Mangools Review : The Perfect SEO Tool for Bloggers

Mangools is a complete suite of SEO tools that has everything you seek to grow your business online.

It consists of:

  • A keyword research tool
  • A backlink checker
  • A rank tracker
  • a SERP monitor
  • A Website SEO analyzer

I discovered Mangools three years back. I’ve been using their tools since then.

They’ve grown quite a lot. Back when I first started using their keyword research tool KWFinder, it was just another tool on the web.

Fast forward to the present, KWFinder is easily the best keyword research tool.

In this review, I’ll be talking about all of Mangools’ SEO tools in detail.

So you can decide if Mangools is the right choice for you, or not.

ⓘ TL:DRIf you’re in a hurry to know if Mangools SEO tools are good enough to purchase at a monthly subscription of $29.99, then the answer is yes. It is totally value for money. KWFinder and LinkMiner are two of the SEO best tools, and you won’t get anything like them for that price. Get your free trial →

Let’s checkout KWFinder first.

KWFinder – Keyword Research Tool by Mangools

The biggest attraction for Mangools is KwFinder, the keyword research tool.

Keyword research has significant importance in SEO. Many tools claim to have the latest and highly accurate keyword data. But not too many can win against KWFinder.

It is an absolute benchmark for comparing keyword research tools.

KWFinder is easy to use. From a beginner to a professional SEO, anyone can gather keyword ideas and search data.

The data is more accurate than its competitors. It isn’t like any of those free tools that suggest a plethora of keywords and general search volume data.

KWFinder’s research report is as detailed as it gets. I’ve used other tools like SEMrush, but KWFinder is easily more thorough and insightful in the reporting section.

Using KWFinder, you can:

  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Keyword search volume
  • Related search queries
  • Competitiveness of the keyword (How easy or hard will it be to rank on the top position)
  • Geographical search data
  • Domain Authority, Page Authority
  • Citation flow, trust flow
  • Backlinks pointing to the top-ranking pages
  • Facebook shares
  • Estimated visits

Having quick access to data such as DA and Backlinks gives you a brief idea of whether you should pursue targeting that keyword or not. It is such a time saver.

The overall data showcase is pretty neat in KWFinder.

You can export the keyword suggestions along with all the displayed data with one click.

If you’re preparing a content strategy, you can also click on add to list to save the keyword report and quickly access it from the dashboard.

In the search report, you can access questions asked by the Google search users and the autocomplete query when you search for a keyword.

To find the keywords a particular website is ranking for, enter the domain in the search box.

Mangools have very nicely integrated their tools. You can find an option to analyze the SERPs for the current keyword you’re analyzing.

You will find an Analyze button below the keyword metrics which will open SERPchecker – another SEO tool by Mangools.

If you’ve ever used a tool like Ahrefs, you’ll notice how hard it is to find the exact data you need.

Because most SEO tools have an all-in-one approach. They add every SEO tool under one dashboard, many people like it, and many people don’t.

It certainly makes it easy to switch from one tool to another (One moment you’re searching for keywords, the other analyzing backlinks inside the same tool with a similar interface.)

Check out the KWFinder’s dashboard:

KWFinder has a typical frontend designing from Mangools. All the tools share the same dashboard design.

Mangools approach is more towards a modern design with simpler element placement.

Read our detailed KWFinder review.

LinkMiner – Backlink Analysis Tool by Mangools

The backlink checker by Mangools is called LinkMiner. You can lookup unlimited backlinks pointing to a domain name using LinkMiner.

The backlink index of LinkMiner is good. It doesn’t take much time to discover new links in the updated version.

The dashboard looks very minimalistic. It isn’t any different than KWFinder’s dashboard.

You can easily navigate through all sections with one click. LinkmIner allows you to export each backlink analysis report in CSV format.

The option of filtering the backlink report is very useful and a goldmine for SEOs. Click on the filter toggle under the search bar, and you’ll be able to precisely select what type of backlinks you’re looking for.

A lot of times, you’ll end up checking multiple websites at once. Maybe 10 or 20 websites in a row will make it hard for you to go back to your primary competitors. In such cases, you can even mark certain backlink reports as favorite.

