How To Find Top Landing Pages Data In Google Analytics

As we have discussed earlier, we now know that the top landing pages of a website should be monitored regularly.

However, firstly you should know how to view the landing pages in google analytics. In this post, I will show you how to do that.

top landing pages in GA

To find top landing pages on your blog go to:-

1. Google Analytics dashboard

2. Select Behaviour Data section

3. Select Site content

4. Click On Landing Pages section

On the landing pages section, you can see the top landing pages of your blog.

Once you have seen your top landing paged report, the next step is to work on this data. With this data, you can actually convert the whole structure of your site easily to make sure you never lose a single visitor and the profit it could generate.

An exciting side of this report – by looking at the top landing pages in google analytics, you can actually have an idea of the keywords your blog articles and pages are ranking for.

How To Use The Top Landing pages data

For every article you post, there should be a chance that it would rank somewhere on google. However, this might not happen sometime, and you would see that there are only a few posts that are generating the most traffic for you.

These posts are generally the top landing pages which are more often visited than the other pages on your site, so these pages have the potential to sell more and convert more visitors.

Now once you have exported the whole report of these pages from google analytics, it’s time to analyze what’s so unique and engaging in this content.

Note – The top landing pages are those who are generating traffic from social media sites, referral, or organic sources. Make sure you target the one who is getting mostly organic and referral traffic.

Head on the first top landing page of your website and analyze what makes people take a pause on your site and read the full content. It may be the first two paragraphs that sound interesting and more compelling, or it may be the Headline which primarily attracts the visitors.

It may be they didn’t saw an image at the beginning of these posts and enjoyed the plain text beginning. However, it may be vice-versa.

What If These Pages Are Creating More Bounces?

If somehow, these top landing pages are generating a bounce and increasing the bounce rate of your website, It’s time to take charge and add more engaging elements on this page.

1. Add a featured or as seen on the element in the header of your page. If you have been featured on any of the authority websites, you should mention it on your blog. The position of this presentation should be on the above fold on your content as people should see this as soon as they land on your page.

2. Remove PopUps and other widgets and elements that block the view to your content. The content you publish should be easily readable and accessible. Try to place images after 3 paragraphs of your posts son that people get a chance to read your content and topic introduction.

Read this article to further decrease your bounce rate.

How To Increase Your Profit From These Pages

These top landing pages you see in google analytics can help you generate maximum profit from your blog content. You should know that these pages are driving most of the traffic for your blog, and you can easily funnel up the entire profitable content by internal linking through these posts.

Go ahead, Place your email opt-in or lead form on some of your top landing pages. These forms should be optimized for matching the content topic. A perfect example of content optimized opt-in forms can be seen on Leadpages blog that helps them generate 60% more leads than average.

You can also experiment by spinning multiple topic-centric banners for promoting a merchant on these pages.

For example, if one of my top landing pages is a post on web hosts, I would place a banner for promoting a web hosting company like Bluehost and Hostgator. This generates maximum opportunities of the banner being clicked because the traffic on this page would have a similar interest in what I am promoting.

Try some of these ideas and analyze how your top landing pages contribute to your profit. Also, try to use one idea at a time to make sure you don’t mess up with anything.

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