Affiliate Coupons Plugin: Create Visual Coupons In WordPress

Ever wondered how to make coupons to promote your sponsors and products? This tutorial will show you how you can easily make an affiliate, deal, or sponsors coupon in WordPress, step by step.

People are habitual of saving money. Most people look for a dedicated discount before purchasing a WordPress theme, hosting, or other online services. If you can give them a discount on something they desperately want, your commissions will go sky-high.

In this post, we have a cool WordPress plugin today which will help you make coupons with ease, and in this post, I will show you how to do that because it may be confusing for beginners.

Without further delay, let me show you the process.

Step 1: Install The Affiliate Coupons Plugin

Affiliate Coupons plugin works like a charm for making any kind of coupon in WordPress. Simple and flexible, the affiliate coupons plugin is lightweight and doesn’t affect the site loading speed. Go ahead, and install the affiliate coupons plugin.

Step 2: Creating A Vendor

For creating a vendor, you need to have three things –

  1. An Affiliate link
  2. An image or logo of the product/service you want to promote
  3. A Coupon Code ( more on this later )

Once you have activated the plugin, go to the affiliate coupons plugin panel and click on the vendor:Details menu and add a new button at the top left corner. The new screen will open, representing the typical WordPress editor. Scroll down a little bit, and you will see the vendor type custom fields.

edit vendor

Enter the product name in the name field, and make sure you add an image. Below the image field, enter the affiliated link of the product you want to promote and forget to write a clear description. Make sure your affiliate link is cloaked and nofollow by default.

Step 3: Creating A Coupon

Now that you have successfully created a vendor, you can easily create a coupon in a minute. In your affiliate coupons plugin panel, click on the add coupon button to create a new promotion coupon.

edit coupon

After scrolling a little bit down, you can set the custom fields for vendor, name, and description. If you are satisfied with the details you have entered in the vendor settings, skip everything and select the name of the vendor you just created from the dropdown list. Check for any errors and hit the publish button.

Viola! Your coupon has been created. However, the coupon isn’t live on your blog. We will have to do this manually. Follow the next step.

Step 4: Go Live With The Coupons

Go to the widgets option through your appearance settings and find the Affiliate Coupons Sidebar widget. Click on the widget, select the name of the coupon you want to show to your visitors, and click on the Save button. That’s it. Now your visitors can see it, and it’s live on your blog.



You can see shortcodes available for every coupon you have created on the right side of the screen. You can use this shortcode to place your affiliate coupons anywhere you want.


You can also use the Widgets Options plugin to control where your coupons will be shown, or you can use the Advanced Ads plugin to display the coupons between the posts, after the posts, and so on.

Final Thoughts

The whole procedure was quite easy and quick. Make sure your coupon is appealing by using context words that are proven to increase click-through rates.

This plugin makes it very easy to make coupons, and you don’t have to depend on any CSS customization. There is one more plugin that does the same work is WPCoupons.

Coupon widgets and templates will increase the clicks and attraction on your affiliate links while giving you more opportunities to earn commissions with fewer efforts.

In case you don’t have any coupons to promote, you can reach out to your merchant or any other high authority affiliate to build a partnership where you both can earn a handsome share of money with equal efforts.

Any questions, ask me in the comments section below.

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