Why Email Marketing is Important for a YouTube Channel

If there’s one thing every Youtuber is concerned about, it is getting more subscribers to their channel.

Your subscribers are loyal fans. The more subscribers you have the more reach your content gets.

You have an audience base ready to buy your products or services.

But what happens if…

…You get banned from Youtube AdSense.

…Your channel gets the third strike and you lose your channel.

…YouTube pushes a new algorithm update and you loose your organic reach.

…Your channel gets copyright claims repeatedly due to your content demands and you lose a share of your revenue.

And what happens when Youtube shuts down?

It’s just another platform, and it’s inevitable that there will be a day when it’s either shut down or has to move on to the next big thing.

For creators that started from rock bottom, from the very beginning, it isn’t an issue. They have built an audience base on multiple platforms.

But for creators who are beginning their Youtube journey, it’s much more difficult to build an audience. Because the competition is much more fierce and the audience is much more aware of options.

That’s why your first priority should be increasing your Youtube audience and getting more people to subscribe to your channel.

However, the second and most important priority should be building an audience aside from YouTube.

And there is no other platform better than an email list that will allow you to build and nurture an online community.

Email marketing is better than Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to selling online products through cold outreach.

Through email campaigns that use cart-abandonment triggers, you can convert bounced buyers into a customer.

Let’s say someone was checking out your merchandise through your website. And for some reason, they add a product in their cart but left without making a purchase.

If they are just a Youtube subscriber you have no other way to retarget them apart from social media networks. Which is far more expensive and time-consuming than sending drip emails.

Drip emails are a set of auto-responder emails that are triggered by a certain action of a subscriber. A very mich automated marketing strategy that runs on autopilot for conditions like cart abandonment and welcome coupons just to name a few.

It’s a highly effective retargeting campaign that can work wonders.

And unlike social media Ads, email marketing isn’t entirely capital intensive. The only thing you are going to be paying for is the email marketing software (EMS).

There are multiple email marketing software out there that are both very affordable and effective to help you build an email list.

ConvertKit and GetResponse are two of the best email marketing software for Youtubers.

They both come with extensive automation features and are simple to use.

If you’re planning to sell products on an e-commerce store, GetResponse has an awesome feature called Conversion funnel.

Conversion funnel allows you to create sales funnel using templates. This means you pretty much don’t do anything except writing emails and that’s it. That’s it, the whole funnel is ready to launch without you having to build it from scratch.

Asking your Youtube viewers to subscribe to your mailing list can make you feel a little bit reluctant at first.

But just the way you ask them to follow you on social media, do the same with emails. Tell people how good your news tellers are.

Give them an incentive like a free eBook, a cheat sheet, or something special for free. So they find that there is enough value to give you access to their inbox. You can get a freelancer to make you a lead magnet at Fiverr or Upwork.

Youtube is a faster way to build an email list than any other platform. With over 2 billion people watching Youtube videos every month, there is an opportunity of tremendous growth for your business.

Whether you’re a business or a personal brand, start building an email list.

Every single social media and content platform can shut down, but your email list will still remain as an active asset. Many businesses had been able to save themselves when they loose organic traffic from Google or Facebook’s reach went down just because they had an email list.

Another important point is the platform dependency and content control.

Your content on Youtube is not yours. It is under control of the platform and they can delete any video along with any channel whenever they seem fit.

You have zero control over how Youtube operates your content.

They have every right to suspend and remove you from Youtube anytime you violate any policies or terms. Even unknowingly.

Consider it as a last resort that can help you build tremendous wealth as well as save you during unforeseen circumstances.

Here are a few tools you should look in to start email marketing on Youtube:

  1. Step by step guide to starting an email list
  2. Unbounce
  3. ConvertKit
  4. GetResponse
  5. WordPress (to build a website)
  6. Fiverr (To get your lead magnet done)

Email Marketing has a much higher ROI than all the other social media platforms. It’s the only marketing channel you can fully automate even without investment. All it takes is a product, an EMS, and a Youtube channel to begin with.

Once you are done setting a sales funnel, its time to focus on the next big thing. Getting traffic to generate leads.

Here are some helpful guides to get you started with traffic generation:

Do you have a Youtube channel and have you started email marketing? Share it in the comments.

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