Fiverr Affiliates: Show Specific Seller Gigs as Ads on Your Website

Fiverr just released a new feature that allows you to show a collection of Gigs directly on your website.

This feature was in the beta stage for the last 6months or so. I recently got the access and was able to discover more about it in the last 2 weeks.

In fact, I’ve added the Fiverr Gig ads here on BforBloggers. Take a look at the sidebar of any blog post under the WordPress category.

Fiverr gig ads live example

What you see is an example of the new “Gig Ads Widget” by the Fiverr Affiliate program.

This is a really interesting development by Fiverr for its affiliates. Making money by referring people to Fiverr is already pretty easy. Because of the fact that it covers almost every niche related to outsourcing.

With the Gig Ads, it should be much easier, maybe a little automated too.

What is Fiverr Gig Ads Widget?

Up until now, you had two ways to promote Fiverr on your website, apart from affiliate links:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Search Widget

Now, you can enable this interactive widget called Gig Ads which will automatically pull top-selling and relevant Gigs from Fiverr and display them on your website.

Fiverr will keep updating the Gigs as your website audience interacts with it. The algorithm will read the CTR and other contextual signals to automatically switch between multiple Gigs.

There are a set of 4 Gigs shown in one Ad widget at max. Depending on the space you give the widget o your website, the column may get reduced to two Gigs or 4 vertically placed columns.

When someone clicks on any of the Gigs, they’ll straight fo the Gig itself, and you’ll get the commission if they make their first sale. Now you can choose between a Hybrid and Fixed payment schedule while creating the widget (more on this in the next section below).

The Gigs will show the star rating, the title of the service and the seller’s name plus level.

This should help bloggers who have recently joined Fiverr affiliates but get tons of traffic in B2B and the internet marketing niche. You might have a lot of old blog post which are left un-monetized. Adding a universal widget will help you monetize those orphan pages by displaying relevant services people can buy.

It makes sit so much easier and hard to resist because the Gig details are themselves optimized for high CTR. Let’s say you are talking about how people can save hours by simply outsourcing content writing. Imagine showing a Gig that has a 5-start rating, flashing a great seller with the typical Fiverr seller title “I’ll write your SEO optimized content for you.”

That’s pretty hard to resist if you’re serious about content for your website.

If you are getting traffic of audience interest in services and outsourcing work, such as marketers and professional agencies, Fiverr Gig Ads are the easiest way to monetize your blog.

Let’s take a look at how to enable the Fiverr Gig Ad.

To get your Gig Ads widget code, log in to your Fiverr Affiliates dashboard. If you are not a Fiverr affiliate, sign up here.

First, you need to have access to the Gig Ads section. Right now, it’s an invite-only feature.

So, when you click on the “Gig Ads Widget,.” you’ll be asked to enter a password.

fiverr gigs ads widget option fiverr affiliates dashboard 1

You’ll receive an email intimation you’ve got access to the feature, along with the password.

In my case, I have the password, so I’ll go ahead and access the area for you.

You can customize the Gig Ads Widget in multiple ways.

There are two sections for customizing the widget:

Ad Filters and Advanced settings.

Under the Ad Filters section, you can change the:

fiverr gig ads filter settings

  • Specify keywords for the Gigs. Such as Logo, Website Setup, Copywriting)
  • Adjust the starting price and the maximum price of the Gigs shown in your Ad widget
  • Choose a category and a subcategory, if you don’t want to focus on a single keyword

Under the Advanced Settings section, you have:

fiverr gig ads advanced settings

  • Choose commission type (I recommend Hybrid, you’ll get recurring commissions instead of one flat CPA)
  • Add a custom tracking code (If you are placing multiple ads, this will allow you to track which ad is driving more sales. By default, it’s gig_ads, you can change it to something more specific, like sales_template_widget)
  • Title (The Headline of the Ad, Make Sure to Optimize for Attention)
  • Customize the default “More Services” button CTA
  • And if you have a blog in languages other than English or have a multilingual website, you can choose from 7 different languages that Fiverr support.

How to add the Fiverr Gig Ads Widget to Your Website?

You can simply copy/paste the HTML code to start displaying the ads on your website.

Here’s how to copy the Ad code:

fiverr Gig Ads how to copy the code 2

For WordPress users, you can go to the widgets section of your WordPress website, add a new HTML widget and paste this code to display the Gig Ads on the sidebar, after blog posts or at the footer.

Putting the widget above the fold is probably the best way to make sure it gets seen and people notice it when they are in the “buying mood.” This should also help with the Ad blindness effect when people simply don’t notice them.

You can also place it after entry if you have tutorials published all over your blog. Most visitors who finish a tutorial look for a service to get the complex things done. And remember, high-performing ads are always present at the right place, at the right time.

Better yet, I would recommend using the Advanced Ads plugin. You can do so much more with a dedicated Ad plugin, for example showing different ads to different users based on their geolocation, page visits and browsing history. And Advanced Ads Pro allows you to do it all.

If you have any other CMS such as HubSpot, Ghost, or even editors like Setka, you can still use the Fiverr Gig Ads. All you need to is copy/paste the code in the HTML editor.

Fiverr Gig Ads, to me, look like a very neat feature for most bloggers. It’s minimal work and intelligent (it keeps track of visitor interest and keeps switching the ads).

What about you? How would you use Fiverr Gig Ads on your website?

Or, maybe you have a question?

Let me know in the comments below.

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