Canva Review: Pros n Cons + Features Walkthrough

Canva is one of the most widely known graphic designing tools. It is extremely easy to use and is packed with excellent features. With over 30 million users and a valuation of $6 billion, it is definitely the most popular online graphic design software out there.

However, Canva does need a bit of a learning curve if the users want to make the most of it.

Canva is a comprehensive design tool that suits everybody, from pro designers to beginners. Most people design images on Canva.

But it has so much more to offer, such as invoices, flyers, infographics, and printables just to name a few.

Who is Canva suitable for?

Canva best suits small businesses, online entrepreneurs, and marketers who wish to design things quickly and/or create their brand identity. It is also feasible for beginners or non-designers since the app does not require any prior experience with designing.

It is highly recommended for small business owners, online entrepreneurs, and marketers who do not want to spend much time, energy, and effort designing things and want spectacular designs ready in minutes.

Its comprehensive features make the app’s functionality seamless. It suits unskilled users, and the user-friendly interface just makes everything smoothly up and running within seconds!

Let us dive deep into a detailed review of Canva, its features, the pros, and the cons.

Canva Features


The Canva application helps you design together as a team in real-time with super-fast speed. Whether you need designs for a presentation, an Instagram post, or a blog’s featured image – all you have to do is add the team to your Canva and collaborate.

The collaboration can happen from any device and any place worldwide. It requires no complications, no approvals, nothing. Just invite your team, decide on access permissions and start creating your design!



Photo collages, magazine spreads, or a photo layout – all of these are highly impressive graphics that include multiple photos as a single photo. However, every detail counts in such images, from margins, kerning, and the straightness of the picture.

You can easily rotate your pictures angle-wise with canvas features to ensure that the photo is as straight as a pole. It squares up your surface and horizon lines. 

This implies that even if you are not the best photographer in the world and have taken photos like a nervous paparazzi, they help you straighten your photo and design them elegantly. You can do this on both your iOS or Android devices, free of cost!



Go the extra mile to transform your splendid photos into unforgettable ones by adding glamour to them. The glamour is added through Canva’s photo effects that give a world-class effect to your photographs. All the effects are simple on Canva and suit all forms of devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

They have various trendy photo filters that make your photos stand out and give them a signature look. The process is also simple as all you have to do is click ‘filter’ and scroll through the effects. Once you see a filter that you like, apply it to your picture.

If you wish to design a filter on your own, you can do that too! Click on ‘advanced options’ and experiment with Canva’s photo editor sliders and create a filter of your own.



Speech bubbles, text boxes, bold side effects, and more are the heart of any comic or related content piece. Add these bits to your storytelling with Canva, and make them even more expressive and better looking. 

It is effortless to do this through Canva’s drag and drop editor for speech bubbles. Just choose a design and add them to your dialog in one click. Digital speech bubbles are also editable, and you can change the dialogue, colors, and size of it whenever you deem necessary. 



All photos need some cropping to ensure that the subject stands out. Sometimes, an image has too much sky; sometimes, it has too much of the ground. In worst-case scenarios, some photos are even photo-bombed. 

To get rid of the noise in the photo, cropping the right areas is the key. With Canva, cropping becomes simple as their cropping tool helps you transform shots to look gorgeous and be trimmed to the correct size. The image cropper is easy to handle and makes the designs look clean and trimmed. It is possible to use this tool even on your phone or tablet!

canva 1


Canva’s blur slider is a great tool to stimulate the depth of field in the photograph. You can blur or even sharpen your pictures with Canva’s editor on your phone, desktop, tablet, or laptop. It shows the results inside the layout view to avoid guesswork.

Make your photos look aesthetic with the blur function by either making the atmosphere blue or playing around with the photo correction.



From the bright-looking smiley faces to the iconic Facebook thumbs-up, an icon speaks louder than words. Canva has a library of different symbols, icons, and abstractions that are ready to be fitted into any design with one click.

They are sizable so that you can enlarge or decrease their size as per your requirements. All the icons are free to use and can be combined with your creative product to make alluring logos, great branding, and more.

canva 4


To give your modern-day photos an antique look with the vignette effect, Canva gives you all you need! It helps you avoid spending thousands on a vintage camera to get the iconic black and white faded look on the photo with brilliant retro effects.

The photo vignette to any image is easily added on Canva that automatically turns the photo retro. Not only that, Canva allows you to create your own vignette effects and add the filter to your pictures. 

canva 2


A masterpiece image definitely needs a photo frame to enhance its picturesque beauty. With the classic feel of oak or the curves of a scrapbook, Canva offers all kinds of frames for you to add to your photos. Its drag and drop frames effect is easy to use and has a pool of different frames to choose from, fitting every event.

Different shapes, styles, and colors are available for various frame types that can be used with over a million stock photos.

canva 5


The sticker technology is the new-age winning material in the graphic industry. Stickers are so much in trend, and Canva’s library of digital stickers, which can be added with a click, just makes your photo editing an incredible process with even better results.

