Missinglettr Review: Social Media Automation At It’s Best

Content promotion is a never-ending activity that saps you of energy and leaves you too tired to do anything else.

So what’s the solution?

Social media automation. Sending out social media posts on autopilots that are unique, interesting, and click-worthy.

I recently started using Missinglettr, an amazing and unique social media automation tool.

In this review, I will show you what Missinglettr is and how it can help you enhance your social media efforts.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr is a social media drip tool smart marketers use to bring perpetual traffic to their blog.

Missinglettr implements A.I. and NLP (natural language processing) algorithms to scan your articles, take useful and relevant snippets, and use them to create custom promotional campaigns out of them.

This is what makes this tool so unique.

So it’s all automatic, and your job as a social media marketer, business owner, or blogger will only be to supervise the tool by setting up and approving campaigns.

Of course, there’s plenty of options for you to tinker with to make Missinglettr work the way you like, but the real strength of Missinglettr is that you really don’t have to.

This is social media automation at it’s finest, and the tool just sparkles with excellence.

✏️Aayush’s NoteI’ve moved all of my social campaigns from Buffer to Missinglettr because it is 10x faster than Buffer and runs on autopilot most of the time. Try Missinglettr for free.

Missinglettr features

A.I. and NLP algorithms. Thanks to these advanced pieces of programs, Missinglettr creates postings that rival those of human users. Often it’s even better as these algorithms can calculate relevancy much better than human brains can.

Automatic postings that can be edited– Missinglettr first creates your campaign for you. And then it lets you tinker with it and make it even better.

Meaning you can edit postings easily, from changing images to uploading new ones; to editing quotes and excerpts. Nearly everything you’d want to change to make your campaigns better, you can, and Missinlettr’s simple interface is a child’s play to grasp and use.

Elegant dashboard– As I mentioned, the dashboard is from where you review campaigns (as Missinglettr makes them) and send them onto the social media networks.

While you sit in your safe encampment and watch.

Ability to fine-tune campaigns. Promotional campaigns are excellent as they are, under their default setting. But if you’re a pro and you know what you’re doing, you can delve deeper into the “Settings” tab:

As you can see, there’s a whole host of things to tinker with:

  • Website details
  • Social Profiles
  • Dates and times
  • Schedule template
  • Campaign settings
  • Content templates
  • Quote bubble template
  • Blacklist phrases

These are pretty self-explanatory but more interesting ones are:

a) Quote bubble template, where I suggest you make sure you use a picture of you (Gravatar image is best) or your brand’s logo, so it looks nice and folks remember and learn to recognize you at a glance.

Here’s how it looks for Aayush:

b) Campaign settings

Here you can enable or disable hashtags and choose different url shortener services. Like I said, the default setting is optimal but you can experiment if you will.

There’s a detailed analytics report that Missinglettr offers. Here’s how it looks:

This analytics report dashboard is currently in the BETA stage, so you can expect to see more features added soon. The report shows you how many clicks you’re getting and which network is performing the best along with the highest click-through campaigns.

It also shows you the best time of the day for your niche. A cool feature you can take advantage of to get more engagement on your social media posts.

The best Missinglettr feature is its high-quality automation that leaves your hands free to do other important work,

Which is:

How to Set up a New Campaign in Missinglettr?

First things first–  Sign up for Missinglettr, and set up your account. It’s effortless.

Just add your email, set a password and add your blog’s URL and make sure you add in all your social media profiles.

Note: Currently, Missinglettr supports LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter integrations.

Second, once you’ve verified and set up your account, Missinglettr will run in the background, in perpetual ON mode scanning your site and awaiting new posts.

And when you publish something new, it will automatically create a new promotional campaign that will then be in stand-by mode waiting for you to green-light it.

What’s more, I find that the campaigns the tool creates are excellent. They usually consist of excerpts from the blog post with a mixture of quotes and images. And I rarely have to tinker and waste my time with it.

So it’s social automation as it should be- handsfree.

Thirdly, you can also add in blog posts that you published before you got Missinglettr.

Recently Aayush published a super high-quality article on ways to get more YouTube subscribers. And there isn’t a campaign set in Missinglettr for that post, which makes it a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what this cool tool can do.

