7-Step Copywriting Formula to Write a Landing Page Copy

You have a landing page; you have an awesome product.

But you aren’t able to get more leads, more sales and you’re losing confidence.

In this guide, I’ll show you 7 elements you must have on your landing pages. 

If your landing pages are missing even one of the following elements, you will get terrible results.

1. Headline

Open your landing page with a big, bold headline. A clear headline that captivates your visitor is your first and only chance to hook your visitors to further read your content.

If you open your page with a lousy headline, your visitors might not even scroll down to your view your offer.

So, writing a compelling headline is crucial.

Keep your headline as straightforward as possible and deliver a straight message through it. State a claim something like:

“How [your product] Will Help You Lose Weight In Next 60 Days.”

Or a question. Something like this:

“Do You Want To LooseYour Weight In Next 60 Days? Then Pay Attention.”

Avoid clickbait. It might ruin your whole marketing campaign.

Check this fantastic article on headlines that work from Copyblogger.

Here’s a perfect example of a persuasive, bright, and bold headline from Melyssa Griffin:

2. Opening

After your attention-grabbing headline, the next thing you need is an opening to hook your visitors. The whole purpose of this opening paragraph is to make your visitors demand more information.

What is the purpose of your landing page, and why should one pay attention to it?

Write a clear opening, and keep it to the point. In your opening paragraph, you write about the one biggest goal your product can help someone achieve.

The outcome of using your product should be your opening. Something like:

“Here’s How [your product name] can help you make more money selling the same amount of products online. A step-by-step strategy you can use right now to increase your sales and your revenue.”

I highly recommend you to use videos and images in your opening. A single video can increase your conversion rate by 9% so if possible, use video content on your landing page.

Here’s an example of Teachable’s creative opening:

3. Offer

Right after the opening opportunity, you present your offer to your visitors.

If they like the offer and the idea of your product, they’ll stick to your page and probably buy your product.

But how do you make sure they like your offer?

Simple enough, you do so by getting targeted traffic. If your traffic comes from Google PPC ads or Facebook ads, the chances of people buying your offer are high. It is because they are in the “buying intent” or “action mood.”

Don’t get me wrong, organic traffic converts well, but you can’t predictably get traffic from search engines. You have to keep producing quality content consistently to generate more traffic to your landing page.

A good ad campaign will be the best way for you to get highly targeted traffic ready to buy from you. This is how entrepreneurs like Melyssa Griffin make $250k/month from selling online courses.

So, using re-targeting from Google ads and Facebook pixel, you can engage with your prospects and future customers easily.

Here’s a perfect example for writing an offer from Aweber:

It says precisely what Aweber does: helping businesses build audience and connections with customers.

4. Credentials

Proving your credibility is essential. Why you want a random person to buy something from you from the internet?

Why should someone trust you?

If you’re selling a course, tell your visitors who you are and how you can make sure you are good at what you’re teaching in the online course.

You can’t expect people to buy something from a random guy on the internet.

Introduce yourself and your team in the credential section of your landing page, right after the offer. Share your expertise and accomplishment to show people why you are the one who understands their problem and can help them.

Explain to the visitors why you and your product are different. Lay down your accomplishments and previous achievements, so your visitors get to know you know your stuff.

Here’s a perfect example of laying down your credentials:

5. Testimonials

Don’t make the mistake of publishing your landing page without testimonials. Testimonials give confidence to new prospects that your product or service works.

Testimonials are social proof. They encourage people to buy your product more than anything else.

In fact, testimonials are the most crucial part of your landing page copy.

And I’m not talking about and testimonials. I’m talking about real, honest, and specific video testimonials. Video testimonials tend to perform insanely powerful to convert skeptic prospects.

If you can’t get video testimonials, try to get written testimonials with the client’s full name and picture.

Here’s an example of a perfect testimonial:

6. Guarantee

The next important thing to testimonials is risk reversal: the guarantee.

How do I know your product works?

How do I know your services are legit?

How do I know you won’t take my money and run away?

Before they pull out their credit card, they need a guarantee for their money.

Always offer a guarantee. If your product is excellent, it works and delivers on its promises, there’s no need to fear people taking advantage of your guarantee.

You can give a 30-day money-back guarantee, which works amazingly well in most cases. This provides the buyer with confidence that you stand by your product and your service.

Here’s an example of a perfect guarantee:

7. Call to Action With Urgency

The step where your visitors will take action, i.e., buy your products or services, is a call-to-action.

You should always place two call-to-actions on your landing page:

  1. One Above the fold
  2. And one Below the fold.

However, below the fold call to action should be accompanied by an urgency element such as a count-down timer or offer expires image soon. You have to create urgency to turn your visitors into buyers quickly.

If you won’t give them a reason to buy now, they’ll eventually leave your page and might never come back.

The best way to create urgency is to offer a product bundle or a discounted rate for a limited time reminding your visitors if they don’t buy your product now, they’ll miss the discount, and they’ll have to pay more after the offer is over.

Here’s a killer example from SmarBlogger:

Best Tools To Build Landing Pages & Get High Conversions

There are 3 tools you should definitely start using to great looking and conversion-focused landing pages:


Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page and conversion platform. It is a full drag-and-drop landing page builder that is focused on conversion optimization.

It will help you improve your post-click ad conversion rates and launch more campaigns faster. It eliminates the need to rely on developers and enables you to build and optimize custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars that convert more visitors.

Unbounce also comes with the ability to use A/B testing and integrates with Google Analytics.

It also comes with features like:


They can be targeted by time on page, referral URL, cookie, and/or location to deliver more relevant offers tailored to a visitor’s journey. A library of templates, all 100% customizable, makes designing popups as simple as setting them up.

Sticky Bars

They appear as banners at the top or bottom of any web page for a subtle but prominent display of your call to action. Like popups, they can be triggered by a range of activities to get in front of your visitors’ eyeballs when they’re most likely to convert.

Checkout these Unbounce guides:


OptinMonster is a lead generation tool that will help you get more leads faster to turn your visitors into subscribers. It can be installed on any type of website as it is a cloud-based tool.

It comes with advanced features like exit intent and an inactivity sensor.

It allows you to build a full-screen, sticky bar, slide-ins, and other forms of popups through a drag and drop builder, which is the best part of OptinMonster.

You can easily create several popups and start targetting your visitors based on conditions like URL path, scroll percentage, returning or new visitor, etc. It has insanely powerful targeting options you won’t find in most of the other lead generation tools.

GetResponse Autofunnel

GetResponse is initially an email marketing service. However, recently, they have come up with a whole new feature called Autofunnel. Autofunnel comes with everything you need to sell, promote, and grow an online business.

It is a complete sales funnel for selling products online. Unlike other tools, it is entirely automated. You pick a sales funnel template, fill it according to your needs and according to your offer, and it handles the rest.

Right from sing up page, popups, product listing, store builder, order form, follow-up email, confirmation pages, and email to recovering abandoned buyers, the Autofunnel has everything you’ll need.


Directing your paid ads to landing pages customized to a campaign creates a more persuasive experience resulting in higher conversions and saves ad dollars. When you’ve optimized your ads and aren’t seeing any more gains, landing pages and targeted popups give you an edge.

The next time you write a landing page, be sure to out try this step by step copywriting strategy. If you have a landing page, check yours and look if your page is having all of these elements or not.

If not, then re-write your page and A/B test your previous page with the new one. You’ll be amazed to see the positive change in your conversions.

Let me know what kind of results you got.

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