Fiverr Affiliate Program: How To Join & Make Money With It

Fiverr is a giant marketplace or more specifically, a portal, where you will find various freelancers willing to provide you exceptional services at a low and yes, meager cost.

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On Fiverr, you will find online services such as web designing, content writing, SEOs, coders, graphic designers, Facebook/Twitter header creators, vocal artists for videos, WordPress developers, and many more.

Only the sky is the limit.

But did you know about their affiliate program in which for referring services Fiverr freelancers offer, you can earn a commission on every new sale.

Hybrid vs CPA Fiverr Commission:

Fiverr recently updated its affiliate commission plans by introducing the hybrid commission system. The hybrid system means you’ll get a fixed commission on every sale plus a 10% recurring commission on every sale made by your referrals.

The CPA commission plan will earn you upto $150 per sale, depending on the CP structure. You can find the Fiverr CPA structure later in this post.

The main difference between a CPA and a Hybrid is CPA will earn you a one-time commission. And Hybrid will generate recurring income. Which in my opinion you should be choosing.

In this post, I will show you the necessary steps on how you can join the Fiverr affiliate program. I will also tell you some pro tips to maximize your affiliate earnings.

About Fiverr

As I Told you above, Fiverr is an online freelancer portal.

You can find various online enthusiasts and skilled people to solve your marketing and online problems. You can get a customized logo, theme, you can get your WordPress blog set up, or you can hire someone to write on your blog.

Everything that Fiverr offers makes it a giant that can sell itself. You just have to refer to customers. Eventually, they will find the service they were looking for.

Q. How to join their Affiliate Program?

Step 1

Go to the Fiverr Affiliate Registration page. Fill Out The form as shown below:-

Use your original and valid e-mail address and make sure you add your Skype id. This will help you connect with your affiliate manager more quickly.

Fill out all the details correctly and click on reCAPTCHA to verify. Click on the submit button.

Now your application will be reviewed depending on the situation. Sometimes you may get direct approval, and sometimes you don’t. Don’t worry, they aren’t very hard on blogs, and they approve very quickly.

One more thing, to join Fiverr as an affiliate, you need to have a relevant website or blog that is dedicated to providing tips, how-to, guides, etc. On online services. It’s not like an Amazon affiliate.


Step 2

If you have been approved for Fiverr affiliates, now it’s time to add affiliate links to your website. To find this link:-

step 2 : get your affiliate link

Login To Your Fiverr Affiliates Dashboard and Go to the Menu. Find the marketing tools option and from here, click on the default link option. This window will show you the default link you can use to drive visitors to Fiverr.

Make sure you go to the account settings and add your PayPal or Payoneer account to make sure you receive your payments without any delay.

Pro Tip:-

Always remember to cloak your affiliate link with a link cloaking plugin. You may read our guide on why you need to cloak your affiliate links.

We recommend ThirstyAffiliates plugin for link cloaking and management (Read Our Review).

When you have completed the whole procedure, it’s time for you to earn money.

Here are my 5 tips to help you perform better:-

1. Link to the maximum services you can. For example, if you write an article about a logo and about its benefits, you may link to Fiverr rather than a logo company like 99designs.

2. Link your writing skills. You can use Fiverr to link to an article and give credit to a paid writer at Fiverr. This can be done in Email Marketing.

3. Suggest people take professional help. Fiverr freelancers are really skilled. Not all of them, but yes, the majority. Motivate your reader to opt for professional advice rather than being a rookie.

4. Write a Review about Fiverr. Not everyone is aware of Fiverr. You can write a review about it to attract a large number of people.

5. Make a mega list of services. This is quite hectic, but an extremely great way to earn the maximum Fiverr can offer. Make a mega list of various services that freelancers provide so that people can get what they are looking for more quickly.

Read my Mega list of blogging tools and services for inspiration.

*Commissions are paid for every sale.

For example –

“You referred a person to Fiverr for any SEO or Web Speed Service. He then selects a Fiverr freelancer to work on his SEO as well as Facebook page and coding”.

In such cases, you will get commissions from every sale. All three of them

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Fiverr Affiliate Commission Withdrawal Not Working? Here’s Why

A little bit of engagement was happening on this post, and there were a couple of comments that needed to be answered.

Here’s what most of the people were complaining of:-

I have a Fiverr affiliate account, and when I check my payment and want to withdraw ($140 in my account at the moment ), this message pops up” Not Eligible For Payment!” I have $355 in balance.

When I tried to click the payment request, it shows you are not eligible for a payment threshold. How to payout?

I have a question. Have you gotten payment from Fiverr affiliates before? And how much did you cash out?

