Kontentino Review: Smoother, More Intuitive Social Media Tool

When I saw Kontentino with a 4.7 rating on Capterra, I wanted to try it out and check if it had all the toolsets I was looking for from a social media scheduler. You know how our expectations from tools are increasing day by day. We want a tool that has it all – is easy to use, pocket-friendly, has a good ROI factor, and can be used for the long run.

What I was looking for precisely was a tool that handles multiple social media accounts and has team collaboration features. I was also looking at an intuitive program that wouldn’t take months to figure out, only to be dumped later.


So did Kontentino meet my expectations? And does it have the features you are looking for in a social media scheduler?

Before we answer these questions through our detailed review, let me try to define in simple words what Kontentino is.

Kontentino is a social media planner and scheduler, laced with collaborative tools. It is best suited for small and medium businesses, social media agencies, and SMM freelancers.

Who needs Kontentino?


Kontentino is a great fit for startups. Whether you’re a startup in the launch, growth or shake-out stage, Kontentino suits your needs. It is also a great fit for the following kinds of professionals and business scenarios :

  • Single-person startup, with freelancers working now and then, and want your business to grow organically through social media. You’re the one planning your social media content and want to reduce the hassle post-creation scheduling entails.
  • Small business with 5 – 15 people managing client businesses. You can only afford a few hours a week for your social media outreach.
  • Professional / freelancer managing social media accounts for a lot of clients.
  • An influencer who posts regularly and wants to save time on the posting-scheduling part.
  • An aspiring career-enthusiast who wants to know about social media management tools.
  • A social media management agency managing the social accounts of multiple clients.



Before we delve into the depths of the features of Kontentino, let us summarize what Kontentino helps us with :

Planning and organizing social media content

Social media management comprises a number of steps, and the first one is planning the content. Kontentino has an inbuilt social media planner wherein you can drag and drop a post for a particular social medium.


Collaborate with graphic and content teams + get client approval

Kontentino was built keeping collaboration in mind. You can invite your graphic team members or your social media agency to collaborate on the posts. Your graphic creator will draft the image. Your content creator will click on the edit mode of the draft and put in the content and hashtags. Your scheduler will then schedule the posts with a date and time.


Once these steps are complete, they will send it to you for your approval. You can provide your comments for changes in the design or content of the draft right there, and the comments reach the team member.

This process is easier done than said. It cuts down on valuable back and forth time because all of it is happening on the same platform. There is complete transparency from the post to the platform stage.

As a social media agency using Kontentino, you save time on getting approval from your client. As a small business that focuses on social media marketing for my clients, this feature from Kontentino is a super time saver.

Before Kontentino, we used Google Docs, Canva share, and emails for simple approvals. We do manage to get our work done, but it consumes a lot of time, not to mention the arduous follow-ups, changes, more follow-ups, missed emails, missed approvals leading to unnecessary work-related tension.

The time lag between creating posts and final scheduling has been considerably reduced since we started using Kontentino.

Multiple social media formats + supports ads

Kontentino supports all the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It supports almost all major resolutions.

It also supports ad posting and boosting, and has all formats of ads templates for all social platforms.


Analytics and report creation

This is another of the features that is a huge time saver. Before Kontentino, we had a simple Powerpoint template that we customized for each client with their respective analytics.

On average, even with a set template, the customization of each report took 60-90 minutes to prepare. We had to put in the screenshots, edit the data, create the graphical presentation of the data, and so on.

With Kontentino, that time reduces to just a few clicks. Imagine the ease and beauty of creating a full month-long social media report in just a single click! And the accuracy of it all! It ensures that your reports are accurate, data-driven, simple-to-understand, and created in seconds at the click of the mouse.

Let us now look at the features of Kontentino that facilitate the above. 


Content & publish specific features

  1. Supports major social platforms: Kontentino supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  2. Live preview: You can check a live preview of how your posts look right from the drafting stage. Any anomalies, for example, post-resolution, picture quality etc. can be corrected at the draft stage because of the live preview option. 
  3. Tagging: Your post content can contain tagging other social accounts and pages.
  4. Hashtag saving: You can save your most commonly used hashtags. 
  5. UTM tag building + URL shortening: UTMs are tracking code snippets that are added to URLs for tracking purposes. Kontentino has an inbuilt UTM tag builder and a URL shortener.
  6. Post view: You can choose between a list view and column view of your social media content. For Instagram, Kontentino provides the grid view to see how your IG grid would look at a glance. 
  7. Drag-and-drop social media planner: You can simply drag and drop content in your social media calendar in the calendar tab.
  8. Unlimited content storage: Store unlimited posts and media in your Kontentino account. Everything is in cloud storage, which makes it easy for all collaborators to view the media. 
  9. Managing multiple projects: You can group social media profiles into projects or client/business names and share them with the concerned collaborators and clients.Kontentino-content-specific-features
  10. Labeling into topics: Let’s suppose your client deals with wellness products. You can create labels for topics on which you will post on a week-to-week or month-to-month-basis. For example, if you plan to focus on a diet for 2 weeks, you can create the diet label and tag all diet-specific posts under that label. Labeling makes the work more organized and easier to find, thus saving more time. 

