OptinMonster Review – Still the Best Lead Gen Tool

OptinMonster is one of the most excellent lead generation tools available in the market, especially for exit intent, lightbox popups, slide-in CTA, and so much more.

Having personally used it for a while now, it has a very friendly user interface with a comprehensive dashboard that comprises all the data and analytics one needs to see how their website performs and where they need to get better.

Today, we will dive deep into OptinMonster’s functionality, what it is capable of doing, and if it is even worth it or not. 

OptinMonster Features

The most popular features which we love –

  1. Monsterlinks 2-step optins: The feature allows you to convert any link and/or image into an optin form within seconds. This particular feature has proven to boost conversions by at least 785% in the past and has been doing so in current times, as well.
  2. Geo-location targeting: Geo-location targeting improves lead conversions by personalizing all the campaigns based on the visitor’s location. It caters to all unique visitors with unique campaigns that fit the user’s requirements to the best level possible.
  3. Exit-intent technology: One of the most prominent features and the one which is Optin Monster, widely known for its exit-intent technology, is the feature that detects user’s mouse behavior. This behavior shows the users a targeted message as they leave, personalizing, customizing, and enhancing the user’s experience to minimize bounce rates and maximum conversions.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder

OptinMonster’s drag ‘n’ drop editor is known to be one of its most powerful features. It allows you to create various optin forms that are visually appealing and increase conversions. All the forms are automatically optimized for the highest conversion rates, irrespective of their content and design. 

The feature also comes with pre-made, customizable templates, enabling you to create forms within a few clicks and minutes. With this feature, you can create yes/o forms that are multi-step campaigns improving conversions and sales and also optimize your phone and tablet campaigns with mobile-friendly popups.

You can customize all the visible messages to your visitors to make them feel more entertained and ‘at home’. These personalized messages further boost engagement and increase conversion rates. Last but not least, OptinMonster comes with 26+ eye-catching animations and sound effects with a canvas where you can create your designs from scratch. What makes the experience even better is that you do not need to know to code at all in order to build these forms for your website.

Campaign Types

The best part about starting a campaign with OptinMonster is that it has several types of campaigns that help you display attention-grabbing offers and convert visitors into customers. This ensures that you get maximum engagement and conversion rate on your website.

Here are all the types of campaign forms that you can create with OptinMonster –

  • Inline forms: These forms are embeddable forms that can be added to blog posts and page content to grab visitors’ attention before leaving the page.
  • Lightbox popup: One of the most talked-about forms on OptinMonster is the most effective and popular way to grow your email list of potential customers.
  • Fullscreen welcome mat: Another popular form type, a full-screen welcome mat, lets you create a full-screen interstitial with a CTA attached to it, which is extremely tough to ignore. When a call to action is irresistible, it mostly leads to converted customers.
  • Floating bar: A floating bar is generally placed as a footer or header that scrolls as the visitor scrolls. So, if your visitor scrolls down, the bar moves with them. And similar is the case when they scroll up. In short, the bar never leaves the visitor’s eye, leading to increased conversions.
  • Sidebar forms: Sidebar forms help you turn every single page on your website into a lead generation opportunity with bars on the side with a solid call to action.
  • Slide-in scroll box: These high-converting popups slide from one corner to another, aiming to enhance engagement.
  • Content locker: Content lockers help you turn articles into gated content, leading to your email list to boost.
  • Countdown timer: OptinMonster also provides you with a countdown timer feature that helps in spreading urgency and scarcity to your audience to boost sales and conversions.
  • Coupon wheel optins: Coupon wheel optins help you create interactive spin-a-wheel campaigns that have proven to increase sales in every industry. This enhances the user’s interest in your website and mostly leads to a sale.

Campaign Triggers 

Triggers help you detect your user’s behavior and use these triggers to display the right campaign to the right visitor at the right tie to convert them into the right customer at the right time.

optinmonster triggers

And this is precisely how OptinMonster does that – 

  • Exit-intent technology: The exit-intent technology offered by OptinMonster is to recover the abandoning visitors and convert them into subscribers and customers. This is done by giving them a trigger related to something that would interest them, for example, an offer or a discount or a limited period of time campaign, and get them to make a purchase. 
  • Scroll trigger: Scroll trigger only shows the campaigns to the user after they have scrolled some percentage of the page. By this, they already know what your website has to offer and the chances of them reacting to a CTA increase.
  • MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins: This feature lets you convert any image or a link to an optin form, which is a 2-step optin, making it easier for the visitors to make a purchase action and become customers.
  • InactivitySensor: The sensor helps you target inactive visitors and then converts them into subscribers by actions like dropping them an email or an offer they cannot resist. By doing this, the inactivity sensor tries and make the inactive users into active customers.
  • Timed display control: The timed display control features show your campaign to the right visitors at the right time to boost conversions and enhance engagement.
  • Campaign schedule: You can also schedule your campaigns or run time-sensitive campaigns which are presented at a specific date or time to reach out to the customers when they are the most active.
  • HTML elements: The HTML elements help you target the audience with the feature and convert them into sure-shot leads or customers.
  • JavaScript Variables: You can also target the audience with the JavaScript variables and ensure what they are converted into leads and customers for maximum sales and user engagement.

