Movavi Review and Tutorial – Powerfully Simple Video Editing Software

If you are looking for a powerful video editor, look no further.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to Movavi Video Editor Plus.

We’ll talk about its features and how to use it, and perhaps at the end of this post, you’ve found the editor for you!

Let’s see:



Movavi is a company that offers a wide variety of multimedia programs.

They have headquarters in the USA, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

Movavi has different software programs: a photo editor, a game recorder, a slideshow maker and even a video converter. They also have Movavi Academic, a program for making comprehensive educational videos.

And with 18 years in the market, Movavi has helped 3,000,000 users to create videos.

Their video editor is an easy to use desktop software called Movavi Video Editor Plus. The program supports 13 languages, including Spanish, French, English and German.

Although it’s premium, they regularly have special deals so you have plenty of opportunities to save money, especially if you subscribe to their newsletter.

System requirements

To use Movavi, you don’t need a super powerful computer. The software runs on both macOS (version 10.13.6 and later) and Windows (from 7 to 11).

It requires 2 GB of RAM, 400 MB available hard disk space for installation and 600 MB for ongoing operations.

Movavi uses graphics hardware acceleration with the three major graphics processing units: Intel, Nvidia and AMD.

For this review, I tried Movavi on a PC running Windows 10 Pro with Intel(R) Core i5-3320M, 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz and 4GB RAM.

Key features



Like any pro video editor, Movavi has a timeline. As you can see, it has three tracks: one for videos, one for music and one for texts. You can, however, add extra tracks.

To start making videos, you simply need to drag your files from the Media Bin to the Timeline.

Then, if you want to add other elements such as stickers or a title, you’ll place them above the clip of the timeline.

You can use a template to create opening or closing credits, subtitles, or captions. You can also create an intro video and save the sample. The collection of stickers includes various themed clip-art objects.

Clip properties

The timeline also allows you to see the clip’s properties by double-clicking the clip. It will also show you the history of applied effects so you can delete one or apply new changes.

And for those that want things to be as simple and easy as possible, Movavi has an automatic mode which is completely timeline-free. You’ll find it as “Slideshow Wizard” or “Quick Video”.


Add files

You can upload files from your computer, record from a webcam, or capture microphone output. You can add the file directly on the multitrack or store them in the Media Bin for later. Here, you will also find built-in content: sounds, music, videos, backgrounds and effects packs.

Movavi also integrates with Storyblocks video library, a subscription-based service that offers over a million royalty-free video clips, stock footage, motion graphic templates and backgrounds.

Filters and transitions


They have a whole library of filters with different categories: overlay, noise, flying objects, retro, mosaic, etc. For a quicker access, you can click the heart icon on a filter and find it later in the “Favorites” section.

Some filters are free. However, there’s an effects store where you need to pay if you want more.

The Movavi Effects store lets you try your preferred effect before you buy, just like in a physical store, which I think it’s pretty cool.

You can also join clips using dynamic or elegant fades to make the video flow smoothly. They have many transitions in the library: blur, blocks, geometric, artistic and others.

AI-powered motion tracking

Motion tracking technology

Earlier this year, they added AI-powered motion tracking which allows you to take advantage of the improved algorithm to link titles, stickers, or masks to objects in your footage.

The motion tracking tool tracks the movements of any object in a clip and pins to it any other object, such as stickers and pictures.

You can also use it to blur a person’s face in your video!


The Highligh and Conceal feature also uses this motion tracking technology. When you select a mask to hide an object, for example, “Blurred ellipse”, you can choose between three tracking methods: Quick, Precise and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Pan and Zoom

Pan and zoom

With the Pan and Zoom tool, you can control the camera movement using two key frames.

You simply set the beginning zoom and the end zoom using the frames in the player, and the camera will smoothly move from one frame to the other, adjusting the frame of the video as you wish.

Correcting and enhancing videos

Color adjustments

Some of Movavi’s new features include color adjustment and highlight and conceal. Color adjustments include Auto Contrast, Saturation, White Balance as well as Magic Enhance. You can also manually adjust color settings.

There’s also “LUTs” (Lookup table) which change the mood of your scene and include Vintage, Thriller, Mistery and others.

Video stabilization

The Stabilization tool is great if your clip suffers from camera shakes. The process of stabilization might take some time for longer videos but it’s totally worth it. You can tweak the radius and shaking to achieve the exact result you’re looking.

Another useful feature is Vertical video. Movavi lets you set the appropriate ratio for uploading videos to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Facebook. You can also customize the ratio and resolution as your liking.


Movavi titles

The “Titles” section has plenty of interesting titles and many have animations. You can change the font, the size, the color and even the outline.

The titles library includes colorful and artistic titles, but also basic titles which look very aesthetic and professional.

Chroma key

Movavi Chroma Key

Easily replace or delete the background on a video or picture with the Chroma Key effect.

It starts with green as the key, but a dropper lets you use any background color in the shot. You can also adjust the tolerance, noise, edges and opacity.

Audio tools

Audio effects

Movavi has multiple voice-changing effects.

For example, the Echo effect creates a reverberation so that each sound is repeated several times at increasingly reduced volume even as the next sound is being produced. This is excellent to create a dramatic effect.