All reports marked as favorites can be found by clicking the Favourite button at the top of the LinkMiner search bar.

LinkMiner is a great tool for beginners. You won’t need anything more than what it has to offer. You’ll be able to learn all the basics of backlink analysis and start link building without paying a hefty premium.

There is an option to view all new or lost backlinks only on the top of the search bar.

On the right side of the search bar, you will find domain metrics and the number of referring IPs, domains, and active backlinks.

When you enter a domain and hit the search button, a detailed backlink analysis report will turn up on the screen.

It also shows you where the backlink can be exactly found on the website in the preview area on the screen’s right side.

Click on any backlink row to open the live preview.

LinkMiner is a pretty basic tool. You can check the backlink of the domain, which is the whole purpose of the tool.

With LinkMiner, you can do the following:

  • Check website backlinks
  • Historical backlink data
  • New/lost, follow/nofollow backlinks
  • Preview anchor text and individual pages
  • Check link metrics (citation flow, trust flow, domain authority)

LinkMiner is the perfect backlink checker for beginners to understand how competition analysis works. It gives you access to all the data you need to build a link profile that you can target using multiple link-building strategies.

Read our detailed LinkMiner review.

SERPChecker – SERP Analysis Tool by Mangools

If you’re looking for an SEO tool to analyze SERPs (search engine result pages), SERPChecker is a good and affordable option.

SERPChecker will help you to pull up essential data for all the top-ranking links on Google SERPs.

Mangools suggests the SERPChecker allows you to analyze SERPs and find weak spots of your competitors. I would label it more of a simple competitor analysis tool.

If you’re working on multiple projects, SERPChecker has a huge time saver feature called Snapshot.

You can save a snapshot of the SERPs for a particular date to accurately compare your content’s progress.

SERPChecker helps you to:

  • Check top ranking websites on Google
  • Analyze each link on the SERP for competitiveness level
  • Check keyword SEO difficulty
  • Find similar queries
  • Check featured snippets and people also ask queries

If you’re focusing on local SEO for a business, you can filter the SERP reports for a specific country and location. And filter it for mobile and desktop results too.

As usual, Mangools has a quick switch to find backlinks and website metrics/analytics.

By clicking on the three dots on the links in SERPChecker, you can switch to LinkMiner and Siteprofiler.

Using this quick switch option, you can analyze that particular link and generate a thorough competitor analysis report.

There is an option to compare two SERP reports simultaneously.

To compare to SERPs, enter the keyword in the comparison box at the SERPChecker dashboard’s bottom. This feature is highly useful if you’re working on your client’s website. You will be able to quickly analyze the keyword that is easy to rank and what you need to create to outrank your competitor.

An there’s an option to export all the SERP reports in CSV format. Across all plans.


SiteProfiler is a website analytics tool by Mangools.

The main use of SiteProfiler is to find how authoritative and established a website is. It uncovers domain metrics such as Domain Authority and Trust Flow. You can understand if a website is valuable enough to acquire backlinks, buy, or for advertisement purposes.

SiteProfiler gives you access to the following data:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Trust and Citation flow
  • Facebook shares
  • Referring to IPs and Alexa Rank

Enter a domain name in the SiteProfiler search bar, and you’ll immediately uncover the domain metrics and website analytics report. It analyses at both page URL as well as the root domain level.

Scroll a little, and you’ll notice the “Top Competitor” list. SiteProgiler shows up to 12 competitor websites on the first page. You can also take a quick look at the number of similar keywords these websites share.

It’s much like Similarweb but more thorough and accurate.

The top content section shows you the best content on the website or the blog. It sorts the top content based on Facebook shares.

The backlink profile is powered by LinkMiner.Again, the best part about any Mangools SEO tool is their integration with each other.

To get a complete backlink analysis report, click on the “Show in LinkMiner” button, and a new window will open the LinkMiner backlink report for the domain you just searched in SiteProfiler.


Looking for a super affordable rank tracker?

You’ll love using SERPWatcher.

SERPWatcher is a keyword tracking tool. The fifth and final SEO tool offered by Mangools. SERPWacther helps you to generate present and historical keyword analytics and performance data.

