Carl Bot Commands List & Powerful Features

Carl Bot is one of the most talked-about platforms these days. It is an entirely customizable, modular Discord bot that features tremendous commands to manage Discord servers smoothly and give the members a better community experience. Discord serves over 200,00,000 members in over 3,000,000 servers across the globe. 

However, running a Discord server is not as easy as it seems, but it sure is an adventure coupled with tons of new things that you learn on the way. The platform offers you extensive freedom on how you make your community look and function; there are times when conflicts and civilized discussions become nothing less than a panic-stricken situation.

This is where Carl Bot comes into the picture, taking care of the trolls and managing your Discord server. It has automod, logging, reaction roles, auto roles, embeds, starboard, autofeeds, repeating messages, reminders, triggers, and many more features.

The advanced bot allows you to store chats, control damage, create reaction roles, and much more. It lets you develop friendly messages for your community and increases user engagement. Lastly, the bot helps you avoid any spam material, links, and attachments and penalizes anybody who posts this unnecessary stuff on your website.

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Carl Bot Features

Some of the most useful Carl Bot features are –

Reaction roles:

With this feature, Carl Bot is able to set and define stringent roles for all the members and moderators. This is beneficial for large communities as to when you set up a text for members on which they can react. A role is automatically assigned to them that depends on the reaction you choose. This results in increased user engagement. 

You can choose from over 250 roles and limit and ban any spammers that sneak to your discord server to pollute it. Near embeds can also be written through this command without having to type every single emoji or role. Blacklisting and whitelisting are also available to the members.

It comes in different modes, including unique, verify, reversed, binding, temporary and more, providing multiple roles with an individual reaction. It also has self-destructing messages whenever needed. 

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Logging chats and everything at once:

Another feature of the Carl Bot is that it lets you log every single message occurring in the server, the member updates, the number of joining members, and leaving individuals along with any other updates that you have applied for. In short, it logs in everything and anything related to your server. The tool is beneficial in keeping a backlog of every event happening on your server. 

It also logs in the deleted messages, purged messages, and edited messages along with the Discord invite links. It allows you to split up logging into different channels and reduces the clutter by holding onto all the information and ignored members, channels, and prefixes that come with spammy behavior.

Robust moderation through Automod that is present even when offline:

You can easily configure Auto-moderation with Carl Bot to benefit from the limit-setting punishments that members receive when they break any rules. It also helps you handle spam, set the rules, manage offensive language, and much more to maintain the dignity and quality of your platform. 

Carl Bot takes responsibility for all the mod actions and times the commands that you want. It also has a drama channel feature that gives the mods an overview of all the rules that are not being adhered to. Sticky roles are provided to prevent members from leaving and highlight the new joining people. It manages all roles in bulk and shows historical infractions with reasons and responsible moderators from other members. 

A granular permission system:

Carl Bot comes with a robust permission system that gives each and every command an individual set of rules to follow. It manages all the commands in bulk and adds global rules wherever necessary. The next thing this command does is redirect the output, put it, and keep spammy commands in a separate bot channel made only for spam. It uses the bot to its highest potential without harming anybody and streamlines the entire process. 

Once this system is set up, you do not have to interfere anymore as Carl Bot takes care of everything unless a new upgrade or update is needed. It also lets you customize all commands and mutate commands behavior along with overriding default settings quickly.

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The suggestions features in Carl Bot is one of the most helpful features as it lets the users suggest different things and automates a voting system for the same. It also sends a text to the user indicating once the decision is made either against or in favor of the user. It keeps the log channel separate with suggestions that come with mod responses and follows an anonymous mode to help combat unnecessary bias. To streamline all indications, it restricts it to a specific channel.

Custom commands:

Carl Bot comes equipped with custom commands that include things like member count, channel topic, and more which are variable. It generates lists and lets you share all creations with websites and other talented people in the same server. You can mutate command behavior and also override the default setting with this command, easily.

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Welcoming new members:

This is one of the most essential features that any bot should have. The Carl Bot features welcoming new members with a personalized and happy message that is automatic for members joining and the ones leaving. This can be easily embedded with different variables depending on the person. 

User engagement:

Carl Bot offers one fo the best starboards to ever exist, which is loved by all. It sends messages at regular intervals and also provides an optional ping role. It has fast-twitch notifications and mentions roles without mentionable feeds and tracks all post counts, too. It includes various cute animals like cats and dogs wherever necessary and includes important user info for data purpose.