Step #1- create a new campaign and enter the URL of the blog post

Step #2–  Select the “Auto Campaign” option and set it to 12 months.

Step #3– Wait for 5m.

That’s usually how long it takes for Missinglettr’s advanced algorithms to create a promotional campaign for your article.

And once it’s done, you will get an email notification.

Step #4– Review Campaign

Once you get an email confirmation that your campaign is ready, all you have to do is reload the page and then click on the “Review Campaign” button.

Step #5- Select appropriate hashtags

Now it’s time to select hashtags to give your post a boost. And do notice how the tool recommends popular hashtags for you to use  (popular are those with 5 purple circles).

Note: the tool recommends you choose 1-3 hashtags to help your posts get discovered. And I agree. Perhaps you can go up to 4 #, but no more.

Step #6– Approve the campaign as it is or edit it

Missinglettr creates superb postings, and rarely do you have to fumble about and change things.

But sometime you may have too and in that case, you can easily:

  • change the quote
  • change image
  • change image quote
  • exclude social media channel

It’s all easy to do and all very intuitive. You’ll get a grasp of it in a minute, though I doubt you’ll be using this feature much.

Step #7- Approve it and be done with it!

Click “Next” and lay back because the grunt work is done. The tool will work in the background while you get new visitors and collect new email subscribers.

Very easy to use

I remember I was able to grasp how it works in 15 minutes of fumbling about, and the interface is clean and intuitive. Even if you never before used a social media scheduler, you’ll be fine.

It’s an excellent service and mostly passive benefit

I say mostly because you still have to review and approve your campaigns. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a 2-minute job, and then the tool promotes you endlessly and brings in new and curious visitors around the clock.

The software is advanced

Really, that NLP and A.I. algorithms they have running in the background really know their stuff. In fact, I often find and the tool does exactly what I would’ve done. And it has happened once or twice that it trumped me in quality.

Missinglettr Pricing

Missinglettr comes in 2 plans:

  • Solo
  • Pro

Solo plans will cost you $9/month and the Pro plan will cost you $39/month.

The solo plan will let you add one user and one content source, like your primary blog. It will let you link 3 social media accounts and schedule 1,000 posts every month.

Then the Pro plan will allow you to add unlimited users, three content sources, eight social profiles, and schedule 5,000 posts every month.

These two different plans of Missinglettr differ mainly in how many profiles and content sources you can hook up with it.

That’s why it’s important to realize that if you’re a lone-blogger, you probably don’t need the Pro plan.

And if you’re an agency looking to automate, Missinglettr Solo will prove grossly insufficient.

Do know that here at BforBloggers we were able to procure a DEAL for you. 50% off of any plan!.

Here’s the Missinglettr coupon for you to get the discount.


#1- Does Missinglettr Work Only With WordPress?


It also works with the following platforms:

  • Medium
  • Ghost
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Blogger

So, it will detect your writing on these platforms and create promotion campaigns for them too.

#2- What Package is Right for Me?

Missinglettr comes in 3 packages, and all are excellent value, though I recommend you start with the Basic first.

It’s very cheap, and it’ll give you a full-throttle of Missinglettr goodies.

Plus, you can easily upgrade later.

#3- Is There a Missinglettr Plugin I Can Add to My Site?

No, there is not, and you don’t need it. Plugins make your site slow and your site’s dashboard clunky.

Instead, Missinglettr is cloud-based and thus much better and more efficient.

#4- Are There Regular Updates to the Tool?

Yes, there are. According to the founder Benjamin Dell, they listen very carefully to their customers and try to incorporate helpful feedback into future iterations of the tool.

Missinglettr looks up to wine very much and is determined to get better with age.

#5-Is Missinglettr Really Worth it? Do I Need Social Media Automation for My Blog?

The answer to this question is… it depends.

It’s worth it to you if you want your blog to get more traffic and make you money.

Missinglettr Review – The Verdict

I really suggest you should give Missinglettr a try.

I mean, the pros to social media automation are clear, and my review here painted the truthful picture of a tool that gives you that much needed social boost and more clicks to your social media posts.

Discover Missinglettr

Plus, it’s affordable!

Let me know how you use it and if you have questions in the comment section below. And share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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