funds.


  • Assign predetermined limits to the money customers can add to their wallet.
  • Deposited funds can be refunded when necessary.
  • Add funds to your customers’ accounts when they sign up for your store.
  • The shop manager can review and edit the funds for each registered customer.
  • Mixed payment methods are allowed if the account funds don’t cover the order total.


Account Founds costs $79 per year and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Wallet Management

WooCommerce wallet management

Another excellent plugin is WooCommerce Wallet Management developed by DevDiggers.

The brand provides high levels of security and quality. In fact, they have been awarded with WP Requirements Compliant Badge by Envato for their CodeCanyon Profile.

This plugin allows all the users’ wallet information to be exported into a csv file. The csv file can also be imported to credit the wallet amount for the users.


  • OTP verification code will be sent to the customer’s email and then they need to verify it for wallet operations.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable the module functionality for the customers.
  • Admin can perform manual credit/debit of wallet balance for the users.
  • Supports other languages.


WooCommerce Wallet Management offers two licenses:

  • Regular: $65. Use, by you or a client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.
  • Extended license: $500. Use, by you or a client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

WooCommerce Wallet and Cashback Plugin

WooCommerce Wallet and Cashback plugin

Made by Creative Revolution, this Wallet and Cashback plugin comes with a live demo and a user guide as well as a support center.

The company develops different software, specially focused on WordPress and WooCommerce plugins so you know you’re in the hands of experts.

They also have a blog that you can check out where you find posts such as “How to install plugins in WordPress”.


  • The admin can set maximum eligibility amount, cash back amount and maximum cash back amount.
  • Supports partially payment via wallet.
  • Customers can see the transaction history of the wallet.
  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera and other browsers.


Just like WooCommerce Wallet Management, this plugin lets you choose between a regular and an extended license. The difference here is that WooCommerce Wallet and Cashback is a bit cheaper: the regular license costs $49 while the other costs $241.

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds

With YITH WooCommerce Account Funds, our last solution, you can guarantee a discount for your customers for each purchase paid through the funds deposit. Thus, this plugin helps you a lot to increase customer loyalty.

The great thing about this wallet plugin is it was developed on the same shared framework as all the other products in the YITH catalog. So it’s fully compatible with all their WooCommerce plugins.


  • Users whose funds balance is below a specified threshold are invited to make a new deposit through an automatic email.
  • Admin can choose to show the fund editor in the user log table.
  • Supports English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek and soon French too.


YITH WooCommerce Account Funds costs $79.99 per year. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the plugin.


So, there you have it, our list of the best free WooCommerce wallet plugins, as well as some paid options.

As you can see, they both have multiple features that make the wallet a very easy and useful service for your customers and yourself.

Personally, I think TeraWallet is the best free option since it supports multiple languages and provides a lot of support. Moreover, if you have coding skills, you can even contribute to the tool!

The best premium option is definitely the WooCommerce Wallet Management: it guarantees the safety of transactions and great report features.

What about you? Do you use a WooCommerce wallet plugin in your store?

What’s your experience with it?

Tell us in the comments!

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