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How many times has an Instagram page asked you to click the link in bio? No doubt, the resulting click will take you to a page that offers you something – information, a product, service or thereof. 

Landing pages have the power to convert a potential lead into a customer. Not only are they non-intrusive, but they also offer a much better user engagement idea since users voluntarily choose to land here. 

Pop-ups, on the other hand, might disrupt the browsing experience of some but are yet powerful conversion and lead generation tools. Landingi helps one to create strong, engaging, and appealing landing pages. Despite being a relatively new tool, they have gained quite a lot of attention. 

So what is Landingi?

What sets Landingi apart from its competitors is that it is not simply a page builder. It is a platform that helps you in building a landing page, managing generated leads and product sales, all-in-one. Many people from industry-leading companies like Sony, eJobs, and Player are currently affiliated with this product.


You can find a variety of premium tools and templates. The entire process of learning the software and building a landing page is extremely easy. You can also enter your landing page goals and the industry you are working in for top recommendations which will help you filter out your choices. 

Landingi Review and Tutorial

As mentioned above, Landingi is very user-friendly and suitable for beginners, so how do you start using it? 

Getting Started

You have to sign up for Landingi by creating a new account or with your existing Google account (You need a Gsuite account). It is necessary for this to be a business domain account. They will ask for some personal details like your contact number, your business, and the industry that your business will be related to.

This influences the templates and suggestions. However, you can always change your preferences later. At this stage, you can select which pricing stack you want to explore. After completing this, your 14 day trial period will start and you will be directed to the Landingi dashboard. 

Landingi Dashboard

The Landingi dashboard is an extremely simple work of UI. To the left are all the services offered, whereas settings and your profile can be accessed from the top right. There is also a tab for the latest product updates from Landingi. The indiscreet chatbox on the bottom right will take you to an AI assistant who can solve common queries. 

landingi dashboard

What’s really interesting is that Landingi offers a short 3 minute tutorial on the dashboard for new users. This covers every aspect and is usually enough to get started. 

Creating Landing Pages Using Landingi 

The Landing Page tab will take you to a list of your existing landing pages. To get started on a new page, click on “Create a New Landing Page”. Landingi allows you to create a page from scratch using their editor, or import an existing landing page. 

landing page 2

After selecting, you will be asked to choose a template. When it comes to engagement, your page template plays a big role in seeking attention. Landingi has a variety of templates available for use which can further be customized according to your needs. 

landing page templates

All you need to do is enter a goal for your landing page, select your industry, pick up a template, and start building. Landingi groups templates based on three things:

  • Industries – this offers options like Insurance, Real Estate, Sport, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy etc.
  • Funnels – this offers templates based on the step of the sales funnel at which the landing page will make an appearance. Thus, you can design sales pages, thank you pages and so on.
  • Goals – here the templates are offered based on whether you are looking to recruit, sell products, gather event signups and so on.

After selecting a template, you will be asked to name the page. 

Landing page name

Next, you will be redirected to the editor page. Landingi uses a standard drag-and-drop editor. Hence, here you can edit and insert various things like logos, custom pictures, and texts.

To the left is a panel allowing you to add the elements, whereas the panel on the right offers details for this and changes based on the selected element. For editing any existing text on the screen, you can simply double click on it. To change the image, you can click on it and a series of options will pop up. 

image editing

Landingi Editor Elements

Among the elements you can add are:

  • Sections – you can drag and drop this on the screen to add an entirely new segment space which you can proceed to fill up with elements.
  • Text – This creates a text box. You can change the font, text height and color from the panel on the right.
  • Images – You can upload images from your device or browse directly from Unsplash. Images can be pinned into place so that expansion does not affect them. Before inserting, you can add links to images and set a trigger action.
  • Forms – Embed forms at any part.
  • Icon – This allows you to add icons from the existing library.

icon libary

  • Video – to embed a video, the link must be from either Youtube or Vimeo. You can set up autoplay for whenever a user opens the page.
  • Counter – this adds a timer counting down towards a specific date and time. 
  • HTML – This allows you to code and adds your own unique element.
  • Paypal/ Stripe/ PayU – these are the payment gateways currently offered. To set up a payment gateway, you must have added some products in the Products section as Landingi will ask you to select the product for which the link will be active. 

next action landingi

You can then set up the next page where the users will be directed to after payment. 

producrt payment

Many editors do not allow certain texts or pictures in certain areas of your page. In other words, they work on a strict grid layout. But this is not the case with Landingi. There are no restrictions here

You can also view the templates in a mobile view by using the preview button to the top right, this will help you to make certain changes and make your page optimal for both desktops and mobiles.

preview example landingi
The duplicate feature allows you to duplicate any features of your page with just a single click. You can also duplicate entire pages and customize them accordingly.

