6 Best & Powerful Canva Alternatives

Canva’s free version comes with all the necessary features to create and design almost any format and size of image BUT, it:

  • Doesn’t let you use high-quality graphics
  • Doesn’t let you use special icons and shapes
  • Doesn’t let you resize images
  • Doesn’t let you make the image background transparent
  • Doesn’t let you use custom fonts

So, Canva is very limiting. You might have to look for something else that suits you.

Canva can also be buggy and slow when you use it on the Safari browser.

Below are the six alternatives to Canva that are easy to use, powerful online image and graphic designing tools:


Stencil is a drag-and-drop image editing tool that makes it easier to create and share visuals and graphics on social media.  It is the best tool to create and edit images online, and I’ve been using Stencil myself. It is fast and effortless to use for anyone.

Some of its powerful features are:

  • Fast & Simple to use
  • 24×7 support
  • Access to high-resolution stock images
  • 60+ different image sizes (you can use any custom size)
  • Access to more than a million different icons
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Live preview and social share

Stencil has many more features. It also has a chrome, safari, and firefox extension you can use to create and edit images on the go. Also, If you use Buffer, you can set to schedule images right from Stencil.

You can download your images in different formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

It also supports retina dimensions.

Once you create an image, you can preview how it will look on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and more.

You can easily resize icons and images with simple drag and drop grids. You can also adjust their position from “forward to backward” to give your pictures a subtle effect.

The best part – Stencil is free to get started.

Start Using Stencil – Use coupon code BFOR10 to get a 10% discount on all plans. Enjoy!


Snappa graphic design tool has a very similar interface to the old Canva editor.

It is based on drag & drop, allowing you to create engaging images in minutes. It comes will unique templates ready to be customized, making your work easier.

Unlike Canva, Snappa focuses on unique styles and templates for internet marketers.

Snappa’s powerful features include:

Snappa allows you to form teams and collaborate with them on different projects.

You can manage user roles right from your dashboard. You get access to hundreds of video tutorials and email support.

You can save your designs into different folders you create. If you have custom fonts, you can upload them to Snappa too. For teams, Snappa is one of the best tools you’ll ever use.

While it’s free to get started with Snappa, you can upgrade to paid plans starting at $10/month to get more powerful features in your dashboard.

Start using Snappa


DesignBold is a very similar tool to Canva. If you want a dashboard and image editor very identical to Canva, DesignBold may be a perfect fit for you.

It has a larger library of stock photos, which keeps on updating every week. New graphics are also added every week. You can create different sizes of an image with DesignBold the same way you do in Canva.

Some of its features include:

  • Drag and Drop editor
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More free stock images
  • 500+ font types
  • Pre-made templates
  • High-resolution PNG Download
  • Save directly to Dropbox

DesignBold also lets you easily collaborate with your remote team, and you can share your pictures on social networks in one click. There’s also an option to upload and use your own images and font so you can match your pictures with your brand.

You can use DesignBold for free, and if you need more features, the pricing starts at $19 a month.

Start using DesignBold


I came across BeFunky when I was doing research for this post.

It is a good alternative to Photoshop too. It has that powerful core of Photoshop editing tools, but it also manages to make its dashboard user-friendly.

BeFunky editor lets you apply effects, edit photos, and create photo collages with its powerful collage maker.

It has a drag and drop editor, and custom color is a feature you can use to color an image and its areas the way you want. It is effortless to use, even for a beginner.

When compared to Canva, it is not so easy to use. It is loaded with many features and image customization tools, so you would have to spend a couple of days before you get used to it.

Start Using BeFunky


PicMonkey is a photo editor app primarily focused on making stock images (or your own images) more attractive.

You can create an image from scratch with PicMonkey but if you are a photographer or a travel blogger, you are going to love it. Some of its best features are:

  • 40+ photo filters
  • 3000+ graphics and textures
  • 200+ fonts
  • Pre-made templates
  • Collage maker

Overall, PicMonkey is a great tool if you need something to give a new life to your pictures.

Start using PicMonkey


Crello is another online tool like Canva, but along with images and graphics, it also lets you create animated videos.

You would find Crello identical to Canva in terms of dashboard and features. However, it gives you way more graphics, icons, and vector shapes for free than Canva.

Some of Crello’s features are:

  • Multiple filters to use
  • More free stickers than Canva
  • Crazy effects
  • Multiple layouts
  • Animated Images
  • Videomaker

Crello is so far a unique option for you, mainly because it lets you turn your images into videos and animations. It is free to get started, and Crello’s pricing starts at $8.50/month.

Start using Crello

I hope you’ve found your favorite Canva alternative.

Let me know which tool you are using by leaving a comment and sharing this post with your friends to let them know about these amazing tools.


  1. thank you for sharing! I prefer stencil for it is very easy to use and fulfills my requirements.

  2. Sohel Rana says:

    This is greatly helpful for a beginner like me who need to do graphic design.
    Of Course Canva is one of the popular graphic design tool,
    but by reading your list of other tools,
    I was simply amazed. Excellent list of tools and really helped me!!!

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