14 Highly Useful Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

A smart marketer knows the importance of choosing the right digital marketing tools.

Think about it. Your ideas are of no use if you can’t implement them. And chances of your marketing campaigns to succeed is next to zero if you rely upon underperforming software and platforms.

But how do you identify the best marketing tools for your business?

You need to identify and understand your needs and requirements. You should know what you’re looking for based on the difficulties your facing and the possibilities of finding something better.

In this list, I’m sharing some of the best marketing tools in just about every aspect of digital marketing. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something for your requirements.

Google Analytics


Analytics is the first thing any marketer should ever want to see. Blogging without understanding your visitors is like speaking without any audience.

And no tool collects and puts analytics data like Google Analytics does.

Google Analytics has several advantages over stats tools like the Jetpack plugin. Most importantly, it is far more comprehensive and detailed.

You can track email signups using Google Analytics, track conversions of sales pages, see how your visitors behave on your website, their landing pages, exit pages, and much more. It just keeps you showing everything you could ask for.


Email marketing is what makes sure you have got an asset for your business. Building your email list and getting the most profit out of it is a lot easier when you have the right tools and email marketing service.

ConvertKit is one of the best and most straightforward email marketing services.

It is built to make email automation and workflow easier. I find it very easy to segment and create custom workflows in ConvertKit. Most importantly, you can handle lead magnets and ethical bribes using tags by which creating email automation becomes easier and cost-effective (you won’t have to pay for duplicate emails).

Try ConvertKit for free



Lead generation is a lot harder these days. However, using exit intent and slidein optin forms, I increased my conversion rate by 112%.

OptinMonster comes with many triggers and targeting options focused on increasing your optin and lead conversion rate. Most notably, it makes it easier to create and deploy different types of optin forms:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Floating headers.
  • Sidebar forms.
  • Inline forms.
  • Welcome gates.
  • Scroll-triggered boxes.

A/B tests, targeting inactive visitors, targeting people’s specific interest will help you turn your visitors into subscribers and eventually customers faster. You’ll find OptinMonster a perfect tool for doing all of these conversion optimization tasks.

Try OptinMonster here


If you use photoshop for making images for your blog posts, website banners, etc., you know how tough it is to prepare one single usable photo. Its time consuming and somehow very tough for someone who hasn’t used photoshop before.

The stencil is an online graphics editing tool you can use to create images for any need. Whether for Facebook ads, Twitter banners, infographics, flyers or ads, and blog banners.

It is swift and easy to use, and it makes creating new original images a straightforward process. I would highly recommend you to start using it if you haven’t yet.

Try Stencil App here

Google Trends

Google Trends is a must-have tool if you believe in first-one marketing. With it, you can keep an eye on what the word is searching on the internet and what’s getting trendy over time.

This will give you new blog post ideas that are sure to bring maximum traffic in a given period of time or in the longer run.

So, when you hear a term somewhere in any forum or anywhere else, you just enter it in Google Trends, and it will show you how much interest people are taking in it.

Try Goolge Trends here


Checking backlinks, PPC value, CPC costs of a keyword, competition analysis – It’s all about getting more organic traffic. How do you find profitable keywords or high CPC keywords study your competition:

Using an SEO tool.

And the best one so far is SEMrush.

SEMrush is a suite of SEO tools that let you do site audits, find broken links, analyze domain value, and everything you need to grow your organic traffic.

Try SEMrush for free here


Social Media Scheduling Marketing and Analytics Tool SocialPilot

Handling multiple social networks and accounts to market your new posts and campaigns – do you feel exhausted and pissed at times?

I feel SocialPilot makes it very easy to handle multiple social media account and automate your social network campaigns.

SocialPilot lets you schedule content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram from one dashboard. The best part: it lets you handle all account reports from one place.

Try SocialPilot here


Want to collaborate over your entire marketing, content creation, and revenue schedule with your team? You need this editorial calendar.

Coschedule allows you to smartly plan your future tasks, schedule your strategies ahead of time, and most importantly, it helps you collaborate with your team remotely.

Recently, CoSchedule made it easy to schedule tweets and Facebook posts, along with your blog posts and other content.

Try CoSchedule here

Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s blog topic generator is handy if you run out of content ideas or get struck by Writer’s or blogger’s block.

Simply put a few words in it, and it will show you random topics you can write about.

It gives a week full of new ideas, so you don’t have to worry about what’s next!

Try Topic Generator here


AnswerThePublic is a unique topic research tool that helps you find hundreds of ideas to write about.

It brings you a collection of questions searched for any keyword you want. You simply go to their tool and enter a keyword to find what people are searching for in correlation to it.

AnswerThePublic is a freemium tool and, from my point of view, is the best way to find long-tail keywords and sub-topics for bloggers. You can find endless topics to write about in a matter of minutes, and you can also export the results in PDF files.

Try AnswerThePublic here


Want an easy, smart, and fast way to create landing pages without touching any line of code? Unbounce is for you.

Unbounce is an awesome tool to create high-converting landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, and promotional pages for any marketing or non-marketing purpose.

It comes with the call to action boxes, page buttons, popup boxes, and everything you could ask for creating a landing page that converts.

Unbounce has updated a lot in the past few years and now comes with an AI-powered smart A/B testing feature. You can read about Smart Traffic here.

Try Unbounce for free here

Smart Podcast Player (Now Fusebox)

If you have a podcast and use a podcast player other than this one, you are really missing out on the golden egg.

Fusebox podcast player is the only podcast player by far, which lets you collect your listeners’ emails right from the player itself.

So, while listening to your podcast, they can easily subscribe to your email list. It definitely increases the conversion rate because it has a popup builder inbuilt, and it is very customizable, so you can adjust its look according to your brand.

Try Fusebox here for free


Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Tool

Want to know who (and what they are) talking about you anywhere online?

Use Brand24. It is a social media monitoring tool that gives you social insights, brand mention notification, reputation analytics, and more.

Brand24 helps you discover your online mentions, and generate more leads and increase your brand awareness relatively faster than your competition (who isn’t using it).

Try Brand24 here


Ubsersuggest is a keyword research tool useful in getting more keyword and content ideas faster.

It helps find keyword search volume, CPC value, Keyword difficulty, paid (PPC) difficulty, and monthly trend over time.

It also has a SERP analysis and a keyword suggestion tool, both of which help find profitable keywords that are easy to rank. The best part, it’s free.

Try Ubersuggest here

You should also check out the best social media automation tools for bloggers and the best chrome extensions every blogger should use.

If you are a digital marketing nerd like me, check out how to find profitable pages for your blog.

Share your favorite marketing tools in the comments section below, and feel free to mention new ones.

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