Publishing A Landing Page

After editing your template as per your requirements you can publish and your landing page will be live. 

landingi publishing

Publishing only takes a few clicks. Before publishing, Landingi will automatically save your progress. Once published, your page will be live on a test server and you will receive the address of your page. You can further change the URL and publish it on other platforms such as WordPress

landing page final view

Once done, it will be displayed on your Landing page tab and you can group them for easy sorting. 

Landing Page Analyser

Landingi offers a landing page analyzer that is currently in its BETA testing phase. You can access this from the button on the top right. This will lead you to a new tab where a heat map and transparency of your page will be displayed as shown.

Beta analyser

This is only a prediction and actual results may vary. However, it is still a handy feature to look out for. 

Creating Pop-Ups Using Landingi 

Apart from landing pages, Landingi also offers a provision for making your pop-up windows. Pop-ups are windows that open up without the user selecting them. You will have a lot of features available while editing your pop-up. Once published you can always monitor the performance of your pop-up.

Creating popups on Landingi is similar to building landing pages. Go to the pop-up page and click on “Create new Pop Up”.

landingi popup

Again, you will be asked to select an existing file or build from scratch. 

popup template

If you select the template option, you can choose from the following topics:

  • Subscribe
  • Discount
  • Contest
  • Content Giveaway
  • Cross-sell
  • Contact

Pop up templates

Select a template and name it. This will load the editor. 

popup editor landingi

The pop-up editor has the exact same interface as the landing page editor. The elements are also the same. The only difference is that pop-ups do not allow you to enter payment gateways.

Once you are done adding elements, click on “Next”. Now, you will be asked to enter the following information. 

  • Websites – here you must enter all of the landing pages or external sites where you want to display this popup.

popup next page landingi 

  • Triggers – You will also have to add triggers that will pull up the pop-up window.

triggers landingi

  • Frequency – Too many pop-ups can kill the vibe. So set an optimal frequency here.

frequency popup

  • Publish – Finally, you can publish by clicking on this button.

Creating A Lightbox Using Landingi 

A Lightbox is similar to a popup window, but it mainly focuses on advertising or subscription. A lightbox appears as an overlay, on top of your webpage and blurs out the website content. You can create and monitor a lot of good lightboxes with the tools offered by Landingi.

The process of creating a lightbox is very similar to a pop-up. Go to the lightbox page and click on “Create new lightbox”.

Lightbox landingi

You will be asked to enter a name for the lightbox. 

lightbox name

Landingi does not offer any templates for lightbox and hence, the editor opens up directly with a blank screen. The layout is the same.

lightbox editor

Once done, simply click on Publish and follow the steps. 

Landingi has a variety of keyboard shortcuts for its editor that can make one’s task very easy. These can be accessed by clicking the Help button. On every page, the AI assistant offers helpful messages. 

keyboard shortcuts


Adding Custom Fonts to Landingi 

Landingi allows you to load custom fonts for your brand. You can do this by navigating to the Fonts tab and clicking on “Add New Font”. This will ask you to choose from the following:

choose font

If you have chosen Google font, then you can directly choose one from the drop-down. Click “Add”.

google font

For custom fonts, you can upload TTF, OTF, WOFF2 extensions while naming the font as well. 

custom font

Once done, all existing fonts will be displayed under this tab. 

Managing Leads

Managing leads is one of the most important tasks. If done correctly, you might convert them into buyers. Landingi provides a page dedicated to all leads collected via embedded forms and newsletter subscription offers. 

Here you can manage and interact with them easily. You will also find all of the details that your potential buyers might have filled on your page. 

lead nav

You can search for a particular lead or sort them based on their origin space, date gathered and so on. Origin here refers to whether they were drawn from landing pages or pop-ups. 

Your Domains

In this option, you will be able to see all of the domains that you have added and linked to your account. After publishing a page, Landingi will first publish it on a test server and then later would ask you to enter the domain. By linking your domains you will be able to configure them.

To link a domain click on the “Add domain” option below. After this, you will be asked for your domain name.

add domain landingi

After linking the domain, you might have to wait a few hours for it to appear on Landingi. If you have any existing landing pages, you will have to connect your domain to them manually. Hence, we suggest you connect your domain at the very beginning.

Product List 

Here on this page, you can add all of your products. This page will show you exactly the number of sales you’ve made and also will show you your top purchased product. This might help you in tweaking your strategies. Moreover, you will be able to link the listed products to the payment gateways.