Hi, I have $120 in my Fiverr affiliate account & I have added Payoneer as my payment method. But when I click payment request it gives me the following error. Please check the screenshot by visiting the link: I have also emailed them but Haven’t received any reply yet. Can you please help me.

People argued they weren’t paid their commission, and Fiverr affiliate support didn’t respond to their queries.

Since any affiliate promotes a merchant for commissions, it’s the most crucial part to worry about if the commission withdrawal system isn’t working. That made me catch up with some official information on this issue.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it. Your commissions aren’t going anywhere.

I reached out to my Fiverr affiliate manager Maxim, and here’s the email I received:-

Maxim(Fiverr Affiliates)Hi Aayush,

I would like to introduce myself, My name is Max, and I’ll be your affiliate manager at Fiverr. And sorry that we replied to you so late. Our system has undergone a serious upgrade. During the upgrade period, we were unable to answer client emails. From now on, we’ll be able to reply in a massively faster way.

Regarding your payouts question, I can’t update you with some generalization about why some affiliates can’t withdraw their earnings. Each payment case is individual. Generally, the procedure works the following way:

1) FDBs are generated in a frame of a certain month, let’s say April 2018.
2) In May 2018 the payments are calculated and checked by our Fraud department.
3) Then, each affiliate eligible for payment and who reached a threshold of $100, should claim his payment by clicking the big green button “Request Payment” visible in the right-up corner of the affiliate interface.
3) Qualified FDBs, are paid according to the current CPA rates at the beginning of June 2018.

I hope it helps.

Best regards,

Maxim Pilenko: Affiliate manager

He made it very clear that it wasn’t the payment system’s fault. There are many (more than hundreds) of Fiverr affiliates and hence, every individual has to go through their own share of the commission withdrawal procedure.

For example, as Maxim said, I am promoting Fiverr here on BforBloggers, and you bought a service from any given Fiverr freelancer in the month of May.

Now, the Fiverr affiliate system will record this purchase and then you will undergo a few verification procedures such as:-

First, Fiverr will check if the user was FTB (the first-time buyer) or not. If not, you won’t earn anything.

Second, if you are a first-time buyer, you will be given a commission based on the fixed percentage, and exact rates are shown below-

And after this, the third procedure is to go through the Fraud department checks that will ensure the purchase was not meant to misguide the Fiverr affiliate tracking system and was genuine.

All of this will take 2 months.

That’s why the affiliate commission you earned in May will be paid to you in July or in the first week of August. You must reach a threshold of $100 to receive the commission as Fiverr Affiliate.

You can reach out to your own affiliate manager since the support system is now resumed, and you can expect a faster response from Fiverr.

Hopefully, you have had success in joining Fiverr affiliates. I have tried my best to explain to you the most essential factors.

Do share this post on Twitter or Facebook and share your experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi, I have a question.

    I have a fiverr affiliate account and when I check my payment and want to withdraw ($140 in my account at the moment ) this message pops up
    ” Not Eligible For Payment!

    Your current outstanding balance doesn’t meet the payment threshold ”

    What is the payment threshold on fiverr affilate? Have any idea?

    Thank you

    1. Hi George,

      As far as i have experienced, the payment threshold is $100 via PayPal. You should contact the support team at [email protected] and let them give you an update. In some cases, the threshold varies as per country specific.

      Do comeback and let me know how did it do.

  2. deepesh gupta says:

    hi , there is several commission plan like mentioned below , but I am only getting 15 for any person FTB how can I get benefited by this commission plan.

    Animated Characters & Modeling
    Research & Summaries
    Website Builders & CMS
    Lyric & Music Videos
    3D & 2D Models

    1. It’s unlikely to happen. Probably your dashboard is showing you the wrong data. I’m a fiverr affiliate and get the commissions as mentioned but sometimes this may happen as per the last purchase. You should contact them via email to get through this situation.

    2. Lalminthang says:

      Let’s say I join in Fiverr affiliate n wants to promote product to earn money…..
      So can I use any social media like fb , Instagram etc
      To promote it

      1. If you’re looking fo ways to promote fiverr service as an affiliate, there are multiple options such as:

        1. Blog about it
        2. Promote on social media
        3. Make youtube videos
        4. Add banners on your website
        5. Use email marketing

  3. Hi,
    I am from India.
    I have $355 in balance.
    When I tried to click payment request, it shows you didn’t eligible for payment threshold.
    How to payout?
    Can you please explain.
    I need your help.

  4. please, Have you withdraw your earnings from Fiverr affiliate program before?

    1. Yes Mark i have, but the automated payouts are currently suspended. Send your commission invoice at affiliates[at] and they will process the payouts. No worries.

