GetResponse Website Builder Review – Pros n Cons

Email marketing and automatic marketing tools have taken a plunge over the years. They are not only efficient in doing what they do but also reap high results in lesser time.

One of the most popular and result-oriented tools is GetResponse, widely known for its marketing automation and website building. 

GetResponse has been in the market for quite some time now and is a powerful tool that works on a straightforward mechanism to send emails, automate marketing and create click-worthy pages.

What makes it unique from other similar tools in the market is its flexibility, constant growth, and the capability to change with the changing times and adapting to the ‘new normality’ every now and then. Its inbound marketing solutions are unparalleled, according to its customer base.

In our GetResponse Website Builder review, we will be covering everything that the tool does, what it has to offer if you should opt for it, and if the hype is worth it.

We will also take a look at all other tools and features GetResponse has to offer.

GetResponse Website Builder

One of the most popular and significant solutions that GetResponse has to offer is its website building tool that helps you create a unique and dynamic online presence.

The presence is through a code-free and AI-driven website, which is built entirely by GetResponse and its experts. 

All you have to do is describe the business, tell them what do you exactly do, visualize your vision to them and get a personalized website template ready that matches your business and its goals.

You can also create a custom design from the beginning to make the website look completely yours and unique.


The website building tool comes with a free demo without any credit card obligation. And here is why you must try it out –

  1. It is a no-code solution for building the site. It builds the pages within minutes, powered by AI. Hence, even if you are not a coder, you can still build your own website the way you want to.
  2. GetResponse offers complete design freedom as it gives you all the creative tools that are needed to bring the entire ideation to life. This helps me showcasing your brand to the best of your abilities without facing any design restrictions. 
  3. Website templates are available for any industry. From eCommerce to corporate, they have predesigned and customizable templates that fit your business needs.
  4. As discussed earlier, the platform is a complete online marketing suite that promotes your website and its products through all possible channels via the platform.
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Building a website with GetResponse’s website builder

Here is how you can easily build your own website with the platform’s explicit website building tool –

Step 1: Use the power of AI to generate a personalized website layout in a few minutes. Answer a few questions and get a layout that truly fits your business needs.


Step 2: Pick a template yourself if you do not like the predesigned one and use their drag and drop editor to customize your web design as per your preferences. 

Step 3: Import everything on your website, like files and images, as per your liking and leave everything else on the website builder.

Website Builder Features

  1. Drag and drop editor: The easy-to-use drag and drop editor ensures that everything you wish to move around and change on your website is done with one single click. It brings your creative ideas to life by giving you the flexibility to move around as you wish. 
  2. Ready-made sections: You can easily build numerous pages with the ready-made page sections that are powered by AI.
  3. Website visibility in minutes: With the platform, you can use SEO-optimization tools in order to attract as much organic traffic to your website as possible by making it visible within minutes. 
  4. Analyze performance: Quickly track the number of clicks, visits and know what works the best for you with robust tracking and reporting. 


Start building your website with GetResponse for free.

How does the GetResponse website builder help you?

  1. It manages your website’s design with a single click and helps you change the colors, fonts, and style of everything on there. You can apply the same changes to the entire website in one click with their global design tool. 
  2. The website builder also helps in increasing the website conversions with built-in popups that grab your user’s attention. This increases conversions up to 10%.
  3. It helps you choose the right domain for the website by establishing the right presence. The domain procurement is done hassle-free inside the website builder itself.


Audience growth 

GetRespnse helps you in finding new customers around the market who might be interested in your product and build your emailing list with robust lead generation tools. These tools turn visitors, users, and anonymous people into loyal customers and even fans. 

Engage with customers

It also offers online communication tools that help you stay in touch with your existing customer base and potential client base that could convert into customers in the future.

The efficient communication system ensures that they are aware of your existence and you are aware of the current marketing statistics.

Knowledge selling 

GetResponse hosts over 950 webinars daily that enable you to build a customer following and engage with them through your content. This leads to turning your expertise and knowledge, and skills into a profitable business. 

Boost sales online

With over 1,000,000 leads generated every month and over 764,000,000 emails sent every week, thousands of transactions are processed each day that markets your eCommerce business. It delivers experiences that help you in converting visitors into customers, enhancing and boosting sales altogether. 

