Monthly Blogging Income Report : March 2018

Here comes another blogging income report and while writing this post, I am very very happy as today, I have many accomplishments and new projects to share with you.

this income report will show you how this blog is growing day by day and month by month. in case you are new to this report, make sure you check out the previous blog income report here.

Traffic stats

traffic has gone all the way up to almost 5k visitors a month and I am very happy to see this growth as I wasn’t expecting to see this kind of boost in traffic in less than 3 months.

traffic report of my blog bforbloggers 5k milestone

the audience seems to be highly targeted and because of this, my affiliate incomes were very very impressive. you can see that sessions were quite high and i managed to keep my bounce rate below 70%. soon enough it should get below 50%.

the organic traffic has gone up to 78% and rest of the traffic credit goes to Facebook and direct visits.

as you can see the traffic is very consistent and doesn’t seem to grow as for now. since i don’t use any CPM based revenue generator i have nothing to worry. I highly recommend you to start doing affiliate marketing if you haven’t started yet.

few things which helped me in increasing the traffic was keyword research. at 7th of march, I started using long tail pro, a keyword research SEO tool which helped to discover new long tail keywords with ease. I also started to include LSI keywords into my posts.

Some of my articles have been shown in google’s featured snippets which feels great:-

Income from this blog

here comes the best part. the affiliate income from the month of March helped to get a new laptop! yes, I purchased a laptop strictly for personal use. i bought Lenovo Ideapad 320. this laptop has nothing to do but sit and let me work on my blog. you may be surprised to know that I didn’t installed a single app on this laptop and I work with Microsoft edge browser!

here’s is the income source breakdown:-

  1. Affiliate marketing (aggerated) – $620.92
  2. Email marketing – $180.00
  3. Consultancy – $200

the amazing month it was. I feel I could leverage my income more if I would have set up a sales funnel. this means I would earn money on autopilot with a couple of hours of work only.

if we calculate the numbers,  the total amount of money that I earned in the month of March is $1000.92.


nestify hosting – $7.99

convertkit – $30

no other expenses. there are many things which are still far away from me. incoming 3-4 months I look forward to getting a dedicated lead generation plugin or service. I think getsitecontrol and HubSpot will be ideal. since HubSpot offers a free trial to its exclusive affiliates so if you want to take advantage of HubSpot free forever, here is the link.

that’s all for now. I hope this report works as an inspiration for you to pursue your blogging career. do let me know about your performance in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Aayush,

    You’re doing a great job and it feels great to see you grow. You should also consider buying Grammarly premium as there are few grammar issues which affects reading experience.

    Keep growing and sharing your journey with us.

  2. Hey Aayush,
    You really doing great. Congrats on your growth in income and best of luck for your next income sheet, surely it will grow more.

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