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Communication is one of the most human activities there are, for it involves creativity. However, tons of AI tools have tried to automate the writing process, whether it is literary writing or copywriting.

We’ve talked about AI writing software a lot in previous posts but today we’re going to focus on three particular tools.

In this post, we’re going to compare three powerful AI writing tools: CopyAI, Jasper and ShortlyAI. We’ll see its features, pricing, pros and cons.

Let’s start!



CopyAI is a web application that offers high-powered artificial intelligence writing tools. It started in 2020 and now is used by big companies like Microsoft, Nestlé and eBay.

CopyAI helps you move past the blank page with more than 90 content types.

If you want to get a first-hand look at what you can do with it, you can register for their demos, which they run three times a week.



Does Jasper’s website ring a bell to you?

Because it did to me and then I realized: when we previously talked about it, before its rebranding in January, Jasper’s name was Jarvis.

The tool seems to have had some branding issues because it’s very first name was But you know what Shakespeare once said: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. The same applies to Jasper.

And the thing is Jasper is a terrific AI writing tool that helps you write a whole range of different content. And, I mean, there’s a reason why users have pointed to it as a top-performing leader in every G2 category.



ShortlyAI was created in August 2020 and acquired last year by (aka Jasper).

It’s a minimal writing partner. No noise, straight to it. The only additional features you’ll find on Shortly, besides the typical “expand” your text option, are commands. We’ll go deeper into this later.

I actually tried ShortlyAI for a review and tutorial post and liked it a lot. If you’re interested in it, you can read it by clicking here.

So let’s see where it stands compared to Jasper and CopyAI, shall we?

How do they work

Shortly AI in action

CopyAI, Jasper and ShortlyAI have mainly one thing in common: they all use GPT-3, the largest language model ever created, to inform much of their generated content.

GPT-3 has been trained on a lot of text (nearly half a trillion words) in order for it to ‘learn’ how to write. So you can be sure you’re using the best in artificial technology right now.

Above there’s an example of AI in action. You can go ahead and try to guess which part I wrote and which part is Shortly’s doing.

What can you write

CopyAI content

CopyAI, as the name indicates, focuses on copywriting formulas. With it, you can write blog content, sales copy, social media content and more. It has more than 90 templates to choose from as well as different tones, for example, friendly, luxury, bold, etc.

ShortlyAI, on the other hand, is for more long-form writing. When you start a new doc, you have to choose between writing an article or a story. That’s all, there aren’t templates in ShortlyAI. So, it definitely wouldn’t be your go-to tool for writing an email.

Finally, Jasper has over 50 templates that let you write short-form content like ads, product descriptions and more. Its higher plan unlocks long-form content with a Google Docs style editor.

Collaboration tools

CopyAI pro plan comes with 10 seats and you can add more for an extra cost. Jasper also has collaboration tools, starting with 5 users in its lowest plan.

However, Shortly doesn’t give you any tools to write with team members since it’s more focused on individual work.

Other features

Jasper has a First Draft Wizard which enables you to create a detailed first draft in a matter of minutes. And it has more than 100 templates!

Shortly has a feature called “commands” that lets you customize how your writing partner helps you. Besides the general slash commands such as “rewrite”, “shorten” and “expand”, Shortly lets you create your own instructions with the command “instruct”.

Here is where you can ask Shortly whatever you want, even to add a new character to your story. Or to write an ad copy for you. Whether this feature is strong enough to equate to CopyAI and Jasper’s is debatable.

As to CopyAI, they have a bunch of free copywriting generators that anyone can use without even having an account. The tools go from a bio generator to a TikTok content idea generator and a sentence rewriter.


Jasper languages

With CopyAI, you can create content in more than 25 languages, including Slovak, Swedish, Bulgarian and French.

Jasper also supports more than 25 languages and dialects. So if you enter input in English and want to create a text for England, you can tell Jasper to produce output in British English.

ShortlyAI however, only writes in English.


Jasper has very useful integrations that any writer needs: SurferSEO, Grammarly, Copyscape and others.

And it’s the only AI writing tool in this comparison that includes app integrations.

CopyAI states that they don’t need to integrate with a plagiarism checker like Copyscape because their team guarantees content originality.

Shortly says a similar thing, pointing out their AI is completely original and passes all common plagiarism checkers.

However, you could question whether an AI can always be 100% original or not.

And, of course, there’s never a good reason to not have an SEO plugin and improve your content’s ranking in search engines.

Apps and extensions

CopyAI has a Chrome extension that will follow you wherever you’re working on the web: email, social media, docs, WordPress and more.

The other tools don’t offer a browser extension.

And none of the three count with a mobile app to write and edit on the go.

Support and resources

Jasper tutorials

Jasper has a Facebook group with a community of about 60,000 users where you learn from other people. They also have an Academy full of training articles, expert-led guides, video tutorials and courses.

You can contact CopyAI via email. They also have a blog full of tutorials and a Facebook community.

Finally, the people at Shortly answer your questions superfast. Plus, they have a knowledge base that helps you get started with the tool.


Shortly has a free trial, no credit card required: it gives you 4 free uses so you can get a taste of all the things it can do.

CopyAI also has a free option.

However, it’s a complete plan where you get up to 10 credits per month and all of CopyAI’s features.

Jasper, on the contrary, does not offer a free trial. They only have a 5-day money-back guarantee.

As to the paid plans, CopyAI has only one paid plan for $35 per month that gives you unlimited projects and credits. It also comes with 10 seats and, if you need more, you can book a demo.

In the same way, Shortly has a single premium plan, which costs $65 per month if paid annually. They have a daily limit that it’s only to prevent bot abuse. So, it shouldn’t affect you.

Finally, Jasper has two paid plans. Starter costs around $49 per month and includes 35,000 words per month, and up to 5 users. Boss Mode includes 100,000 words per month and costs $99 per month.

CopyAI Pros and Cons


  • Powerful free plan and the most affordable option.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Chrome extension.


  • No SEO tools integration.

Jasper Pros and Cons


  • SEO integration.
  • Plagiarism built-in.
  • Collaboration tools.


  • Limited word count per month.
  • No actual free trial.

ShortlyAI Pros and Cons


  • Write long-form fiction and nonfiction.
  • Simple minimal interface.
  • “Commands” feature.


  • Only supports the English language.
  • No collaboration tools.

Verdict: Which one is best for you?

Well, as you could see, although the three tools are orientated to writing, they have major differences.

Shortly, particularly, stands as a different kind of solution than the others, since it doesn’t have templates nor focuses on short-form copywriting. This software is best for English-speaking people that need to write stories or blog posts.

Jasper, on the other hand, offers plenty of features for those writing copy and even has an SEO plugin. As they support multiple languages, they are a great tool for non-English-speaking people.

Finally, I think CopyAI might be the best AI writing tool. It offers plenty of templates to create different kinds of copy, supports multiple languages and you can use lots of its features for free.

What about you?

Have you already dived into the world of AI writing software?

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!

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