Monthly Blogging Income Report : June 2018

Half of the year has already passed and nevertheless, I’m pushing BforBloggers to success with complete dedication and passion. I write as much as I can and try to reply to every mail, comment, Facebook page message and everything that comes to me. That’s how you build relationships and trust in an online world.

Every time when there’s something big and worthy enough to share, I come up with an income report to make you realize how blogging can change the life you are living and how it’s making mine better.

If you are new here, read my previous and first income report and you will immediately notice the progress of this blog. I’m quite transparent when it comes to showing how this blog is growing in every aspect. That’s why I share my income and traffic report with you, make sure you and I keep growing altogether.

Let’s dive right into the traffic stats first:

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Notice the sudden hike in traffic and a consistency after that? I’ll share the exact process with you in the next week. 

Traffic Increased to more than 3,200 page views and close to 1800 new visitors and sessions. That’s great. When compared to last month that was June, It shows an exact 20.10% increment in new users and 22.77% increment in sessions whereas 21.18% increment in pageviews (I love Google Analytics), which is quite great for me. Bounce rate has gone down to 73%.

Okay, So the traffic has gone up, so should the income right? Let’s have a look.


Hosting – $200

SEMrush – $96.26

ThirstyAffiliates – $15.47

Bluehost – $130

and other affiliate products (Stencil was highest at $42) – $329.29 (Exactly)

Total Income – $751.02

I didn’t take any setup, configuration or consultancy project for money. Instead, I helped out several users who reached through email for free. That saved my time to focus on other things such as A/B testing and writing better content. The result of which I was able to publish the mega On-page SEO guide and update 12 old posts with fresh information.

So June was a month of absolute affiliate marketing income.

So, If you convert it in INR with current exchange rates (approx 69 rupees) it becomes 51,583.81 Indian Rupees.

Not doing and consultancy had given me extra time to work on my email campaigns as well. I’m adding a new course for SEO category and I’ll make sure you get more fresh strategies in the Affiliate Marketing course.


Nestify hosting – $7.99

MailChimp -$20

Snappa – $10 (A review coming soon): It’s an amazing image creation tool

Ahrefs -$99 – Still gives me goosebumps!

Total expenses: $136.99

Ahrefs! yes, finally I got me an SEO tool that’s powerful to the core. $99 is a fair amount of what I’m getting with it. Before subscribing to Ahrefs I went on to try SEMrush, SERPstat (Share a post a few weeks back) and RavenTools. None of them Including SEMrush was so immense both form front and back end. I will soon share a detailed tutorial on that.

I see it as an investment and using proper tools that help you succeed is important.

Still, I am using the free plan of SEMrush and by the end of the month, I’ll finally decide which tool to use. Anyways, I’ll make sure to share updates with you. Make sure you subscribe to get updates, Click here and get your free E-book as well.

Expenses will soon start to increase as I’m getting more busy with other projects and I need a hand to help to get this done.

I Got Featured!

Amazingly, BforBloggers made me feature in HubSnacks content area and MilesWeb hosting affiliate homepage! Have a look:

And even on their mailing list:

I thought to share his with you since Its the first detailed testimonial I’ve had till date. BforBloggers is only 9 months old and I’m pretty sure there is more to come.

I hope I’m able to get more traffic as I am focusing more on SEO & content quality than promotion. Of course I’m not ignoring the promotion part but still, the primary focus will be on SEO and content.

I started to use Snappa graphics editor over Stencil and every featured image you see on the updated posts is made out of it. It works really fast and smooth. At $10/month it is a great deal.

In my last report, I informed you about Astra theme and OceanWP as I was testing both of them before settling on my new theme. Well, I didn’t like any of them, seriously. Both of them had a conflict with Autoptimize plugin and moreover, It gave my Blog a generic look which is something I’d never want.  also tried Brizy Builder but I’m still using Elementor. I’ll share my take on that soon.

So, that was my June’s income report.  Share yours in the comments section below.

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