Clipchamp Video Editing Platform Review & Tutorial

With Instagram prioritizing videos over photos and TikTok being so popular, the urge to create videos has never been bigger.

That’s why today we’re reviewing Clipchamp, a free video editor. In this post, we’ll cover:

  • What is Clipchamp
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • How to use it

Let’s start!



Clipchamp is an online video editor that was created back in 2013 by an Australian company. Last year, it was acquired by Microsoft and a few months later, it was introduced as a default app with Microsoft 11.

This change means now users can sign up with their Microsoft account as well as their Google account. However, soon all Clipchamp users will be required to log in using a Microsoft account.

Another recent change was regarding Utilities. Clipchamp used to offer Clipchamp Utilities, a video compression tool. However, they have discontinued it to focus on the video editor.

Who is it for

The app is targeted at non-professionals and non-creatives, with a mission to empower anyone to tell stories through videos.

As you’ll learn in this post, Clipchamp has some very powerful and pro features but keeps them simple and accessible for everyone. And you can always use basic features and just create a meme!

Clipchamp and tradition

Although Clipchamp is created worldwide, they have headquarters in Australia, on the traditional lands of the Turrbal and Yuggera Peoples. On their website, they say they “acknowledge the traditional custodians of the country, and pay their respects to Elders past, present and emerging”.

This commitment to cultural tradition might sound like a detail, but it’s certainly important in a globalized world.




The dashboard has a beautiful interface, and it’s very intuitive. You can organize your videos in folders and easily find them with some filters.

On the upper-right side of your screen, the notification bell is there to give you tips on how to get started. These are the only direct indications you’ll receive from Clipchamp since they don’t give you a tutorial when you first log in.


A huge library of pro video templates for any occasion. Filter through its big collection: beats, Facebook ads, breaking news, and tons more!


The first thing you notice when you start creating a video is, Clipchamp works with timeline editing. This type of interface is usually reserved for pros, since it offers way more control than regular apps. However, Clipchamp makes things easy, and it’s simpler than it looks!

Green Screen Video and other effects

Again, special effects sound like something complex. However, that’s not the case with Clipchamp. It only takes two videos and a filter to use the green screen effect!

And you can also use filters to create noise, smoke, blur, glitch and slow zoom.

Video overlays

Ideal for YouTube reaction videos or sales presentations, this effect lets you add a video overlay with your face or one of the videos from the stock library. This way, you superimpose multiple videos and create a picture-in-picture effect.

The video reaction can also be achieved using the screen and camera recording feature.

Text to speech

They have a text-to-speech AI technology that goes far beyond basic. Powered by Azure, not only does it have multiple languages, but also different language varieties according to country.

You can also choose the speed of the speech and whether it’s a feminine or masculine voice. The result is a very natural-sounding voice that could be mistaken for a human.

Screen recording

You can choose to record your entire screen, one window, or only one tab.

If you’re familiar with sharing your screen on video conference platforms, you’ll have no problem recording your screen, since the process is very similar.

Once you’re done, you can save and edit like with any other video.


Besides using Clipchamp on your browser, you can download its desktop app and iOS app as well. The mobile app also offers auto-captioning for videos and it takes no time.

Clipchamp isn’t available for Android yet.


Videos are exported as an MP4 file. Export options are unlocked in the paid plans and are the following:

  • 480p for drafts
  • 720p for social media
  • 1080p for video streaming and presentations
  • GIF for videos of 15 seconds or less

Otherwise, if you’re using the free plan, you’ll have to go with the 720p watermarked.


Clipchamp’s website is available in multiple languages and the app has currently languages in the beta stage. They support a considerably large number of languages, making them available for non-English speakers.


Clipchamp has multiple integrations, so you can create and share your videos as easily and effectively as possible. Some of the most popular tools Clipchamp integrates with are YouTube, LinkedIn, Zoom, Google Drive, OneDrive, and TikTok.

Support and resources

Clipchamp has a knowledge base, a blog, and a glossary on its website. They also have a Facebook Creator Community group where you can get the latest updates and insights straight from the Clipchamp team!

They have fun educational videos on their YouTube channel and on TikTok.

Regarding customer support, Clipchamp support chat usually responds in under 20 minutes.


Clipchamp has four plans, and they all include unlimited video production. You can pay monthly or annually.

  • Free: it lets you use your own videos, music, and photos, and export them in 1080p (Full HD).
  • Creator: $9 per month. Access cloud storage and unlimited audio stock.
  • Business: $19 per month. Build your brand kit, including custom logos, fonts & color palettes.
  • Business platinum: $39 per month. Access unlimited video and image stock. Clipchamp occasionally offers a 14-day free trial if you upgrade to the Business Platinum plan.

How to use Clipchamp

For this tutorial, we’re going to pretend you have media on your phone that you want to use to create a video reaction. You’re going to later embed it on your website. Let’s start from zero:

Getting started

  1. Sign up with Microsoft, Google, or email. If you choose email but don’t deal well with passwords, you can use the Clipchamp magic link, which will be sent to your mailbox.

Clipchamp link

  1. Clipchamp works for all sorts of videos: education, business, personal, and more. Indicate why you’re using it.

Clipchamp information

  1. They recommend starting with a template, so go to the YouTube category and click on “Reaction YouTube gaming video”.

Youtube reaction template

  1. Here you can choose whether to add it to your current project or a new one. You’ll also see similar templates in case another option catches your eye. Select “Add to timeline”.

Reaction templates

Editing your video

  1. Now it’s time to put your own media on the video. Click on the plus sign and select “from phone”.

Import media

This feature is in the beta stage and allows you to import media from your phone. You’ll see a QR code you’ll have to scan with your phone. Select the files you want to use from your phone, and you’ll find them on Clipchamp.

  1. Drag and drop the files to your timeline to replace the two stock videos. Make sure to line up both clips directly underneath each other.

Drag the file

  1. Let’s see if everything looks just how you want it. Change the position of the smaller video and make the size bigger or smaller. Also, adapt the size of the bigger video to look perfect on your website.

Clipchamp step 7

8. Now you’re finally ready! Select “Export”. You can also click on the Mini Export Tracker if you want to keep using other apps while exporting your file.

Mini Export Tracker

9. Finally, click “Create a link” and go to “More sharing options”. Then copy the embed link and paste it on your site.

Sharing options

Clipchamp pros and cons


  • Powerful features like innovative AI technology for text to speech and special effects.
  • You can use all premium features on the free plan by simply having a Clipchamp’s watermark on your video.
  • It has a small learning curve: you don’t need to be a pro to use it, and it’s very similar to other popular apps. Plus, if you have any questions, their support team is really helpful.


  • In the near future, you’ll only be able to use Clipchamp with a Microsoft account. Although plenty of people has one, it’s still not ideal.
  • No collaboration tools: they beta tested Clipchamp Teams and it didn’t work, so currently there’s no way to collaborate with other people.


Clipchamp is still figuring some things out, so if you want a super complete tool right away, it might not be for you.

However, that said, it seems in the near future they will be incorporating collaboration tools and finish developing some features. So if you don’t have any rush for accessing workplace tools, you should totally go for it.

Especially since it’s such a fun, easy-to-use editor that you can use for free. Clipchamp is certainly a great video editor that’ll help you create big things.

Have you tried it?

What do you think about it?

I’d love to hear your opinion!

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  1. Peter Hartog says:

    As a simple user worked with Microsoft movie maker before. Now that Microsoft is no longer making this available to Windows users, Clipchamp is using it. I can get along quite well with it. What I struggle with the most is the black background of the program, which prevents me from seeing the functions very well. This background color doesn’t seem adjustable to a white one.

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