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Penji is one of the best unlimited graphic design services and We ranked Penji #1 on our list.

What is an unlimited graphic design service and how does it work?

Usually, graphic designing is a pay-per-project-based gig. Startups tend to hire in-house designers for their projects, but it can cost thousands of dollars to employ a graphic designer full time.

Here comes the unlimited graphic design service, such as Penji. These services charge you a monthly fee and allow you to request as many designs as you want. Of course, if you request 500 designers in a month, you most probably won’t get them.

But if you need more like 50 to 70 designs a month, depending on the complexity, you can count Penji in. The best part is if you really need 500, maybe thousands of designs per month, you can add and combine multiple Penji plans to speed up the turnaround time.

They offer a variety of design services, including:

  • ebook
  • posters
  • blog images
  • logos
  • social media posts
  • custom illustrations
  • merchandise designing
  • mockup designs
  • App designs
  • Packaging labels

And tons of more. The scope of designs that can be created by Penji designers is huge.

A monthly subscription of Penji will cost you between $399 and $899.

Simply enter the coupon code: BFORBLOGGERS15 and the discount will be applied to your billing amount.

This coupon will stay active in perpetuity.

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