The Definitive Guide To Choose A Perfect Domain For Affiliate Website

Everyone is interested in starting some online business, and hence the first thing they do is search for a perfect domain name.

This is a vital thing because, on the internet, the domain name is your unique identity.

It may be any business or organization, or a company that is having an internet presence should have its own domain name.

To get started with affiliate marketing, we have to start a blog, and hence it is necessary to choose a perfect domain name for our business.

Along with that, you should have your domain-based email addresses, which will add more value to your business.

Also, everything on the internet can be easily copied, shared, and distributed. Hence to avoid this intellectual breach, a domain is necessary.

With a domain name, you can hold copyrights over your digital assets and trademark your brand to increase your brand awareness.

This much deep, potentially important thing is very much necessary.

Types of Domain Names:

Generally, there are three categories of the domain name you can select for your affiliate marketing business.

They are,

  • Exact Match Domain (EMD)
  • Partial Match Domain (PMD)
  • Brandable Domain Name (BDN)

Let me explain what these variants are and how you can choose your first affiliate business’s right domain name.

Exact Match Domain (EMD): When you start your affiliate business, which focuses on just one product, then your domain name usually is the product name.

For example, if you start a business named “how to lose weight,” then the EMD of your website will be

In the earlier days, this EMD has more potential, and search engines put more weight and rank these domains faster.

Whereas in the current trend, search engines became so clever and reduced, giving importance to EMD.

Partial Match Domain (PMD): The name implies that if the domain name consists of partial keywords, they are called PMD.

For example, if your core affiliate business was around “weight loss program,” and if you choose, it is called PMD.

Compared to the EMD, choosing a partial match domain name has some more significant effect on the ranking.

Brandable Domain Name (BDN): These domain names are not directly related to the topic or niche of the website, and usually, it doesn’t include any keywords.

When you look at the domain name, it explicitly tells the business name to be branded.

This domain name will describe the company name directly and tells the business model indirectly.

How to choose a perfect domain name?

When it comes to starting an affiliate website, it is undoubtedly challenging to choose a perfect domain name.

There are several factors to consider before choosing your domain name for your first affiliate blog.

Let me explain to you the various important factor to consider before choosing the name for your blog.

1.) Is your niche scalable?

Please read the different types of a domain name that I explained above in this article to better understand this scenario.

It is, therefore, essential to think whether the niche is scalable in the future or not.

The best example is

Affiliate Keyword: Weight Loss Program

This niche keyword is scalable because you can include or promote many different kinds of products and companies.

You can be able to write more articles or content, thereby increased chances of earning more revenue.

Affiliate Keyword: Amway Weight Loss Product

This niche keyword is certainly limited because you have targeted a specific product from a single company.

You are too restricted to find new topics to write content on your blog, hence reduced income.

So, it is very much important to choose the perfect name for your blog with room to grow in the future.

2.) Keep it short:

It is a general thumb rule in the blogosphere, which says that a shorter domain name is usually the best option.

Also, the shorter name makes it easier to remember and can reduce a lot of typo mistakes.

Find the domain name which is meaningful and includes few characters, short and sweet.

3.) Make it Memorable:

The second rule is to choose a name that is something memorable and interesting because unusual names can be easily remembered.

The name can be anything common phrase or unique word, but it must be catchy and easy to spell.

The people will not remember your domain name unless they are memorable and won’t likely get many hits.

4.) Include context in the domain name:

While choosing your perfect domain name, make it clear that the name should tell what your website is all about.

What are you going to convey through your website? The name should tell everything.

It should be easily understandable even by an average person, and so, pick the right name.

5.) Choose a traditional name:

The term “trending” occupies all businesses, and many companies and marketers were following the trend today.

Remember, the thing which is trending today may likely to fade away soon in the future.

Hence, be careful in selecting the name for your blog and better avoid trending names.

While the trendy word may get your website more hits now, but later after some months, it will look outdated and silly.

Hence, always find a perfect domain name for your affiliate business without choosing a trending name.

6.) Avoid Confusion:

When you selecting your domain name, be aware that you do not repeat the same word twice in the name.

For example, look at the name “pettracker” and “petracker.”

Both the words have a similar meaning but look at the characters as it creates confusion to reads when they type your blog name in their browser.

In this case, you will be likely to lose more visitors, and that’s why I am asking you to find a clean name without confusion.

7.) Use .com extension (if possible):

Today there are so many different domain extensions are available such as .biz, .org, .cc, .tv, .asia etc.

But, all of them won’t work for all kinds of business, and hence I recommend choosing only the .com domain name for your business.

Because many ordinary people even today have the habit of typing .com to the end of every domain name they search on their computer.

Do not take this risk of losing potential customers just because of this small wrong choice.

It could be a case when another company or your competitor owns the .com version of your domain name, they will catch your customers before you.

The domain extension has no SEO value whatsoever.

8.) Do research:

So far, we have discussed the various factors that influence you in selecting the right domain name.

But, now I am going to tell you one important thing: to perform thorough research before registering the name.

Because if you register a name that is extremely close to any well-established website, then you may end up facing a costly legal dispute.

If the name is not available, keep brainstorming your ideas to find a better alternative name for your blog.

Check out this article to know more about some tools that will help you generate a brandable business name.

9.) Omit hyphens, numbers:

If the chosen domain name is not available, the domain registrars will show you suggestions, including hyphens, numbers, etc.

I strongly disagree with choosing those names for your business because people may get significant confusion to spell that.

They may be unsure how to spell the number either in just numbers themselves or words. Sometimes, they forgot to add hyphens or place them in the wrong spot.

This all leads to a loss of traffic that leads to reduced revenue from your business and makes it difficult to grow.

3 Mistakes While Selecting a Domain Name

1.) Location name:

Many people may make this mistake by adding their location name with the domain name, saying they will get a better ranking.

But think about your affiliate business’s size. If it has a global business, then better to avoid adding a location name.

It’s totally up to your choice, but in general, affiliate marketers would prefer a global market for maximum revenue.

2.) Selecting a name that reflects one already taken:

This is absolutely a wrong practice of choosing the right domain name for your business.

Some people may be in a hurry and seem to act like a no-brainer, purchasing a domain name very similar to another business.

You will face a lot of difficulties in ranking your domain by beating your strong existing business.

3.) Selecting Typo Domains:

I can see some domain names without proper spelling but has the appropriate meaning.

People think of this as a smart investment, but in fact, this is a big mistake, and you won’t be able to run your business for a long time.

The best example is, the typo domains of was,, etc.

You will probably face many legal issues, and you can’t be able to rank your domain in the search results.

Where to buy domain names?

Domain names are significant for the success of your online business. Registering a domain name does not cost you a big investment.

Most of the registrars charge only $9 – $15 to register a .com domain name for one year.

Do not risk your business for just a small investment in purchasing a perfect domain name.

There are so many registrars across the world, and some of the recommended registrars & web hosts are:


The domain name you choose may either make or break your business. It’s all about selecting a perfect domain name that attracts more visitors.

A good domain name should be shorter, easy to remember, and convey the whole message in a single word.

I hope these tips will give you a clear picture.

If you find this article useful, then share a word with your friends. Let them make use of it.

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