The Best Link Whisper Alternative : Autolinks

Looking for a powerful Link Whisper alternative?

Link Whisper is an internal link automation plugin. It uses artificial intelligence (A.I) and an advanced algorithm to suggest which blog posts you should be linking to.

Using Link Whisper, you can save a lot of time and boost your on-page SEO. You don’t have to go through your blog post word by word. With one click, Link Whisper adds internal links with appropriate anchor text.

Since its launch, there hasn’t been any plugin quite like it.

See, Link Whisper doesn’t just help you add internal links; it GUIDES you. You don’t need to choose keywords, anchor text, or the blog post manually.

By using its algorithm, it scans your content and identifies relevant links throughout your blog. All you have to do is click a button.

So, let me say this straight:

There is no alternative to Link Whisper. At least, for now.

I’ve tried multiple interlinking WordPress plugins, paid, and free both. But none can do what Link Whisper does.

However, DAEXT launched a new plugin called Autolinks Manager Pro.

Apart from Link Whisper’s A.I, Autolinks Manager Pro has everything. You can read the full Autolinks review here.

I know, because I use both of them here on BforBloggers. I’ve used Link Whisper, and I’m currently testing Autolinks.

Using Autolinks Manager Pro, you can set a keyword to automatically link a URL. Every time the keyword is mentioned throughout your website, it will be automatically get linked to the specified URL.

You can track the clicks on the link inserted by Autolinks Manager Pro. This makes it a great option for affiliate marketers,

Affiliate marketers can set Autolinks Manager Pro to add affiliate links for product mentions. It comes with support for adding a Nofollow tag, and you can also set to open individual links in a new tab.

Autolinks Manager Pro also allows you to add links in bulk. The link insertion works in an instant.

So the moment you add a keyword and specify a URL, it adds the link to all the matching keywords.

You can enable or disable automatic link insertion on individual posts.

It comes with a bunch of customization features. To add more personalized links, you can set certain parameters that need to match before an Autolink is interested.

For example, you can create an Autolink for articles in a certain category only.

If you happen to work with clients, Autolinks Manager Pro has a developer’s license and Import/Export features as well.

Autolinks Manager Pro is a lightweight plugin, not very resource hungry. You’d be fine using it on a website hosted on shared hosting.

Now, you need to understand Link Whisper is worth the $77 you pay for it. It provides features like link suggestion and in-click link insertion, currently not offered by any other WordPress plugin.

Its algorithm has aged very well. When I first started using it, the suggestions were pretty lame and not accurate.

But it slowly Link Whisper has become very accurate. The internal link suggestions have become highly relevant, and the matchmaking of content/anchor text is beyond the keyword resemblance.

Still, try Autolinks Manager Pro first and see if it fulfills your needs. It’s priced at $29, but you can get it for $9 using BforBloggers as a discount code.

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Over to you:

How do you compare Link Whisper to Autolink Manager Pro?

Any questions?

Either way, leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. There is a new internal linking tool called which does even more than Link Whisper. It also provides link audits like how many times you’ve used anchor text, or keyword link cannibalization (if you used the same keyword for more than one page).

  2. Link whisper(free) is not working well for me. All it does is promote their upgrade.

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