How to Automatically Send New Subscribers To Feedburner

You are a beginner,

You know the importance of e-mail marketing and you want to collect emails right from day one.


You cannot invest in an email marketing service.

You want your readers to be engaged once they subscribe to your blog for updates, but you are unaware of how to do so!

Well, there is a free way to do so, with Feedburner. Feedburner is content syndication and feed management service which works on RSS feeds. When you register for using it, every post you publish will be automatically shown in your Feedburner feeds. WordPress & BlogSpot already push through RSS publisher and you can find your feed on the URL:

Replace yourdomain with your original domain.

You need to register on Feedburner. Simple go to this link and it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Keep reading because, in this post, I will share with you how to keep your visitors engaged by automatically sending your new subscribers’ emails to Feedburner so that they get an update every time you publish a new post.

Let’s get started.

[su_heading size=”19″]To begin, Install the WP Subscribe Plugin[/su_heading]

WP Subscribe is an awesome, simple to use optin form plugin. This plugin will help you place pre-made optin forms in anywhere on your blog making it easier for your visitors to subscribe. The reason we are using this plugin is that this is the best and only free one which lets you integrate your optin form with your Feedburner feeds.

After installing the plugin activate it and go to the widgets menu in your WordPress dashboard and click on the WP Subscribe widget. Here add the Feedburner ID of your feed. Your Feedburner ID is the same as your Feedburner URL i.e.


Once you have entered the Feedburner ID, click on the Save button and that’s it. From now on, anyone who uses these forms to subscribe to your blog will be automatically listed in Feedburner. Feedburner uses double opt-in so before they start receiving your post updates, they will need to confirm their subscription.

[su_heading size=”19″]For BlogSpot Users:[/su_heading]

For BlogSpot bloggers, you can use the simple HTML code for using this method.

Firstly, obtain your signup code by going to Feedburner. On the manage page, go the publicize menu and click on email subscriptions. Then click on the activate button to activate this feature.

feedburner automation for blogspot users


Then the next screen will appear where you will see the HTML code you need to copy and paste on your Blogspot blog.

Copy the HTM coode by feedburner publicize

Copy the whole code or simply click on use as a widget in Blogger menu. It will automatically create a widget for you in your blog. You can also alternatively copy and paste this HTML code in the HTML editor of your BlogSpot as well as WordPress blog where ever you want to show this form.

That’s all. I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

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  1. Very good article, after reading this post I immediately installed Feedburner on my blog. Thank you buddy

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