Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, Is the newly shouted money-making field. A few years ago, very few bloggers were aware of this commission-based marketing strategy.

In this Revised article, I will share my compiled list of some misconceptions and myths about Affiliate Marketing. I will also share some tips and tricks in between to inspire.

Still, in 2018, we have received some of the surprising questions. People who don’t understand affiliate marketing are losing the opportunity to make serious money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a B2B Marketing job or strategy where a person affiliated with an organization recommends their services and products, promotes them, and receives a commission based on particular terms.


For Example – When I refer Siteground hosing to you, I receive a commission from them.


This covers our first misconception.

Affiliate Marketing is all about selling Products, either Good or Bad.

Absolutely Not. Not in your wildest dreams. Affiliate marketing is a passive source of income. We do it because we want our readers to know about valuable and cheap services. After all, they believe us. They spend their money on our recommendation.


It is our (Affiliate Marketers) responsibility to ensure no one is deceived. Our main goal should be to create valuable information. Unbiased and trusted.


Test every product before becoming an affiliate. Look out for the pros and cons while keeping the money aside.


Promote things you would be eager to buy. Don’t if you will not. Promoting fake products, poor services, and promoting spammy sites will not only degrade the quality of your website but also in a person.


*NoteGoogle blacklists websites that give backlinks to spammy and untrusted websites. Once blacklisted, it’s hard to make a web presence again. Choose your backlinks and affiliate programs wisely.

Selecting Wrong / Irrelevant Niche

Quite often, new marketers do this. They start a blog on Thoughts and quotes and try to sell-out any possible product through Amazon that provides maximum Commission.


This is a wrong practice, and you should stop doing this. As a new blogger, you may not be able to get approved from various affiliate programs. Amazon Affiliate program remains the first option.


While for selective niches, Amazon is a boon, Not every possible niche will gain its benefit. You can sell books, Clothes, and tech-related products, but you cannot sell online services.


For doing this, you need to make sure you choose products that are most relevant to your content. This will increase the C-T-R and will give you more sales.

Affiliate Marketing Needs Skills, Mind, and Great Efforts.

Yes. Affiliate marketing is something you need to take care of until you stop doing it. It isn’t gonna work like an Advertisement where you place an Ad banner and Earns either from Impressions or Clicks.


You have to make sure your visitors are satisfied. The best thing you can do is add a survey or a poll to know their needs.


It takes time. You have to have patience and understanding. You need to make sure your visitors have faith and a sense of trust in you. This will only build up over time. You cannot change anything in this.


Although Affiliate marketing needs skills and efforts, it doesn’t mean a beginner cannot practice affiliate marketing. This completely depends upon you and how you manipulate [ in a good way ].


It doesn’t take too much time to learn basics, and a single article can make everything clear. 2-3 months are enough for you to learn how to become a good affiliate marketer. Once on the track, there’s no stopping or moving back.

Affiliate marketing Is About deceiving People.

Rubbish. It is peculiar but still a common misconception that affiliate marketers deceive people by promoting false promises and product services. If you are a good reader, you may remember that I mentioned this in the first misconception.


Some Affiliate does this to make quick money through false hope. To fight this scam, most Affiliate programs today have a policy of verifications before leaving a paycheque.


Your account may be terminated if you don’t follow the guidelines and proved to be a spammer. That’s why it is always recommended to read the application guidelines and T&C first.


You should keep this point in mind. You must keep an eye on how your recommendation is looking. You must not pursue others to buy a product or device if they font find it useful.

Marketers Get The Whole Benefit, People Won’t Use The Link!

Affiliate Marketing works on mutual benefit. Affiliated people get the offers, exclusive discount coupons, Free trials, giveaways, and Add-ons, etc.
That’s why it is beneficial for both the consumer and marketer. The same case happens with SEMrush, This SEO tool is worth $199, but BforBloggers’ readers get 14 days premium free trial.
Helping Someone to save money is no crime. People understand each other, and so they do the needs. This shows their support towards the marketer and his efforts to bring the best upfront.

Affiliate Programs Won’t Pay Me The Commission For Every Sale.

That’s Not true. However, some affiliate programs may limit the number of sales you can refer to. This number is deficient, and Almost every Affiliate program has unlimited and special privilege plans for premium publishers. The sales are tracked by Affiliate software, which recognizes the unique IDs assigned to you. That’s why you need to make sure your links have thus id. We recommend cloaking the links to completely protect them from theft.


One thing you should Note:- 
Before Joining An Affiliate Program, make sure you read about them and reviews. Makes sure the program is legit and trusted. They may give you the money for your sales or Advertisements.


Common Conflicts Clarifications: About Deals, Promos and More

First things first, You won’t get the same offers to promote as your competition gets. You will receive minimal deals to promote, and your commissions will be lesser too.
Since you are new to the field, this is normal. Once you start growing and your sales performance increases, you will start receiving many more good offers.


Merchants will reach you to promote their stuff and review them. This will only happen over time. You cannot disallow the time to touch you. Patience is the virtue of blogging.


You will face disapproval from many merchants while building your business, no need to worry about that. Ignore such merchants and focus on building and developing yourself more and more.


Take disapprovals as a source of motivation, not as a failure. This will help you get inspired to work more. Everyone has faced this once in their lifetime.


You can gradually ask your merchant to give you custom coupon codes and deals. You can reach them through e-mails, and there is no shame in that. You are doing business, and you need to talk to your partners. This will help you grow out of your introverted mind.


I am sure you will look into these conditions seriously as everything is covered.


Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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  1. This is very effective for the new affiliate marketers got to know so much from this… doubts cleared, mind cleared.

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