How To Set A Profile Picture for An Email Address in GSuite

G Suite is one of the best platforms to manage your business emails and other custom email addresses. Especially when you are hosting your website on web hosts that don’t offer email hosting.

I recently started using G Suite, and there is one thing that I couldn’t do up straight, which is setting my profile picture for one of my domain email addresses.

In G Suite, you set up a particular domain email address as a user under the admin account. It then allows you to manage their profile and set or remove their profile picture as well.

It doesn’t matter if you try to do it via a smartphone, using Google Account settings or through Gravatar.

Even if you try to change it by editing a user’s profile, the photos you upload here won’t become the email’s profile picture (or display picture). Instead, this will be a private photo and will be used for internal personalization.

If you tried to edit your photo and received a prompt ” You can’t change the photo for this account”, this article will help you solve it.

To change or upload a profile picture, you’ll have to change the profile editing settings.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to Directory Settings

Note: You can only do this if you have administrative access to your G Suite account. If not, you’ll have to ask your administrator to perform this step for you.

Go to your G Suite Dashboard and click on directory settings

Step 2: Click on Profile Editing

Profile editing settings will help you grant individual users under your business access to change their personal information.

Step 3: Grant Specific Editing Permissions

Click on the Photo checkbox and save the settings. You can also check the name and birthday options to allow your users to change their personal information as they see fit.

If you keep any of them unchecked, then users won’t be able to change anything. This also means that even you, as an admin, cannot change the public profile picture of a user if you leave the Photo settings unchecked.

Now the directory settings are done, you’ll set a new picture from your email address by editing the email profile.

To change a users profile image, you first click on Users on your admin dashboard and select the user you want to set a new picture for:

You’ll click on the display image located on the left side of your name in the top left corner.

Users under your organization will also be able to upload and change their public display pictures whenever they would like.

Setting a decent profile picture is important when you send business and personal emails using a domain-branded email address. It instantly reminds the recipient who you are and what is the connection between them and you in the first place.

It also increases the trust of your email list subscribers and helps them stay aware of your business and personal brand.

I hope this tutorial helped you with your G Suite profile picture issues. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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