Creating More Content Is Better Than Focusing on Quality?

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This is post embarks a long time return of the blog success series. I started this series to share personal experience, new ideas, and strategies different from the generic blogging advice you get.

BfB Success Series is where you’ll find unique and out of the typical articles on different topics. Mostly revolving around blogging and make money online.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find valuable lessons from this series. As I’m planning to release a new article every week that’ll break a myth, show you what’s working, and break free your mind to achieve success.

This is the #1 article of the BfB Success Series.

In this article, we’ll talk about content.

Before we go any further, it’s essential to understand what content means for a business.

When it comes to business, content is a marketing medium. A source to acquire new leads and customers, and it’s called content marketing.

Content marketing is the key to Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is a form of marketing where you attract customers by giving them what they want, so they come to you. You don’t force your product or service, but you either fill demand or create one. I

It is the opposite of outbound marketing, where you force people to look at your ads.

Content can be in any form – video, writing, audio, or graphics. You can get high-quality traffic using blog content, YouTube videos, or podcast episodes.

It doesn’t matter what format of your content is; all you need is consistency.

You see, the most common advice you’re getting these days is to keep the content quality high, even if it means you produce a lesser number.

Some of the biggest myths of online marketing is producing high-quality content once every week will get you more traffic.

This advice is so wrong, especially for new startups, blogs, and SaaS businesses.

If your sole goal is to get more traffic from search engines, you should be looking at publishing at least 3 pieces of content every week. Take a day off, then publish a new blog post.

If you’re on YouTube, do not publish weekly. It’s not going to work. Sometime, it may work against you.

Having a fixed routine is fine. But confining your self to creating something only once in a week is limiting your self.

You could do more, or you could do less, but give it a try anyway. Find the right way of creating and publishing content that suits your work ethic and daily life.

I’ll give you an example. One of my freelance writers had this weird habit of taking one job per week. His ideology was not to burn himself out with overwork.

Given a little rub, he could create a long-form blog post in two days. But instead, using this full potential, he began following the pattern of writing once a day in a week. He procrastinated most of the time until he’s deadline was near.

That’s all right too if your goal is to become another average freelancer. It’s not going to get to the next level.

Observing his behavior made me realize that we set our own boundaries.

Sometimes by getting influence by others and sometimes by not evaluating ourselves.

This guy had confidence. You can tell that because he knew he can finish the article before the deadline. So he didn’t even care about it until the time is short.

Put out as much content as you can. And on as many platforms you can.

Don’t set a routine and stick to just because you’re told to do. Content creation doesn’t work that way.

Being a content creator is about doing what you like to do. If you don’t like sticking to a routine of weekly production, don’t do it.

Your views, readers or listeners, can sense when you’re not enjoying your work.

If you keep re-innovating yourself and create new content that follows the current trends, your audience will never get bored of you.

Promote your content on Instagram and Pinterest. Both of them have high-engaging audiences that turn into potential buyers fast.

Considering SEO, I strongly recommend you to create unique content at least thrice in a week.

Search engine users will keep searching for new topics. The search results keep changing, which means the content ranking on top today may or may not be in the same position in the future.

The competition will keep getting more challenging.

So what can you do to stay ahead in the race?

Update your content frequently.

Make a habit of updating a unique piece of content on your blog every day. By keeping your articles fresh, you’ll indicate that you care about your readers, and you haven’t orphaned your old content.

Key Takeaway

If you’re beginning your content marketing journey, create more content. As much as you can while maintaining a standard. It doesn’t have to be of the highest quality, it should just fulfill the need of the audience.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using. Social media, video content, podcasts, blog posts, or email marketing – push content daily.

Once you start getting more traffic, you can lower the pace by a little. This also means you’ll have the capital to invest in your content creation methods.

You can restrain yourself from creating all new content by yourself and hire smart individuals to it for you. But all this can only happen once you’ve built a solid foundation of regular visitors and an engaged audience.

And the key to keep your regular visitors coming for more and engage with your content is by creating more relevant content.

That sums it all up.

Here are a few tools that you will find useful:

  1. Frase – A.I. powered tool that scans and helps you improve your content on various levels.
  2. ClickUp – This tool makes managing your team and daily tasks super easy. It’s a great productivity booster.
  3. Yoast SEO – If you use WordPress, use Yoast to find orphaned content.
  4. Grammarly – If you want your wiring to be clean and grammatically correct, you need Grammarly.
  5. SEMrush – One SEO tool that gives you many options to find new content ideas and optimize them for getting search engine traffic. It is a must-have collection of SEO tools.
  6. Missinglettr – It automatically scans your blog content and creates social media posts that are ready-to-publish. Saves a lot of time. Read the tutorial
  7. ConvertKit –  The only email marketing tool that ensures high deliverability rates for content creators. It makes building and managing an email list easy as ConvertKit is specially built for creators.
  8. Stencil – How are you going to create images and graphic content? Using a tool like Stencil. A powerful graphic design tool that is both easy to use and fast.
  9. Castos – It makes podcasting simple. It handles hosting, editing, and transcription of your podcast episodes, saving your money and time.

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