10 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

Usually, we talk about digital marketing strategies to sell your product and reach more customers. However, today we’re going to focus on a step previous to all that.

Before thinking about ads or social media, you need to decide a very important thing: what are you going to sell?

Of course, this isn’t a question everyone asks themselves. Some people know they are good at something and decide to sell that service or product they created.

But, if you are in the group of people that are interested in the commerce industry and don’t know what product to sell, this is the post for you.

Today we’re going to talk about Amazon seller tools. Most specifically, the best Jungle Scout alternatives out there.

Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives

1. Helium10


Helium10 is a multifaceted tool that you can use at any point in your Amazon journey. Its Black Box feature helps you find the best product type or niche, while features like Review Velocity show how popular an item is when you’re considering whether to stock it or not.

Helium also has an award-winning training series and multiple webinars, so you never stop learning!


  • Visualized trends in intuitive graphics.
  • Discover the best keywords.
  • Data reports including Seasonal data.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Available in marketplaces in Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.


They have a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the Helium10 suite of tools. They also have a free forever plan.

  • Starter: $29 per month if paid annually. Access business coaching and limited keyword research.
  • Platinum: $84 per month. Research products and find trends.
  • Diamond: $209 per month. Includes a listing builder and a Walmart financial analytics dashboard.
  • Elite: $399 per month. Live monthly online training with top industry experts.

2. SEMrush


SEMrush, of course, is much more than a Jungle Scout alternative. With SEMrush, you can tackle content marketing, ads, social media, and whatever you want!

However, they do have a specific tool for Amazon sellers: Sellzone. It focuses on boosting visibility and growing traffic on Amazon. They are also open to suggestions if you have any.


  • Uncover and take advantage of competitors’ shortcomings.
  • Audit and improve listings’ performance.
  • See traffic insights and compare the different traffic channels.
  • Access data from Amazon US Marketplace listings.


  • Free. Unlimited listing A/B tests.
  • Growth: $50 per month. Full set of listing quality checks and improvement ideas.
  • Pro: $85 per month. Get private onboarding and a personal account manager.

You can try any of the paid plans for free for 7 days.

3. Keepa


Keepa is a freemium Amazon seller tool that keeps pricing histories for all products on the site. It doesn’t require registration, so literally anyone can use this tool.

The site has a very collaborative structure, with a Keepa Community Forum and a section where you can require new features.


  • See price history charts and get alerts when prices drop.
  • Compare and track international Amazon prices.
  • Supports the Amazon shops in US, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Extensions for all popular browsers.


Keepa offers free access to limited data and a subscription for 19 € per month. The only purpose of the free access is to test the product and get an overview of what is offered by the premium features.

4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a powerful Jungle Scout alternative. Besides helping you research Amazon products, it has Amazon advertising and PPC features that automate the whole process for you.

The site also has plenty of free tools like an Amazon fee calculator and a podcast on the best practices for succeeding on Amazon.


  • Market intelligence: product idea scores and accurate sales estimates.
  • Filter through over 200 million Amazon products to find the right one for you.
  • Access global market data.
  • Chrome extension.


Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial on all their plans:

  • Essentials: $69 per month. Access monthly search volume.
  • Pro: $99 per month. Monitor competitor strategies.
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199 per month. Unlock advertising features, including in-depth insights.

5. Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector

The fifth Jungle Scout alternative is Keyword Inspector. As the name indicates, it focuses on discovering high-converting keywords. But it has so many more features than that.

For example, Keyword Inspector counts with a Seller Map, an intuitive, user-friendly map that shows you how many sellers are in your area and their revenue.


  • Listing optimization: check misspellings and apply top keywords.
  • Track trending products and calculate their profitability.
  • Keep your eye on the most successful brands dominating the marketplace.
  • Chrome extension.


Keyword Inspector offers a 14-day free trial for all its tools:

  • Basic plan: $99 per month. Includes a single-user account and research tools.
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing. Besides multiple user accounts, you’ll get customized tools and reporting.

6. SixLeaf


If you’re looking for a site that will not only help you start selling on Amazon but also keep on growing and growing, then SixLeaf might be for you. They take pride in helping create 7 and 8-figure brands since 2014.

Moreover, they state they have the most accurate, updated, and refined tool on the market by far.