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Carl Bot Commands

Basic Carl Bot commands:

  1. Ignore command: This ignores the current channel if there is not any channel specified. Any command supplied will be ignored. 
  2. Ignore server command: This makes the entire bot mod-only.
  3. Ignore all command: This helps you ignore commands in all the channels except for one. It is only applied to the current channels.
  4. Unignore command: This reverses the functions of the ignore command.
  5. Unignore all command: This unignores all the channels.
  6. Disable command: This command helps in disabling the command globally from your server.
  7. Enable command: This enables the previously disabled commands.
  8. Enable all command: This sets all the commands to be enabled.
  9. Disable all command: This sets all the commands to be disabled.
  10. Enable mod command: This enables all the moderation commands.
  11. Disable mod command: This disables all the moderation commands.
  12. Enable list command: This command shows all the disabled and enabled commands in a list.
  13. Restrict command: This command pings the user whenever the command is used externally in the bot channel.
  14. Unrestricted command: This command restricts what the restrict command does.
  15. Set bot command: This sets the channel that is used to restrict commands and redirects them.
  16. Modonly command: This makes the commands usable by only the mods.
  17. Unmodonly command: This acts as the opposite of the modonly command and removes them from the modonly list.
  18. Modrole command: This command makes any member as a moderator not allowing the other members with the roles to mute, warn, ban any of the commands.
  19. Modrole clear command: This command removes the modrole command.
  20. Autoroles command: This command shows you which are the roles that will be added on joining and if any roles will be readded when someone rejoins or leaves the server.

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User engagement and interaction commands:

  1. Read command: This turns on and off the reassigning of roles.
  2. Autorole removes command: This removes a role in to be assigned automatically.
  3. Autorole adds command: This gives roles to the person joining the server.
  4. Timedrole command: This shows all roles with delays being assigned.
  5. Autorole blacklist command: This command prevents any mentioned roles from being assigned again.
  6. Timedrole adds command: This adds all roles that need to be added with a delay.
  7. Autorole unblacklist command: This undoes what the autorole blacklist command does.
  8. Timedrole removes command: This removes all roles from being automatically timed and assigned and cancels pending roles.
  9. Reaction commands: These commands add reactions based on texts, emojis and incorporates an interactive setup to get you started in engaging with your customer base. It also removes responses that are not needed and specifies specific messages whenever necessary.
  10. The role commands: Several role commands help you add, edit and remove roles from a member. It also assigns different colors and lets you customize roles by displaying lists and giving you the ability to add and remove roles easily.
  11. Rank commands: These commands let you put authorized ranks into a list, add the roles as per ranks, remove and edit them and assigning multiple roles according to the ranks wherever needed.
  12. Punishment commands: These commands help in punishing, kicking, banning, and muting members definitely or indefinitely if they showcase an inappropriate behavior.
  13. Level card commands: These are the commands that display rank cards for members, sets backgrounds, fills colors, color the text, and do everything to set the members apart.
  14. Level settings command: This command resets individual levels and entire server levels and restores server levels if needed. It also blacklists multiple roles and channels if required. 
  15. Level notifications and rewards: These are the two types of commands that announce level-ups, show events on the server, sets messages for the channel; and adds rewards for the levels.
  16. Fortnite stats and World of Warcraft commands: These game commands fetch game-related data and picks specifications necessary to operate these games efficiently.
  17. Text transformation commands: These commands transform your text into creative fonts, formats, and animations to make the interaction better.

Set up Carl Bot to your Discord server today

Now that you know all about the Carl Bot and the command functions it has to offer, it is time to set it up on your Discord server. Follow the steps below to set up Carl Bot instantly –

  1. Visit from your web browser.
  2. Click on the login button present in the upper right corner. 
  3. Register your Discord server with your email address or enter the details if you have already registered.
  4. Once you log in, select your Discord server from the available list.
  5. The next page will direct you to the features. Select the attributes you wish to include and click on accept.
  6. Again, log in to your Discord server and identify the Carl Bot present on the dashboard.
  7. Open the commands tab on Carl Bot’s dashboard and apply all the commands as discussed above.

Setting up the Carl Bot function on your Discord server is a quick and straightforward process. 



All in all, Carl Bot is one of the best automation tools that one can add to your Discord server. It comes with over 50 commands that you can use to make your Discord server better and run more smoothly, and it offers features that help you with almost everything and anything in a single click.

Its powerful automation features reflect the dynamism and changing technological advancements, ensuring that you get nothing but the best of features, roles, and commands to choose from.

Are you ready to give it a try? Let us know in the comments.

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