Ready-made templates

GetResponse helps you launch and function faster with their pre-built templates that save you a lot of time.

The predesigned templates are the best tool to get you started, and these templates range from newsletter templates to marketing automation templates, email templates, to SEO-optimised landing page templates. They have it all ready-made for you!


GetResponse Personalized tools

What sets GetResponse apart from other similar players in the market is its ability to provide you with personalized tools according to who you are and what you do.

People from different industries dealing in different businesses need unique features and ideas to market their products. An entrepreneur is different from a corporate, just like a dancer is different from a singer.

Keeping the uniqueness of every individual in mind, GetResponse has come up with curated tools as per every individual’s liking. 



 If you are an entrepreneur and have your own business to run, irrespective of the size, GetResposne ensures that you are able to market your business and its products online. You can do it with the help of features that aim to help you reach out to clients that would be interested in your products and build healthy relationships with them.

Online marketer 

An online marketer gets hold of the best of features by GetResponse that help you make money at any time from anywhere. It offers you the flexibility in order to generate leads and convert visitors into customers with the comfort of your own home. 

Marketing Manager

If you are a marketing manager looking for marketing automation, live and on-demand webinars, and website tracking, GetResponse has it all for you. The personalized tools help you reach your consumer base and segments with personalized and automated messaging through multiple channels.

Large companies

If you own or are a part of a multinational or a large company, you must be looking for a dedicated IP, support, and regular transactional emails. It manages to provide you with just that by increasing the ROI with tailored tools that scale your business for enhanced results across your entire business growth journey.

GetResponse Marketing tools

GetResponse offers a pool of automated marketing tools that helps in enhancing your business communication, lead generation, conversion, and tracking. These tools include –

  1. Email marketing tools with professional templates, first-class deliverability, and easy designing tools
  2. Landing page automation that helps you convert traffic and leads to offer more business
  3. Webinars with powerful results and easy setup that provide you with a complete marketing software
  4. Marketing automation that enhances your customer journey with automatic workflows helping in your growth
  5. Email marketing tools like email creators, email analytics, list management, autoresponders, transactional emails, and more
  6. Custom segment builder based on consumer behavior with tags and scores
  7. Product recommendations automated for the customers
  8. Abandoned cart emails to recover lost sales
  9. Automatic website visitor tracking to send worthy communication
  10. Automation flows that save time and effort through workflow templates


GetResponse Landing Pages Tools

The landing page automation tools and integrations help you design SEO-optimized and income-generating pages for your website. It offers tools and features as follows –

  1. Facebook pixel’s one-click integration that helps you run retargeting campaigns
  2. Customizable popup forms to increase conversations
  3. eCommerce tools that help in promoting your products and increase income through shop-worthy pages
  4. Countdown timer that allows you to share time-sensitive offers and deals
  5. Signup forms that help in generating new leads and growing email lists


GetResponse Webinars

With GetResposne, you can conduct several webinars to come in front of your audience and guide them about anything and everything from the comfort of your home.

It offers several features that make the webinar process simpler and straightforward, quick, and worthy. These features include –

  1. Screen sharing to demonstrate all processes and actions about the product
  2. On-demand webinars as content on-demand to be viewed later
  3. Polls and surveys that help in gathering valuable data collecting audience feedback
  4. Whiteboard to collaborate with the audience with ideations
  5. Call to action buttons in order to promote purchasing the product and special offers during the webinar to increase sales


GetResponse Conversion Funnels

Click here to read the article where we’ve covered GetResponse’s Conversion funnel, formally known as Autofunnel in detail.

GetResponse offers a pre-built funnel design for specific automated campaigns to make your work simpler and quicker. It offers features such as –

  1. Sales funnel to sell services and products online with automation
  2. List building funnel that helps you get more signups and grow your email list even further
  3. eCommerce tools for selling products and services online
  4. Webinar funnels to grow audience and monetize the expertise
  5. Lead magnet funnel to grow your leads list using lead magnets


GetResponse Paid Ads

The platform offers built-in tools that help you manage and run your paid ad campaigns for a higher reach and growth of the business. It has automated features to do the same, and those are –

  1. Facebook ads that are set up in minutes run and managed easily along with Instagram ads
  2. Google search helps you find new customers who might be interested in your products with easy to create search ads
  3. Facebook pixel is a one-click integration used for powerful retargeting campaigns
  4. Social ads creator helps you create animated social media banners and videos


GetResponse Web push notifications

The web push notifications is a native web push tool that helps you get more people back at your website, which could turn out to be potential customers. 

