Open PDF in Firefox Instead of Downloading Automatically

If you’ve recently downloaded the Firefox browser and clicked on a link to a PDF, you might have noticed it starts downloading. Unlike browsers like Edge and Chrome, Firefox by default doesn’t open PDF files.

Here’s a quick solution to this.

To open a PDF in a new tab by default in your Firefox browser, follow these steps:

1. Open your Firefox browser.

2. Click on the Hamburger menu and open settings. (Press , if you are on Mac)

3. In the search bar under the settings menu, enter PDF.

4. Scroll down and click on Portable Document Format (PDF) under Applications. Then click on the dropdown menu icon next to the PDF and select open in Firefox.

That’s it.

Now, every time you visit a link to a PDF file, Firefox will open it. This takes effect regardless of hard-coding on a website to force the download of a PDF.

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