CopyAI Review- The Automated Creativity & Copywriting Tool

As technology is advancing day by day, so is its power. The use of artificial intelligence has taken over everything, even out day to day activities. Form being able to plan to create, AI can now do everything. It is almost s if technology has gained power over humans, even when its originator is a human itself. 

One such innovation of the same is CopyAI, a tool that is as advanced as creation could get. The platform helps in making your writing jobs easier by generating content automatically. It writes the copies for you, enriched with all the required pre-requisites like keywords, paraphrasing, and more.

The best part about CopyAI is that even if it is automatically generated, the AI makes sure to make the draft look as authentic as possible, with 100% originality confirmed. In our review, we will cover everything about this platform and what it can do for you!

What is CopyAI?

CopyAI is an artificial intelligence-driven content writing tool that helps you write quality content within minutes. It generates authentic marketing copies that help your business, and you perform better in the market.

It claims to have faster, fresher, and better copies that put an end to your writer’s block. It comes packed with automatic creativity tools that help you generate millions of copies in a few seconds.

Used by big names like eBay, Nestle, Zoho, and more, this tool is definitely one of the most sought-after tools in today’s time when content is king!

CopyAI is built on one of the world’s most advanced AI language models, helping millions of people turbo-charge their writing capabilities and creativity. 

copy ai

What all does CopyAI help you create?

Digital Ad Copies

With CopyAI, you can rest assured about your quality digital ad copies starting from Facebook ads, Google ads, to even LinkedIn ads. All these advertisements are digitally powered and automatically generated, hence guaranteeing conversions and sales that you would not be able to witness otherwise.

copy ai 4

Social Media Content

CopyAI also guarantees the best social media content ideas from captions, brainstormed topics to full-fledged Instagram posts that help you take your social media game a notch higher. It helps in generating exciting and engaging content that suits your business’ social media presence the best.

copy ai 2

Website Copies

Not only short-form content but the platform is also equipped to generate long-form content pieces like website copies. From meta descriptions, sub-headers to ultimate hero texts, you can be tension-free with this automatic content builder that needs you to do nothing but wait for a few seconds till you get the content you have always desired.

copy ai 6

Blog Content

CopyAI has powerful tools that help you generate blog intros, titles, ideas, outlines, bullet points, to even full-page blogs that help in taking your business to new heights. This allows you to up your content game by having unlimited content pieces ever-ready to be published without having to spend a lot of time and effort on the same. 

copy ai 1

eCommerce Copies 

CopyAI enables you to have product descriptions, product benefits, and microcopies handy whenever you need them and as much as you need them. It makes sure that all these copies look authentic, organic, and human-driven instead of being just plain and bland as if a computer curated it with no personal choice of interest. 

copy ai 3

Sales Copies

One of the most essential pieces of content is the sales copies that every business requires. CopyAI helps you have top to bottom content needed to uplift your sales by providing you with pain-agitate-solutions, before-after-bridge, and even the attention-interest-desire-action copies that suit your needs business needs the best.

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CopyAI has numerous features that help you create incredible content pieces and suggest ideas that make your writing far better than usual. From providing you catchy blog intros to giving you unique titles, it guarantees plagiarism-free content that is informative, error-free, and tone-friendly.

Here are the top features of CopyAI –


Our favorite CopyAI feature is its template library with over 60 templates. These templates are made specifically for different business and business owners to suit them perfectly.

You can easily create digital ad copies, website content pieces, eCommerce copies, social media content, sales copies, blog content, and much more through these pre-made templates that make your work simpler and quicker.

All you have to do is provide some minute details about your organization and leave the rest to the tool to generate the perfect copy fitting your exact needs.  

copy ai 7

Generates several article titles and ideas

CopyAI does not only provides you with content pieces but also content ideas. So, if you are e writer yourself or have a team of writers, you can use this tool to have unlimited content ideas in hand to write yourself along with the automatic tool doing its job side by side. 

Long-form content

It is not easy to have long-form content pieces generated automatically due to the lack of precision that a computer might hold against a human for obvious reasons. However, similar is not the case with CopyAI as the tool generates error- and plagiarism-free content pieces that stimulate long-form content using the blog outline features. But it is still advisable that you check the content once for facts, errors, and editing because there is nothing more significant than a human mind.

Simplify sentence tool

The simplify sentence tool/feature helps you rewrite content in seconds. For plagiarism-free work, this tool is a life savior. With this tool, you can submit rewritten content that improves your writing and enhances its quality. 


The tool supports several languages that include but are not restricted to Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Brazilian, several European languages, English, and many more. This helps cater to a broader audience by allowing them to use the tool in their national language. This enables people around the world to save a lot of time by having everything in their language already mentioned without the need to translate it from one language to another.

It comes equipped with an in-house translator that translates any content items that you wish to be into another language. It is proficient in at least 26 languages as of now. 

