How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links – Step by Step

Today I am going to tell you about Amazon Affiliate, one of the most famous ways to step into the world of affiliate marketing.

But before you make an account on Amazon affiliate I want you to sign up for Payoneer, it’s free and to ensure you receive the payments from Amazon without any issues, or otherwise, you will have to go receive cheques for payments in which you will lose about 5-10% of the total money earned.

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Now about Amazon affiliate,

Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping portal expanding from the USA to India to the UK and every similar country, so wherever you are you have the option to sign up for Amazon affiliate.

As soon as you create an affiliate account on Amazon you are eligible to use every tool and product list to monetize your content. You can use Native Ads or pic specific products from your regional Amazon store.

They have a good list of conversion rates and satisfactory rates. You can use onelink feature to monetize your content from the same tracking id for different countries like Canada,u.k. and the US

You may think that you won’t be able to sell products from Amazon, but the thing is, you don’t have to sell a particular product.
When a person clicks on your given link, he or she is redirected to Amazon where he may find any useful item for his needs and even when they weren’t thinking of purchasing a particular product, he may do so and you will be paid!

Amazon has so many products that the chances of a product to be sold from your link are very high.

But be sure to target a particular region from where you get most of the visitors from. Don’t go for the foreign currency if you don’t get enough foreign traffic.

How to create A Link For An Amazon Product

[su_heading size=”19″]Step 1[/su_heading]

Go your Amazon Associates page and click on the product linking page button. In the supplies, the menu chooses product links.

[su_heading size=”19″]Step 2[/su_heading]

Find the product you want to link to.  You can use the default search button also to find the product you are looking for but in case you don’t want to lose the track, use this method.

When you find a product on Amazon, there is always an ASIN number adopted with it. Copy this code and move to the next step

[su_heading size=”19″]Step 3[/su_heading]

This is the screen I was talking about.  On this screen,  you can find products either by typing the product name through the ASIN number.

Once you have found the product you are looking for, click on the get link button.

Note:- The get link button will show you a table. This table will contain three types of links. The first one will be the image with text,  second text only and the third one will be the image only link. These links are bonded into an HTML code.

In case you want a short URL link for the product, click on the arrow shown just at the right side of the yellow get link button. The will pop up an affiliated URL and will give you an option to shorten it.

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program 

Note – You should not cloak your Amazon affiliate links, it’s against their affiliate agreement and privacy policy. You also must include an FTC disclosure everywhere you place and use your Amazon affiliate links.

Don’t forget to share this tutorial. If you have any questions about the Amazon affiliate program you may ask that by leaving a comment below. There’s a newly launched plugin for Amazon affiliates and it’s called AAWP. You can read more about AAWP here. It is a plugin that’ll help you make extra referrals.

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