Collaboration specific features

  1.  Assigning roles: You can assign the roles of Admin, Manager, Client, Designer, Copywriter, or Agency to your invitees and users. Each user role comes with different pre-set permissions. 
  2. Communication: All collaborators can communicate on each post in a chat box tab right next to the post preview. This makes sure that all communication regarding the post remains in one place and one thread.
  3. Approval & Rework: You can send your post for internal or client approval. In response, you might receive approval or feedback. You can click on the Rework option available in Edit post mode, and work on the changes needed. 
  4. Delegation: You can delegate the graphic part or content part of your task to team members after inviting them. 
  5. Activity log: The activity log helps you understand what changes were created by which team member, making all activity transparent on the Kontentino portal.

Ads specific features

Setting a budget: For your ad settings, you can set a budget and see the monthly or weekly budget at a glance in the calendar view. 

Engagement specific features (Special feature)

The Engagement feature of Kontentino is a highlighted feature and one that is very handy for basic and medium-level engagement. Engagement is best when not done in automation or not done by software. However, automating social media responses to a certain extent is advantageous.

  1. Responding to messages: Kontentino enables responding to messages from the Engage Tab. Currently, Kontentino supports Facebook and Instagram messaging.Kontentino-social-media-engagement
  2. Assigning conversations: You can assign your conversations to different team members/users.
  3. Highlighting special cases: You can add notes about certain people/conversations who comment or message you. They can be your biggest fans or hardest critics. Only team members can view notes about specific comments or conversations.
  4. Saved Responses: You can save responses to frequently asked questions or repetitive comments. 

Metrics & report specific features

  1. Detailed insights: Metrics are important for social media activity. Unless you can measure what’s working and what’s not, you cannot make changes to your social media strategy and planning. 
  2. Custom metrics: If you want to provide before and after reports, manually calculated engagement rates or other specific metrics not provided by the social channels, you can create your own custom sections in client reports. 
  3. PDF and CSV reports: Create beautiful reports and import them in PDF or CSV formats.

Other noteworthy features

  • Kontentino has a post-checklist feature that I find pretty cool. When you are drafting a post, you can add a checklist, and even make it a global checklist item for all posts.post-checklist-feature-kontentino
  • It has a mobile app with the same name. This makes Kontentino available on the go.
  • Kontentino sends email and mobile app notifications to clients for approval, and to team members for assigned tasks and internal approvals. 
  • If you do not want your clients to comment on the posts in the draft mode, you can give them access to the inspiration calendar where they can put their suggestions and comments. 


  • Kontentino has a full-fledged demo that helps to test the environment and features without putting any actual content. 
  • It has a Resources tab where you can access tutorials on how to use the platform. It also has a blog section, which is very helpful. 


Kontentino has 3 plans and an Enterprise package. 


Starter Plan

  • $53 per month for 3 users paid annually.
  • $59 per month for 3 users paid monthly.

Standard Plan

  • $117 per month for 10 users paid annually.
  • $130 per month for 10 users paid monthly.

Pro Plan

  • $216 per month for 10 users paid annually with extra features.
  • $240 per month for 10 users paid monthly with extra features.

Enterprise Plan

Custom plans tailored to bigger organizations. 

Free Trial

All Kontentino plans come with a 14 day free trial. You can create a trial account without putting in your credit card information. 

14 day free tiral of Kontentino

Kontentino Pros and Cons


  • Feature-filled
  • Easy to use
  • Built for collaboration
  • Time saver
  • Affordable compared to some other scheduling platforms in the market


  • Does not include YouTube or TikTok


Kontentino is a great tool, doubtlessly. With social media gaining more and more prominence for businesses, a tool like Kontentino might soon become a must-have for all businesses. 

A lot of small businesses are confused as to where to spend their resources and hard-earned revenue. A little logical thinking and a little calculation is helpful here – you can eliminate the need for a team with the help of this tool. For businesses having a social media team, this tool is a time-saver with its intuitive collaborative features and instant messages. 

Kontentino exceeded my expectations as a social media scheduler. I totally recommend Kontentino. Give it a try for yourself!

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