A keyword rank tracking tool’s main use is to find out how your website is performing0 in SERPs for search queries. And to see if your content is ranking for your targeted keyword.

I use Accuranker (the benchmark tool in the industry) to track my top-ranking keywords. Accuranker is amazing, but it is definitely not for first-time users. It is much more expensive and can become hard to navigate, and the reports are hard to understand for beginners.

However, with SERPWatcher, it’s pretty simple to track keywords and analyze the performance indicators. By studying the performance indicators, you can outrank your competitors relatively faster. Because then you know what exactly users are searching for and what Google prefers to rank on top.

With SERPWatcher, you get more or less the same set of features and an advantage over SEOs who don’t track keyword rankings periodically.

SERPWatcher allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Track keyword position and distribution
  • Study desktop and mobile rankings
  • Estimate website traffic
  • Email alerts of rank changes

On the dashboard, you find a button to create a new tracking. Filling all the details will set up a new tracking list. You can filter to track location-specific keywords, separate devices, and choose a domain to automatically sync top keywords from KWFInder.

It is a simplistic tool, and the reports area looks pretty much the same as other Mangools’s tools report area. You can see the search volume history, ranking URLs, and position history by clicking on the keyword.

Go back to the domain tracking, and you’ll see the performance index. The performance index shows you how the domain has been ranking the following year.

SERPWatcher also shows you estimated visits and classifies the keywords in the top gainers and losers category.

Scrolling down to the end of the report will show you Keyword Position Flow. This shows you how many keywords went up in rank, how many went down, and the number of unchanged keyword rankings.

Read our detailed SERPWatcher review.

Mangools Pricing

The main highlight of Mangools SEO suite is its pricing. It is one of the most affordable SEO tools.

With the quality of tools they have, it’s hard to argue their plans and pricing. The basic plan starts at $29.90 per month.

Mangools Premium plan is priced at $39.90 per month. And Mangools Agency plan s priced at $79.90 per month.

The only thing I don’t like about their pricing structure is the limitation on searches. The basic plan lets you perform 100 keyword research in a day and look up to 200 suggestions in a month. That’s not much but more than enough for beginners.

Power users such as SEO professionals and established bloggers would definitely subscribe to the premium plan. It’s the most value-for-money plan priced at$39.90 per month.

For $10 extra per month, you get unlimited competitor keywords per search and 5x backlink rows. You can then also log in on 3 devices simultaneously.

All 5 SEO tools are available on every Mangool subscription.

Mangools offers a free trial for 10 days. The free trial is long enough for you to know if Mangools is the right SEO tool for you or not.

Quick Navigation Between SEO Tools Under Mangools

Switching between all 5 SEO tools is easy. You can do so from the Mangools dashboard:

The Mangools dashboard displays the remaining lookup threshold for each tool.

Or by clicking the hamburger menu on the top left corner while using any of the 5 Mangools tools.

By clicking on the top right corner on your Gravatar, you can go to your account settings and instantly peek at the available lookup threshold for each tool.


On the account settings, you can find the information on your action plan and billing details. You can also turn auto-renewal on/off right here, even if you’re paying via PayPal.

There is also this awesome SEO extension that Mangools offers. To use it to its full potential, you’ll need an active subscription.

The SEO extension works on Chrome and Firefox. It shows you SERP analysis reports, keyword search volume data and allows you to perform on-page SEO checks. 


You have multiple ways to contact the support team for any queries, after or pre-sales.

The best and fastest way is to use live chat.

Their SEO supervisors are available 24×7 to answer your questions and help you understand the tools.

You can also raise a ticket via email if you like.

As far as my experience goes, their support is always to-the-point and quick to resolve any queries.

If for some reason, you feel Mangools isn’t what you’re looking for, you can cancel the subscription under 48 hours to get a full refund.


Mangools is an amazing option for the price it comes at. It is very affordable but doesn’t seem to compromise on its SEO tools’ quality and development.

It is a perfect option for beginners who are learning SEO basics. Mangools is also a good choice for bloggers and small business owners.

Click here to try Mangools for free.

If you’re using or have used Mangools, let me know in the comments below.

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