Targeted Campaigns

With OptinMonster, you can use precise targeting to create campaigns that help you indeed generate more leads, attract even more subscribers and enhance sales extensively.

optinmonster targeting options

These are the specific features that help you in precisely targeted campaigns –

  • Referrer Detection: With referrer detection, targeted messages are shown based on where the visitors are coming from and their exact location. This is done to catch user sentiment and ensure that the message leads them to take any action, for example, sales or subscription.
  • Page-level targeting: This helps you customize and personalize all your campaigns based on your website’s page or a specific section. When a campaign matches the website’s particular section, it looks even more appealing to potential customers.
  • OnSite follow-up campaigns: These follow-up campaigns are super important when you are looking forward to turning potential customers into actual customers. OptinMonster lets you create on-site drip campaigns that are triggered by visitor interactions.
  • OnSite retargeting: This lets you create special offers and promotions for returning customers in order to hold them even more strongly, giving them a reason to shop more from you!
  • Geo-location targeting: You can easily personalize all your campaigns based on the user’s location and tweak it in a way that is the most relatable to them.
  • Cookie retargeting: Personalization is not all that OptinMonster offers. It also lets you fine-tune your personalizations with custom cookie retargeting and enhancing the entire experience even more.
  • Device-based targeting: You can create unique campaigns that are a perfect fit for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This way, no matter which device your customers are using, you ensure that they get an experience no less than the best.
  • AdBlock detection: You can also quickly recover AdBlock revenue with targeted messages on OptinMonster.
  • Custom domains: Easily bypass adblockers and stump your competition with custom domains specially offered by OptinMonster.


Create campaigns with OptinMonster that adversely react and adapt in real-time. Easily personalize, segment, and target incredible conversions with customized messages, fantastic offers, and so much more.

Here is how –

  • List segmentation: You can segment your lists and group the subscribers based on market automation and understanding interests. This way, when you wish to target a specific group for one particular thing, you can do so with just one click.
  • Lead sharing: Through lead sharing, you can easily share leads with a joint venture or your co-marketing partners to enhance relationships and ensure that everybody is getting what they deserve within a few minutes.
  • Success tracking scripts; These scripts help in setting up retargeting pixels based on campaign interactions. This, in turn, boosts the return on investment by increasing sales and conversions immensely.
  • Smart tags: Personalize your entire website in no time with dynamic, innovative content and already available content pieces and designs. 

Actionable Insights

Here comes the best part. OptinMonster’s insights are highly robust and actionable. It gives you the stats that truly matter and the tools that help you take action and improve your lead generation strategy and boost sales. The analytics dashboard is one of the most valuable things about OptinMonster as it gives you a lot of heavy and vital information about your website, all in one place.

optinmonster analytics

Let’s get deeper into OptinMonster’s insight board –

  • Real-time behavior automation: With real-time behavior automation, your conversion skyrocket with automated preinstallation that intrigues visitors.
  • A/B testing: A/B testing helps you easily test the ideas you have to keep increasing conversions and if the ideas do not work out, give you the time, space, and clarity to come up with new ones.
  • Smart success: Make new and better offers every day to people who have already opted for your campaigns since there is a high probability that if they did it one time, they would do it again.
  • Conversion analytics: OptinMonster gives you a fully comprehensive and solid analytics board that has the stats you need to improve your lead-gen strategy and work on it more challenging to get more customers.
  • TruLead: Verify all leads captured through OptinMonster forms for better ROI, engagement, and email deliverability through its TruLead feature. Verified leads lead to verified sales, after all!

optinmonster insights

All the features we have talked about revolve around increasing conversions and user engagement. The three things they highly focus on are –

  1. Reducing cart abandonment: OptinMonster tells us that about 70% of all carts are abandoned. OptinMonster wishes to minimize this number as much as possible by using its time-sensitive behavior-based offers in order to reduce cart abandonment situations and increase sales revenue. It does this by designing beautiful campaigns that mainly convert, deliver personalized messages at the right time, test all your ideas with A/B testing, and make data-driven decisions only.
  2. Grows the email list: Growing an email list is one of the most critical things any online business looks out for. OptinMonster strives to do just that! Its high converting email capture forms are always combined with advanced targeting and behavior automation. This helps the user dramatically boost all conversions and grow the email list like never before. It does so by advanced page-level targeting, dynamic text replacement, mobile-friendly campaigns, and a top-to-bottom customizable experience.
  3. Increase sales conversion: Last but not least, the main motive of OptinMonster is, of course, to increase sales conversion for you. Its smart targeting features help you display all relevant promotions and improve the overall sales rate while driving higher revenue from the website traffic.

 All of this happens with powerful conversion optimization along with multivariate testing built on conversion analytics and statistics that really matter.

Monster Leads

With OptinMonster, it is easy to collect and store leads at any time, anywhere, from any device. All your data related to leads can be stored with Monster Leads, no matter if you are beginning from scratch, have a startup or own a multinational.