Scroll through the pages of stickers and choose your favorite one, with over a million illustrations that have plenty of stickers to spice up your photographs. Catchy slogans to cheeky, affectionate signs, Canva gives you all of it immediately and free of cost.

canva 3


Whenever we describe something graphically, it is all about its layout—Photo-grids structure your infographics, posters, and other image types that allows you to experiment. Choose from a variety of grids and play along until you find the perfect match.

Their drag and drop editor helps design any element with open frames. Photo-grids provided by Canva act as your project’s foundation, and they can either make your project or break your project. 

However, Canva ensures that it only ends up making your project. Simple three-frame designs, complex photo grids for mood boards, grids for a photo collage, and so much more is available on Canva’s library of photo grids and layouts.

canva 7


Canva helps you create soft, gentle, and transparent images for that breezy effect. It is the perfect tool to give your backdrop the elegance it needs through transparency. Every element in Canva has adjustable transparency, and using it is extremely simple, too.

Just select an element, click the arrow facing down to reveal transparency levels, and moveth the slider to the left or right to reduce or increase transparency. It helps in lowering the opacity level of any image and gives your photo an overall professional look. 

canva 8


Canva gives texture to your flat and dull colors. You can choose from a pool of texture backgrounds that make your photograph/graphic pop out. The variety ranges from real-world paper images, fabrics, fanciful designs, patterns, and more.



Canva has a robust library of fonts that range from formal styles to informal styles. There are simple and sophisticated fonts, and then there are super stylish and quirky fonts. Basically, Canva gives you the freedom to choose the font you absolutely love and use it in your infographic.

You can also use more than 1 font if you wish to make a piece of particular information stand out! Having a Pro account also enables you to upload fonts on your own, provided you have a license to use that font.



Canva lets you share your images directly to your social networking platforms.

However, this feature is provided by most online photo editors. What is unique about Canva is that it also allows you to schedule posts at a pre-decided time, including scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack, and Tumblr.



Canva has gone a notch higher by offering printing services. They have patterned with elating printing professionals who build top-quality designs for you to be printed on t-shirts, mugs, flyers, and more. The products are delivered to your doorstep in a click with free delivery.

All the designs are unique and made by professionals in the industry with cutting-edge technology and skills.


Pros of Using Canva

  1. It is a free design platform that offers most features free of cost. A few features that highly professional designers use are included in a paid plan.
  2. It does not require you to be a professional graphic designer as the drag and drop editor makes everything seamless.
  3. Ease of use with multiple templates, stickers, fonts ensures that you build a stunning infographic with all the necessary elements. It truly allows you to be creative and add bits and elements that suit your style!
  4. Endless possibilities of creating different types of images. From eBook covers, resume, an invitation to a lot more than you can imagine., it also allows you to create GIFs, animations, and videos.
  5. It has an exceptionally well-made and user-friendly interface.
  6. Allows you to work as a team/group of individuals together.
  7. They are integrated with the stock photo image library.


Cons of Canva

  1. Canva does not have a local file for storage. This implies that you technically cannot access your designs online or make new changes to them whenever the site is not working.
  2. Since many people have used most of the Canva templates, and they are not updated regularly, you might feel that your design is not unique enough.
  3. There is no source file on Canva. This means that you cannot share, edit or export any of the designs without having a Canva account. The files cannot be accessed as raw files.
  4. Some images, fonts, stickers, and templates on Canva come at a price. If you like them, but there is a possibility that you can only access them if you have a premium account.
  5. The mobile app does not have as many features as the desktop app. 
  6. Fewer elements are available at the free level.
  7. Limited functionality for complex designs.

Canva Pricing

Try Canva for Free

Canva offers 3 major plans, as under –

Free plan

This plan, as the name suggests, is free of cost and include:

  • Over 250,000 templates
  • 100+ design types for social media posts, letters, presentations, etc.
  • 1,000+ free images and graphics
  • Team feature
  • Real-time collaborating and commenting
  • 5GB cloud storage

Pro plan:

The pro plan suits you best if you wish to create professional designs with unlimited access to premium tools and content. It costs around $10 per month, billed yearly. The plan includes:

  • Everything in the Free plan
  • Over 75 million premium stock videos, audio, photos, and graphics
  • 420,000+ free templates
  • 1 brand kit to upload own fonts and logos
  • Unlimited background remover feature usage
  • Resign designs infinitely
  • Save designs as templates for future use
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Post scheduling 

Enterprise plan:

The enterprise plan is the most elite plan that Canva has to offer. It helps empower your team, build and manage a brand, and scaling all your business content through one platform. It costs around$30 per user per month. The plan is customizable as per your company’s requirements, and you can add or subtract the features by contacting the sales department. The plan includes –

  • Everything included in the Pro plan
  • Logos, colors, and fonts across various brand kits
  • Team access control
  • Team uploads control
  • Built-in workflows for approvals
  • Editable elements
  • Template locking
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single sign-on
  • 24/7 enterprise-level support

Canva Review – Final verdict

Canva is one of the best available online designing tools that makes work simple. One can use it to create photo edits that are basic and design complex social media flyers and PDF documents.

All in all, it comes packed with many features for free, and the advanced features also come at an affordable rate of around $10 per month.

The customer support is excellent, too, and the user-friendly interface offers a good experience for people in designing, especially marketers and entrepreneurs.

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