What is an Ethical Bribe? (With Examples)

Before I explain what an Ethical Bribe is, try to remember how many times were you offered a free resource, deal, or a gift in return for signing up for a newsletter on a website?

Quite often.

An Ethical Bribe is that free resource that someone uses as bait for getting your permission to access your contact details and interact with you in the future for a reference regarding your interest in a particular product or selling you a useful service.

These details are generally your email address and name.

A very good example of an ethical bribe can be seen right here in the sidebar of this blog. I use Blogging Toolkit as an ethical bribe and a lead magnet which motivates and gives my visitors a reason to sign up for my newsletter and mailing list.

What Can Be Used As An Ethical Bribe?

For use as an ethical bribe to be anything, it needs to be attractive and moreover, irresistible. Let’s say you wrote an ebook on how to install WordPress plugins and what is the best one, and you use it as an Ethical Bribe.

It might attract beginners, but the thing is, it’s all over the internet. This piece of information is openly available to everyone and no one would be willing to disclose their email address for this ebook.

Your ethical bribe should be unique and 100% original. It should be a source of information or valuable service. A trial to a premium tool, or a free report that adds value and gives a sense of being special to a subscriber.

The email address of a user is a very sensitive piece of information, so make sure you use it wisely and keep spamming far away. Tell the users their privacy is safe and always use a trustable email marketing service for gathering subscribers and build your list of automated segments to make sure your bribe gets delivered to the subscribers without any hiccups.

What Should Be Your Ethical Bribe?

No one can answer this question as it completely depends on how you target your visitors and what are their interests. As both of these depend upon what niche you work in, there is an explanation for most of your queries.

Nice definitive Ethical Bribe in your niche could be an Ebook that’s more in value and less in nonsense. It must be unique enough for a visitor to stop by and have a thought on it.

The cover of my blogging resources is attractive and shows a sneak peek of what they’ll get if they sign up – An ethical bribe.

Make sure you use appropriate graphics and compelling headlines to attract more visitors. Use online graphics tools like the stencil to make a killer cover.

A very well-performing ethical bribe is a set, of incentives that’s premium and exclusive to your subscribers only. Set a price for the course you’ve created and give this incentive for free to your new subscribers.

You can also partner with several merchants and brands to sponsor you and give your new subscribers a free trial of a premium service or tool. You both can get huge affiliate benefits from this partnership. This can be a giveaway or an exclusive promo code as well.

A mega price via a lucky draw also works well. You can use this technique to capture more leads with fewer efforts, but the cost of your bribe should be slightly higher to make sure it’s compelling and users don’t flee away.

How To Present An Ethical Bribe?

You can use opt-in forms such as LeadPages or Thrive Leads. These tools will help you to create attractive and high converting opt-in forms with ease. Use your ethical bribe as a lead magnet by adding an image and creating a compelling headline on these opt-in forms.

The PopUp forms and SlideIns work the very best. Here’s a guide for you that shows you the exact steps on how to create a lead flow.

ethical bribe on a landing page demonstration

Another great option for generating leads through an ethical bribe is using interactive landing pages. Landin Pages have proven to convert more than email sidebars and popups. You can easily create a landing page for your blog with page builders like Elementor and Unbounce.

Use visually striking and to-the point statements at the top of your lead pages, and if you’ve been featured on any of the authority sites like Forbes, make sure you mention it. Don’t use the flash, use the animation instead.

Add a bigger picture and an inside scoop of your lead magnet (the ethical bribe) to make sure they are impressed with what you have to offer.

So far, the three techniques, namely landing page, Optin forms (popups and slide-ins), and lead flows should be considered to display and present your ethical bribe.

List building and email marketing is a long-term process and it takes time to build a community of followers through emails. By using ethical bribes you can make sure you are at a faster pace.

Nowadays, the people who browse the internet are smart enough to differentiate between valuable and rubbish resources and that’s why you need to make sure the bribe you offer is adding value and is highly informative.

Keep in mind the subscriber can unsubscribe from your list anytime and to make sure this doesn’t happen on your list, keep your emails less on the number and more on the quality.

Finally, if you aren’t using an ethical bribe for capturing leads and subscribers, you are losing potential customers every second. Use this strategy and grow your business by gathering a list of loyal and converting subscribers.

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