Getfluence Review – A Sponsorship Content Marketplace

Today we’re going to talk about Getfluence, a company for everyone interested in branded content.

We’ll cover its main features, how it works and a brief tutorial to help you get started.

But first, for anyone new to this concept, let’s see what branded content is and how it’s different from affiliate marketing.

What is branded content?

Branded or sponsored content is typically a digital marketing strategy where brands pay other companies or influencers to mention their products and services organically within their posts.

Since people nowadays hate intrusive online ads, brands need other ways to reach consumers. You can reach your target market with branded content without sounding too pushy or disrupting the user experience.

Although it might sound like affiliate marketing, it’s not the same.

In affiliate marketing, affiliates get a commission every time a user does a certain action.

Sponsor content creators, however, get paid for creating the content, regardless of conversions or other users responses.



Getfluence was officially launched in January 2018 by Marc de Zordo in Toulouse and has currently its headquarters in London.

Getfluence helps companies make the headlines in the largest press media in their sector through sponsored articles and advertorials, so they can improve their reputation and visibility among their targets.

Basically, they connect publishers and brands so they can collaborate on branded content campaigns.

They work with a global network of premium publishers across the world, such as Le Monde, The Economist, HuffPost and Doctissimo. They also deploy an average of 20k campaigns each year and help you save up to 70% time on each campaign!

Moreover, although Getfluence has been launched in Europe, it’s expected to increase its international reach after its recent new brand identity.

How does it work?

Getfluence has two collaboration modes to choose from.

You can let Getfluence take care of the whole process of the content collaboration, delegating everything to them. For publishers, that means Getfluence process the advertisers’ proposals, creates them and publish them on your site using Author Access.

Or you can see how you’d like to handle it each step of the way, fully managing your projects without their intervention. For example, if you are an agency, you can give the publisher an article to post or tell them to write one for you.

For publishers

Getfluence searches advertisers promote and markets the media transmitted by the publisher through the platform. Then it displays to the publisher the campaign orders placed by the advertisers.

Publishers have 7 days to accept or reject the campaign.

To be a publisher, you need to have one or multiple influential websites. That is, your site needs significant traffic and real community activity, which can be comments, social presence, etc.

Keep in mind that if your account remains inactive for two years, it might end up being closed and deleted.

For Buyers

On the other hand, brands and companies can access a media base and find their ideal sponsored content using filters.

Buyers can also place orders directly on Getfluence and specify the type of sponsored content they wish to include in their campaigns.

Key features



They have a complete, user-friendly dashboard that makes collaborations super easy.

On the publisher’s side, that means a Proposals tab that allows you to filter proposals depending on their current state or organize them according to number or words, affected websites, etc.


Getfluence centralizes all your messages so you can share documents and communicate back and forth effortlessly from the dashboard.

You can toggle on and off the option of being notified when your messages are moderated, which facilitates things a lot.

An interesting feature they have for notifications is regarding emails. You can receive all your notifications on 5 additional email addresses. This option can be particularly useful for big websites with a team of multiple people.


Publishers can withdraw their earnings in the 30 days after they finish a campaign. During that period, Getfluence will check that the campaign remains on your website. Otherwise, they might cancel your payment.

You can also export the list of your earnings as an XLS file to keep better track of your income.

Affiliate Program

You can promote Getfluence and, depending on the number of advertisers you convert, earn up to 10% of the amount of your affiliates orders during 1 year.

With your earnings, you can order sponsored articles on influential websites, web writing or other services offered.


The site is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. For some reason, some parts are purely in French, but the languages on the dashboard itself do work perfectly.

Support and resources

You can access a wide range of articles on branded content right from their website or your dashboard. You can also chat with some of their agents in case you have any doubts.

However, note that support isn’t available 24/7. Otherwise, they typically reply in 5 minutes.

They also have a YouTube channel with videos about hiring new people. But no video tutorials whatsoever. So sadly, there aren’t many informational resources available.

Other features

  • Statistics.
  • Stormyz integration.
  • Suggest an enhancement option.


You can start using Getfluence for free.

Publishers’ service is free, since they pay a commission on each sale. Generally, the commission is 30%, but it can vary depending on the additional options chosen by the editor during one or all of the collaborations.

When it’s time to withdraw your payment, you can do so with PayPal or, if you live in the European Union and have a bank account there, receive a bank transfer.

As advertisers, they pay according to the price set by the editors/publishers. Getfluence will show them the final price of the collaboration,, excluding taxes.


Getting started

  1. Go to Getfluence, click on “Start your campaign strategy,” and sign up.


2. After that, you’ll have to tell Getfluence what you are looking for. Unlike other similar platforms, you don’t necessarily need to choose between being only an advertiser or a publisher.

You can be both! Make sure you qualify for their acceptance criteria, though.

step 2

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to go with just the publisher.

  1. Once you created your account and received the verification email, you’ll be directed to the dashboard and see this popup with contact information.

Step 3

Your account manager’s contact details will contact you by phone to help handle your account. If you don’t receive any calls, make sure to contact them at their email so they can help you get started.

  1. You need to fill in your business information to start using your account. To do that, go to “My Account” > “My information” and add the identification number of your company, as well as the name of your company and its contact details.

This is also the place where you can change the language interface.

My information

Other actions

5. If you want to create a discount, now you can do it with their new “Discount” feature. You simply have to go to the left side of your dashboard and click “My discounts”. Then click “Create my first discount”.

Getfluence discounts

6. You’ll have to indicate the type of discount you wish to offer, its amount and for how long it will be available. You can create a discount for one or multiple websites, but each website can only have one discount.

Keep in mind the discount won’t be immediately available since first it has to be verified by Getfluence’s team.

Getfluence types of discounts

7. If you’re going to be away for some time, make sure you add this information to your account. Just go to “Holidays” and indicate the start and end date so your websites won’t be available for advertisers during that period.

Getfluence holidays

Getfluence Pros and Cons


  • Two collaboration options.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Free for publishers.


  • Not enough instructions on use.

Final thoughts

Getfluence is an amazing network for anyone looking to collaborate on branded content strategies. It’s not only very easy to use, but it also gives advertisers the option to fully delegate the process to the platform’s team and forget about the whole thing.

It’s also pretty cool that they support multiple languages, making the service available for tons of people.

Moreover, they are open to suggestions and feedback. In fact, they have a tab inside the dashboard where you can suggest an enhancement or new feature so they can keep growing.

So what do you think about Getfluence?

Tell us in the comments!

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