You can also raise or deepen the voices in your video or make them sound inhuman (kind of like autotune does with music).

Another feature is synchronization, which allows you to sync audio in two clips automatically.

And if you’re working with music and know about audio frequency levels, there’s an Equalizer. You can select an equalizer template or drag the sliders for manual adjustments.


Finally, the Beat detection effect adds markers at beat points to help you place edits and effect in a way that matches the rhythm of the music with the clip.


Movavi supports Windows, Mac and iOS. Some things, however, are easier to do on the iOS app, for example, adding subtitles to your videos.


You can save the results in any available format, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, GIF, and more. You can also optimize the output for your device or upload the video to YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo directly from within the program.

When you export your clip, you can export the whole project or just a selection. And you can also simply save a snapshot.

Support and resources

You can contact their support team by live chat or submitting a request. Their standard response time is 3 business days. You can also phone them at +31 88 000 0008 (international) with any payment-related questions.

They have a knowledge base, how-tos and a learning portal where you can start learning right away.

More features

Video features
  • Color adjustments: easy (automatic filters and LUTs) and advanced (manual settings).
  • Crop and rotate.
  • Overlay.
  • Scene detection.
  • Logo.
  • Slow motion and freeze-frame.
  • Picture in picture.
Audio features
  • Noise removal.
  • Audio effects.
  • Beat detection.
  • Sound autocorrect (enhanced voice recording; noisy place, recording studio).
  • Voiceover.
  • Noise gate.
  • Manual sound adjustment (sound compressor).


Movavi offers a 7-day free trial. As with any free version of a video editor, your output videos will have a watermark and you’ll be able to save only half the audio length of your audio projects.

The paid versions are the following:

  • Video Editor Plus: $54.95. A one-year license for one computer.
  • Video Editor Plus lifetime: $74.95. Also for one computer.
  • Video Suite. It’s also for a lifetime and includes media files conversion and screen recording.

They also offer business plans and have a 30-day money-back guarantee in all plans.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use interface: it has an automatic and a manual mode.
  • Multiple and powerful audio and video features.
  • AI-powered motion tracking.
  • Supports several languages.


  • It doesn’t have a free plan.


  1. Download and install their program here. They have a version available for Windows and another for Mac. The installation process is super quick.

Install the video editor

As soon as it’s done and you appear in the dashboard, you’ll be guided through a quick start tutorial of the basic features.

Movavi tutorial

You might want to buy a license to unlock all of Movavi’s features. In that case, go to the “Help” tab and click on “Buy activation key”. You’ll be directed to the purchase page, where you can choose the plan that better suits you.

Movavi buy a license

Once you do have the key, go back to “Help” and click “Activate software”. After you enter the key, you’ll see a pop-up informing the software has been activated. And now is where the fun begins.

Movavi activate software

Movavi has two modes to create movies: automatic and manual.

How to use the automatic mode

Go to “File”, then “Create a Quick Video” and upload your files (photos and videos).

Movavi add files

Pick a template: Family, Memories, Travel, Love story and more. This choice will define the transitions, titles and music you will have in your video. You can also choose the No transitions theme and adjust it to your liking.

Choose a transition

Choose a soundtrack from the built-in collection or upload your own file.

Choose an audio file

Preview your video. Insert text in the opening and closing titles, adjust slide duration and fill the black bars.

Movavi preview

Export the results: save in any format, share online, or continue editing in the manual mode.

How to use the manual mode

You have two options here. You can start from zero, going to “File”, “Create a new project”. Or you can edit a video you created in automatic mode. Let’s go with that one.

Movavi dashboard

I chose some photos but I found the video was too short so I’m going to use Movavi’s sample videos. To do that, go to “Sample Videos”, download a video and drop it in the timeline. You can also click on it and change its speed.

Movavi sample videos

After that, I decided to take off the background of one of my photos. You can do that using the Chroma Key effect.

First, select the clip or picture you want to edit. And then click on the last icon on the left side, which will show you all the video and audio tools.

Movavi tools

Scroll down to “Chroma Key”. Here, just like the picture says, you just have to select the color picker tool and then click on the color from the image.

Chroma key

This is the result, which it’s pretty cool.

Chroma key part 2

Then you can add a transition between the clips. Select a transition and place it between the clips on the Timeline.

Don’t forget to add a title to your video. The titles are, naturally, in the “Titles” section and you can customize them by double-clicking the clip.

Customize titles

Finally, you can see your results in the preview window. Go to “Playback” then “Full-screen preview”.

Movavi preview video

And you can adjust the quality of the video for the preview. You can also change the aspect ratio, enable guidelines for placing objects or take screenshots.

When you’re ready, click “Export” to open the export window and save the final video. You can also share it with YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive.


Movavi is an incredible video editor. Thanks to its two modes, automatic and manual, it’s both professional and easy to use, a combination that’s rarely easy to find.

Moreover, Movavi is accessible to anyone: they support multiple languages, are available for Windows, Mac and iOS, and even have a free trial.

Truly the only limitation is after the 7-day trial period, there’s no free plan. But this is something super reasonable considering how powerful the editor is.

Personally, I had a lot of fun using the editor and so I recommend it A LOT.

Have you already tried Movavi?

Tell us in the comments your experience!

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