  • Uncover which products to sell and which to avoid.
  • Profit forecast: identify your expected gross, net, ROI and margin for a given niche.
  • Spy software: know exactly where to source competing products.
  • Market overview and easy-to-read data that helps you make key decisions.


  • Acorn: $47 per month. Includes one seller account and complete automation of the review request process.
  • Oak: $97 per month. Monitor campaigns in real-time and access to the API.
  • Redwood: $147 per month. Up to 4 seller accounts and 100 collect product opportunities.

SixLeaf has a risk-free 7-day trial.

7. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a complete tool set for selling on Amazon. You’ll find plenty of tools there, including their new Amazon online arbitrage software that minimizes employee costs.

However, AMZ Scout doesn’t limit itself to Amazon. Instead, it also lets you search for suppliers on Alibaba.com so you can choose the most reliable partners for your business.


  • See the top 1% profitable products weekly.
  • Spy on competitors: monitor their sales and keywords to gain an advantage.
  • Amazon drop-shipping and arbitrage: avoid risky products and maximize your success rate.
  • Chrome and Edge extensions.


AMZ Scout offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. You can pay using a credit card, Stripe or PayPal.

  • Pro Extension: $16.49 per month if paid annually. Research products and access AMZ Scout seller’s course.
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle: $29 per month. Includes 12 monthly trend reports, a keyword tracker and stock stats.

8. Unicorn Smasher Pro

Unicorn Smasher Pro

Known for its free tool, Unicorn Smasher is now centered on its premium plans. Yes, it looks like a kids’ site but I promise that unicorn will provide you with Amazon insights. And brighten your day in the process.

Unicorn Smasher Pro lets you research Amazon products as well as share your research without giving away the product or niche.

It’s available in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Canada.


  • Organized dashboard: manage all of your research in one place.
  • Sales estimates and variation statistics.
  • Integrates with AMZ Tracker.
  • It supports US and UK marketplaces.


Unicorn Smasher Pro plans are a one-time purchase for lifetime use.

  • Basic: $49.99. Includes one main account.
  • Professional: $99. One main account and two subaccounts.
  • Suite: $159. One main account and four subaccounts.

9. AmazeOwl


This owl is the perfect companion for Amazon members with no experience that are just launching their first product. AmazeOwl has product training in their free plan and additional learning materials so you never feel lost.

Unlike most of the options on this list, it doesn’t have a Chrome extension but desktop apps for Windows and macOS.


  • Quickly find promising product ideas.
  • Get insights into the best images to use.
  • Monitor your competitors and their keywords.
  • It supports 11 marketplaces, including India and Japan.


  • Starter: free. Monitor up to 3 keywords per niche and receive auto-updates.
  • Growth: $12.99 per month. Get a 10% discount on Amazon Owl Academy and access the product database.
  • Established: $19.99 per month. High-priority customer support and very fast loading speed of product updates.

10. ZonGuru


ZonGuru might have a name a bit cliché but its data-centric tools are quite powerful. As official partners with Alibaba and Amazon, they have access to the best data sources in the industry to help your business grow.

Among their free tools, you’ll find Keywords On Fire, which gives you the monthly search volume for any keyword.


  • Research products with highly customizable filters.
  • Love-hate: intuitive word clouds full of commonly used phrases from every 1- and 5-star review.
  • Craft customized follow-up emails.
  • Chrome extension.


ZonGuru has a 7-day free trial.

  • Researcher: $39 per month. Find your niche and what keywords are on fire.
  • Seller: $49 per month. Access a business dashboard and product pulse.
  • Enterprise solutions: customized. Includes a dedicated Slack channel and marketplace performance reporting.


So, there you have it, the best Jungle Scout alternatives. As you could see, the options are plenty and they all have different features.

When it comes down to choosing one, sellers in the US marketplace will be the ones with the most freedom.

Luckily, things are changing and more tools are adding other marketplaces, as is the case of AmazeOwl and Helium10.

Depending on your budget, you might also want to go with alternatives that include a free plan, such as SEMrush or Keepa.

At the end of the day, any of the platforms listed in this post are awesome options that will help you get started on Amazon. And some, to keep on growing.

Have you tried any of these JungleScout alternatives? Tell us in the comments!

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