To add a product click on “Add new product” on the Products Tab. You will have to fill in the following information. 

add product

After clicking on add, the new product will appear on your product list. 

new product

This step is essential if you want to enter payment getaways on your landing pages for the product.

Managing Orders

As soon as someone orders you will get a notification and that order will get listed on this page. Here you will be provided with information like the buyer details, details and quantity of product ordered, time/date of order placement, and the current status of that order

Multiple clients could be managed from a single user, also you can easily duplicate and switch between various landing pages.

Setting Up Mail responder

It is quite often these days that your client could be from a different continent. With varying time zones, it is not always possible to revert soon enough. So this product also has an automated mail responder which you can customize according to your need. This will help you with staying in touch with your clients at every hour of the day. 

You can enable autoresponder by selecting your Embedded login form on a landing page or pop-up and opening the settings button. If this option is not visible, then double click on the form element. 

autoresponer 1

This will open a pop-up. Navigate to the Autoresponder tab. You will see something like this.

auto responder 2

You can now add the necessary message. This is quite a useful feature and a great addition from Landingi. 


Landingi is compatible with a lot of third-party tools which might help you to grow. There are hundreds of integrations currently available including Zapier, Pipedrive, Klaviyo, Slack, Gmail and more. 

While setting up the forms, you can access the Integrations button from the same Settings tab. Now you can select the integrations you want to set up and export your data to. 

reply io integrations

So, this was a tutorial on how you can use different services and build landing pages, pop-ups, and lightboxes on Landingi. This tutorial was just to explain how things work. There is a lot more to learn, once you start using it regularly you’ll get them comfortable with it.


You can see the stats of any page anytime, by simply clicking on the “Dashboard ” icon that appears next to it on hovering.


This will lead you to a new page where you can the total number of leads, sales and conversion rate.

stats landingi

There are a few more options in this section which brings us to our new topic.

Setting Up A/B Testing

From this page, you can navigate to the A/B testing tab on top. This will open up a window as shown below:

Ab test landingi

The star sign next to a landing page indicates that it is the main page. You can now click on “Add a variant” to add a wholly new page or copy the existing page and tweak a few things. Once done, you can click on the “Start the test” button.

Below there are options related to finishing the test and declaring the result. This can be done manually or after a set number of visits, conversions or days. The A/B testing page will keep updating with the latest number of leads, traffic and conversion rate for each page so that you can determine which is better.

The Landingi A/B testing feature is extremely easy to use. The UI does not overwhelm the user with too many stats and facts. Rather it chooses to focus on what’s important.


The pricing range is quite low compared to other contemporary platforms. A free trial is offered at the beginning of your subscription however later on Landingi will offer your 3 plans which are named the create, automate, and agency

  • Create – This plan is the most basic plan and is mainly focused on small startups and businesses to build a high-converting campaign that increases sales. This plan includes all of the basic features such as WordPress plugin, 400+ landing page templates, pop-up builder, and sales/email integrations. The monthly subscription price of this plan is 89 USD.
  • Automate – This plan is the intermediate-level plan meant for marketing veterans. This plan includes a lot more features like a campaign scheduler, autoresponder, funnels, and smart section. These features are generally aimed to automate a few of the processes and also to boost your current conversion rate. The monthly price of this plan is 127 USD.
  • Agency – This is the most premium plan offered by Landingi. This plan includes addons features such as priority support, white-label solutions, API to create sub-accounts, accounts for customers, and a few more custom images/templates. 199 USD is the monthly price.

Get started with Landingi for free


You need to strategically invest a lot for your business to grow. Landingi is a great platform for growing your business but it also has its pros and cons. 

So can you create a landing page that can convert using Landingi?

Yes, you can. Even if you are a rookie and new to online website building, Landingi has a very easy-to-use interface that can help you find the right things easily. There are a large variety of templates related to different business backgrounds, from which you can pick your template. 

The built-in app editor is simply one of the best and easiest to use. The drag and drop feature works perfectly fine, there are no restrictions while dragging and dropping an insert. There is also an undo button which could save you a lot of time. The autosave feature also comes in handy if power cuts are regular in your area.

There are always pros and cons to a product. But this product has a lot more pros when compared to its cons. The pricing for the features it provides is absolutely a plus point. If you are just stepping into the world of online business then the very basic plan is more than enough.

From our experience, we would recommend this product for long-term usage. Even the basic plan has most of the required features. You can give your landing page a personal touch which will make them as unique and attractive as possible.

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