Monthly Blogging Income Report: March 2019

March ends, and April starts!

Starting 2019 I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to become more productive.

It is so nice to see this year progress so fast. And I hope we will all see positive progress in our lives in the coming months.

So, here is another monthly blogging income report where I show you how my blog is performing in terms of traffic as well as revenue. Since I didn’t publish any reports like this for a month or 2019, thought to show you guys how we have been performing.

There are many things I’ve to tell you. I’m so happy to tell you guys that we are growing, and well keep to. Without any further ado, let me show you my traffic stats first.

Traffic Stats

Beginning from mid-February, the blog started to get more traffic. This resulted in more than 57% more traffic and 52.4% more pageviews compared to January.

Now we are close to hitting 10,000 page views a month. I’m also close to my goal of reaching 10k users a month.

The traffic increased a bit more in mid-March, else we had gotten more than 10k users.

The best part:

85% of the traffic is organic coming from Google. I also got more referral traffic from some sites like The quality of content has helped a lot in achieving these results.

BforBloggers has also completed a goal of 50,000 page views. Next goal of mine is to achieve 1,00,000 pageviews by the end of this year.

Now let’s talk about revenue.

Here’s the break down of my income:

Total income: $3804.86 (approx 2,60,000.00 in INR).

Here’s my rank for smart podcast player affiliate:

For a start, it has made some great sales:

Expenses for the last month:

  • WPX hosting: $249 (in advance for a year)
  • Godaddy: $64
  • Blog development (Genesis customization and graphics): $700
  • GetResponse: $49

Total expenses: $1062 (approx 70,000 in INR)

I moved BforBloggers to WPX hosting, which has reduced the overall time to load to 790 ms. Speed is an important SEO factor and that’s why I moved to a rather expensive but powerful host. This is a managed hosting so I don’t really have to do anything except blog and if something goes wrong, they have live chat support for a resolution.

I also moved to GetResponse for email marketing. I like their user interface and workflow. I’ll write a detailed article on that soon.

A few guest authors approached in March who wanted to get their post published here. However, I couldn’t approve any of them as they all were primarily focused on getting a backlink rather than contributing the best.

Here’s another good news, for the month of March my exit-intent optin form fetched a conversion rate of 2.27%. Using thrive leads and its exit intent has played a major role in maintaining this conversion rate.

I conducted an A/B for an experiment. I’m about to publish the experiment result next week, so make sure you subscribe here to get notified. The email list is now grown to 4300+ subscribers.

Update: In November I’ll be attending Affiliate Summit in Singapore. Subscribe to my email list to stay updated.

Do let me know how your month went and how much you made from your blog.

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  1. Robin Yadav says:

    Hey Ayush, I have been reading your blog for a long time. Your success in this industry is exponential and you would do better in life I hope. Doing a favor I would like to say, keep hustling and running one day the saturation would acquire all your hard work and life will be smooth..
    Good luck…

  2. Hello Aayush,

    Nice earning you have. The articles have good quality on the site and that’s why Google send the high traffic.
    Is the affiliate earning of 3400$ done only on this site?


  3. Hi Aayush,

    Keep rocking dude, your content is definitely paying you off. Amazing to see you make such good money.

    P.S. I guess $3400 has some contribution from Siteground right?

    1. Indeed Mark,

      Siteground with 2 Bluehost referral, an email marketing service, a podcast hosting, a chrome extension and a landing page builder combined.

  4. Congratulations Aayush,
    I love reading income reports. This is so nice.
    Keep it up bro.

  5. Your content is really good.

    But I’m really impressed with your monthly earning. You’re doing so good.

  6. Hi Ayush,

    I want to create a blog, but before that I need to grasp all the knowledge about SEO, content writing etc. which is required. Could you recommend a course which I can get, which will be good which will indepth about blogging (if have any great blogs as a suggestion that will be awesome)


  7. Hey Aayush, when is your next report coming?

  8. isha mehra says:

    Your writing style and content is really good.
    I’m really impressed with your monthly earning. Nice post. I learn something new and more challenging from your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey Aayush,
    I’m truly inspired looking at your true passion for Blogging. Do you have any case study or guide on a micro niche website?

  10. Seems like a great month of earning. I was wondering why you stopped publishing the monthly earnings report. Would love to learn more on what method makes you the most money out of your blogging efforts.

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