      Here’s what they told me “Commission is paid once a month upon receiving your invoice. Payment is made on a net 30 basis, which starts at the beginning of the following month. For example: invoices for January 2015 are paid on March 1st/2nd. To cash-out, simply send Fiverr your monthly invoice by email.”

  5. Please where can I find my monthly invoice & also, what do you mean by cloaking links?

  6. Please aayush Bhaskar,
    I have a question. Have you gotten payment from fiverr affiliates before? And how much did you cash out?

    1. Yes Daniel, i have received the payout from fiverr affiliates a few months back but situations of these days have changed as i see many of the bloggers and marketers aren’t getting paid for their referrals.

  7. Swagatika Satpathy says:

    Hi , I’ve joined for the affiliate marketing program at Fiverr. Do I get commission for every registered user ? Or do I get paid when they start working in Fiverr through my link?

    1. Hi Swagatika,

      You will get a commission for every new purchase made at Fiverr through your link. If anyone starts working with Fiverr as a seller, you won’t be paid anything.

  8. hamad khan says:

    Hi, I have $120 in my Fiverr affiliate account & I have added Payoneer as my payment method.But when I click payment request it gives me following error.Please check the screenshot by visiting below link:
    I have also emailed them but Haven’t received any reply yet.Can you please help me.

  9. Hello admin, i have been getting impression and clicks but no earning..
    is the earning done monthly… meaning they will calculate all what i make everyday..
    please tell me

    1. @pagemaker
      You will only earn when someone from your link ends up buying something from fiverr. That’s called affiliate marketing.

      1. hi well my problem is i know someone i shared 2 links with him from two diferent gigs and he buy all of them but i get payed for just one of them i wanna know why if there is an explication
        thanks for ur help

  10. Helio Mapupo says:

    Guys I’ve got a doubt, i will be paid if someone buy using my link as well sign up using it or only buying?
    I am beginning today.

    1. Aayush Bhaskar says:

      You’ll get a commission only when some buys a service from fiverr for the first time.

  11. Do you only make money on a new customer’s first purchase on fiverr, or every purchase they make on fiverr from that point on?

  12. harshil patel says:

    hi i make my first commission . some one buy 2d animation video and get $50 commission. but i dont know how to withdraw this. please any one help me. thanks.

    1. Hi Harshil, Wait until your commission gets approved. If its already approved, click on the hamburger menu and go to withdrawal settings for the payout.

      Let me know how it goes for you.

  13. harshil patel says:


    I started Fiverr affiliate program and now my balance is $125. so how much time fiverr needs to review my payment and got approved.

  14. Harshil Patel says:

    i earned $175 and i also send a payment request. i got an invoice from fiverr affiliate. now it shows pending payment. so how many days it will take to clear my payment?

      1. Harshil Patel says:

        Hi Aayush Bhaskar, thank you so much for your help

    1. patel deep says:

      Hello abhishek can you tell how do you make 335$ I m also from india
      Hello Harshil Pls Can you tell me how do you earn 175$ from fiverr affilates

  15. Nice Work keep it up. You really deeply describe all about fiverr affiliate.

  16. Rikesh Ramani says:

    I have earned 100$ commission. How can I withdraw this? Payment request shows “Your current outstanding balance doesn’t meet the payment threshold”. How can I get invoice? So I can mail it to fiverr.

      1. Rikesh Ramani says:

        Page not found. Please check the link.

  17. Hello Aayush, So I can actually get more than 10 dollars when a person buys a service of 5 dollars using my link, right?

    1. If the FTB is according to their CPC plans (refer the image above), yes it is possible to make up to $40/refferal irrespective of the purchase price.

  18. Hi,

    I am running a Motivational Blog since more than 2 years and all these time I was simply putting my thoughts in writing and now I wish to earn something to cover up my blogging expenses and your article on Fiverr affiliates gave me the required inputs to start and I thank you for this wonderful write-up. Thanks again.

  19. Hi Ayush ,

    I am a placement co-ordinator where i have job seekers and iam a bit confused where in-case if a jo-seeker with certain skill register , will i be paid ??………just only for registering


    should a person who is looking for a freelancer , if he/she uses my link only then wll I get paid??

    1. Hi Madhu,

      If someone purchases a freelance gig using your affiliate link, you’ll get paid.

      Not for new freelancer profile registrations.

  20. Can I register on fiverr affiliate program and receive payments without linking to withdrawal method?

  21. hasnae attouch says:

    I heard that people who click on your affiliate link should purchase a Gig only using paypal!!! Is it TRUUE???

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