You don’t have to use other push notification tools like Subscribers and pay extra for them. You get it free with every plan with GetResponse.

GetResponse Web Push notification key features:

  1. Custom prompts that increase the conversions with custom opt-in prompts
  2. Web push analytics optimizes the web push strategy, which is often based on click-through rates, impressions, and delivery
  3. Unlimited notification helps you to engage your subscribers with relevant updates and ongoing news

GetResponse Live chat

GetResponse enhances the communication process between you and your customers through their live chat feature, which is a solution to connect with your audience on a real-time basis regularly. The tools that help you make use of this feature are –

  1. Customization tools help you customize the chat widow according to your wish that goes with your page, its branding, and the color scheme
  2. The visitor capture form asks chat visitors for their contact details and follows up with them later to increase conversion rates.
  3. Chat analytic help you in making improvements based on all chat history and performance
  4. Notifications notify you about all the incoming chats on the browser or mobile
  5. Chat availability lets you easily set up the chat availability status for the consumers



GetResponse is loaded with seamless integrations with the most popular tools that help you in your company’s functioning and operations.

The integrations connect your CRM to organize the entire contact base, link analytic platforms for advanced reporting, make selling easy with eCommerce tools, and also automates processes with 100+ pre-built Zapier integrations.

They pretty much have integrations for every single category, from forms and surveys to payment software, from productivity to promotions, and much more.



Some of GetResponse’s integrations are –

  1. Zapier 
  2. Teachable
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Zendesk 
  5. Shopify
  6. Facebook
  7. Microsoft
  8. Salesflare
  9. WooCommerce



  • It is an all-in-one software that caters to everything from building a website to managing its marketing
  • Enables you to choose from 26 different language panels
  • Real-time support in 8 hours
  • Guides to walk you through the process
  • Read-made campaigns and editable templates
  • Free trial plans
  • Automatic marketing workflows and funnels
  • Enables you to build websites in under 15 minutes
  • Trusted by over 100,000 businesses

getresponse 1


  • Their form building system is not that intuitive and limits the functionality
  • Proactive and dedicated customer support is only available to subscribers with the Max plan


GetResponse offers a case study and tips column that gives you an insight into how the customers and clients react to the platform’s effort on growing the audience, engaging with the customers, and increasing revenue. This helps you get new and innovative marketing ideas through case examples and discover how others are succeeding and learn from them.

It offers tips from successful customers like Alex Terrier, Info Share Academy, TechSoup Polska, and many more. From stories to advice, this column has it all. It also lets you create your own story by generating leads, selling knowledge, and boosting online sales.

It also offers videos and blogs on different topics like email automation, content creation, funnel marketing, landing pages, and everything else that you can imagine. The videos are like study material that helps you learn all about the aid topics in the best way possible, straight from the experts. 

Of course, all of this is for absolutely no cost at all!

GetResponse Support

Their customer support and success team is always there to help you out whenever need be. However, they do take some time to revert unless you are a [1]max plan holder, in which case, they revert at the earliest.

The team is entirely remote and speaks eight different languages.

Their main aim is to fully contribute towards your success, and that is why they make it a point to always solve things that act as a barrier for you. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse’s website builder starts at only $15c per month, depending on the size of the website and features you need along with it. This plan offers a website builder, email marketing tools, sales funnels, and chats to start with.

As the website demands keep on increasing, the monthly charge also increases accordingly.

Get started with GetResponse for free


As per our review on GetResponse, it is one of the best website building tools out there, which also has powerful marketing automation tools and integrations that make work simpler and quicker.

If you want to build a website within 15 minutes without the use of coding, this is the right tool for you, and its features like the drag and drop editor make it seamless for you to build websites that are not complicated and generate high conversion rates.   

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  1. Can you create a blog on this builder though? I have searched exhaustively and can’t see the capability to add a blog at all. This seems really strange considering they are “marketing and promotion” based. You can’t create ongoing content without a blog. Am I missing something or is it just hidden somewhere?

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