Viral marketing 

CopyAI is a perfect tool to develop viral content pieces and marketing ideas that include several ongoing trends, names, startups, eCommerce promotions, and more. This helps in scaling the business to new levels and also generates unique and fresh ideas for your writing as a whole. 

Content editing and enhancement

Instead of generating an entirely new content piece, you can also use CopyAI to enhance and edit your already existing content page. It comes with several writing tools that help in improving your writing quality tenfold. It enables you to change the tone of your writing piece, add several keywords, simplify sentences, and remove plagiarism. Its content editing tools are robust and functional to help your content stand out.

copy ai 8

How does it work?

CopyAI works in 3 simple steps –

1. Select your copy type

You can choose from a number of templates and content types like blog intros, headlines, product descriptions, and more to begin automatic content generation.

copy ai 9

2. Describe your product/business

The next step is to enter your company name and a few sentences about what does your organization does and about its product.

copy ai 10

3. Get your results within seconds and edit as per our choice

You will automatically get ten generated results to suit your business and product at a single time. If you are not satisfied, you can run the tool once again for more results to get more ideas. Once you get the content, you are looking for. You can begin editing it as per your choice. 

copy ai 11


  1. CopyAI comes with a chrome extension. This helps in narrowing the distance between the internet, you, and your ideas. It also helps in using the tool with several software at once.
  2. You can easily save all the material that the tool has to generate to use later. 
  3. You can work on multiple projects at once within the application and organize all the work in a simpler way.
  4. You can save all the ideas that you collect on a mood board. Then, you can work on them later by picking up where you left.
  5. CopyAI has its own incredibly intelligent Facebook community. Here you can learn much more about the software than what is available online. It includes real people who have made great use of the platform. They help you use it to the best of your capabilities. 
  6. It helps in making your work more efficient, effective, fast, simple, quick, and quality-driven. Results are produced within seconds after entering the requirements. 
  7. The platform is super straightforward to use and can be used even by a beginner. It does not require any technical jargon or soundness as it does not involve coding or similar pre-requisites. 
  8. It includes a vast suite of content for every business, which is unique and plagiarism-free in its own way. You can generate multiple contents under several categories and use them for your social media, website, or blog.
  9. It offers a support helpline that is proactive and ever-ready to solve all your queries. 
  10. CopyAI works all day long without a break. Whether it is 3 am in your home country or 3 pm elsewhere, time is never a binding factor for the tool to generate great content for your business
  11. It helps in finishing huge and heavy projects within minutes that would easily take a couple of days and a handful of people to complete. 


As powerful as the tool is, there is only a single con that aligns with almost all AI-driven tools existing in the market. As it generates texts by coupling them together from what is available on the internet, there might be a lack of personal human touch and opinion. Some texts might be repetitive, which would cancel out the 100% plagiarism-free content idea.

There might definitely be some grammar, punctuation, and sentence formation errors, especially when considering different dialects. Since there is nothing compared to a human mind, considering the tool is itself its creation, one can never compete with what a functioning brain can create. Apart from this, there is nothing that the tool cannot do!

Pricing plans

CopyAI comes with a free 7-day trial in which you can explore its numerous features and opt for a paid plan if you like the free trial. With the free trial, you get 100 runs every day and 24/7 customer email support throughout. Here is everything you get in the free trial plan –

  • Social ads
  • Startup tools
  • Product descriptions
  • Website copies
  • Emails and letters
  • Social media content creations
  • Writing tools
  • Sales copies
  • Brainstorming tools
  • Personal tools 

If you like the free trial, you can choose between the two paid plans that the platform offers – a Solo monthly plan or Multiple Seats custom plan. 

copy ai 12

Solo plan

This plan is perfect for the small businesses that you own and only costs $35 per month, billed yearly. It includes –

  • Access to all the tools provided by the platform
  • Unlimited runs
  • Translations into over 25 languages
  • Prime access to their newest features
  • All-day around email support
  • Premium community access

Multiple Seats plan

This plan is best suited for larger teams and corporations. It includes custom pricing that is personal to your business needs and requirement. You can get a quote by connecting with their sales department. It includes –

  • Unlimited runs
  • Translations into over 25 languages
  • Access to all their tools
  • Prime access to their latest features
  • All-day around customer support
  • Premium community access
  • Robust collaboration features


All in all, CopyAI is a valuable tool for content creation. If you need heavy doses of content for your business every day but do not have the time to write or get a team of writers to do it for you, it is an affordable, quick, simple and easy way to leave it to the power of AI and automation.

The platform comes equipped with features and tools that make your writing efficient. It guarantees the best content from the internet. However, we advise you to run a grammar and plagiarism check on each piece to ensure that the piece generated by the software is perfect and ready to be published without any errors. 

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