Monster Leads is not able to send you emails about the leads but only store them, that is why it is recommended to connect your campaign not only with this feature but a second email service provider as well.

With monster leads, you can also use tags to distinguishes between your leads and understand which lead came from which campaign. It can be used as a default integration, too, ensuring that it is automatically applied to all your new leads!

Display Rules

Whenever you create a campaign on OptinMonster, you can customize when are where exactly it will appear to your visitors. It comes with a set of rules which you can change according to your requirement, combine some of them and create even more complicated logic for your website’s situation.

display rules optinmonster

Generally, OptinMonster allows you to set exclusionary rules like ‘does not contain’ as AND conditions while some inclusionary rules like ‘exactly’ matches are set as the OR condition. While you evaluate the ruleset, you must ensure that every AND condition is true, while at only one OR condition needs to be true.

Some of the rules that you can customize are –

  • Current time
  • Current day
  • Pages views
  • Exit detected
  • Visitor has closed
  • Current month
  • JavaScript variables
  • Visitor is new
  • HTML elements
  • Visitor is returning
  • Current URL path and more

New feature – Custom Domains

It allows you to bypass adblockers, improve your Core Web Vitals score and stump your competition by linking your own domain to OptinMonster’s powerful API.

Embedding Campaigns

optinmonster publishing and embedding options

With OptinMonster, you can easily add all your campaigns to your site with as much flexibility as you require. It offers several embedding options such as –

  • Any site: With this embedding option, you can either global-embed or campaign-embed. Global embed is a singular account-wide code for every website that you own and allows you to publish all your popup campaigns to appear not the sites without any further actions to be taken. Campaign embed is the code that controls only a specific campaign and has no effect on other existing or future campaigns.
  • WordPress: The software works with every WordPress website where you can add the embed code. The WordPress plugin makes it easy to manage all the campaigns from within the WP dashboard and provides targeting options that let you assign every type of campaign in time. With this plugin, you can also use WP shortcuts with any campaign at any point in time. This also means that you can take the help of WP forms to build complex and custom forms and add them to your OptinMonster campaigns.
  • Shopify: OptinMonster easily connects with your Shopify store and captures leads. However, this is only possible with a Growth Subscription pack. Connecting Optin Monster to Shopify is extremely easy with the native Shopify apps and only takes a few seconds.
  • WooCommerce: OptinMonster also works with any website related to WooComemrce and eases the entire functionality.  For this, you need to have both your WooCommerce and OptinMonster plugins installed on your WordPress website. Even the WooComemrce integration for publishing requires a Growth subscription pack.
  • Last but not least, you can also publish your OptinMonster campaigns with a shareable MonsterLink.

OptinMonster Pricing

1. Basic pack:

The basic plan costs $9 per month when billed annually and includes all the essential tools that help you get more leads to form the existing website traffic. Other things the pack includes are –

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • All campaign types
  • Page-level targeting 
  • Success messages
  • List segmentation
  • Subscriber recognition 
  • Basic integrations
  • Simple reporting
  • 3500 pageviews
  • 1 site and more

2. Plus plan:

The plus plan costs $19 per month, billed annually. It is the right fit for growing business and includes –

  • Everything in the basic plan
  • Integrated A/B testing
  • Content locking
  • Full reporting and analytics
  • Attention activation
  • Inactivity senor
  • Monster effects
  • Advanced integrations
  • 2 sites
  • 15,000 page views
  • Monster sounds and more

3. Pro plan:

The pro plan is the most popular plan and costs $29 per month, billed annually. It helps you drive fast and tremendous results and includes –

  • Everything in the plus pack
  • Mobile-specific campaigns
  • Exit-intent technology
  • Pro integrations
  • UTM targeting
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Countdown timers
  • Yes/no forms
  • Monster links
  • Referrer detection
  • Device targeting
  • Cart and form abandonment
  • Smart tags
  • 2 sub-accounts
  • Remove branding
  • Priority support
  • 50,000 page views
  • 3 sites and more

4. Growth plan:

The most expensive plan that OptinMonster offers is the growth plan that costs $49 per month, billed annually. It gives you all the necessary tools to transform all your conversions –

  • Everything in the pro plan
  • OnSite retargeting
  • Coupon wheel campaigns
  • Follow up campaigns
  • Real-time personation
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Success scripts
  • AdBlock detection
  • Manychat integration
  • Behavior
  • Automation
  • Custom branding
  • Activity logging
  • Advanced reporting
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • 250,000 pageviews
  • 5 sites and more

Get started with OptinMonster for free


To conclude, it would be safe to say that OptinMonster is the perfect choice for your drip campaign manager and lead generation tool. It not only lets you drive organic sales but focuses on user engagement as well, which helps in retaining customers in the long run.

The software involves several tools and features that enlighten you with your website’s traffic behavior and the analytics that enable you to improve every single day. In our opinion, it is a reliable software that will only help your business go a level higher with data and statistics right in front of you, any day, any time, anywhere.

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