Quuu Promote Review – Features, Use Case, Pricing and More

Content is one of the most important things for each and every business because that is what describes the business and what it does to the audience. Without content, there is hardly any business in place. However, curating and creating content manually could be a time-consuming task, and you might not always find the best in-house writer to take care of all your writing needs.

Hence, a completely AI-powered content curation tool, Quuu is all set to provide you with quality content that has been hand-reviewed by experts. It is the perfect content marketing tool that you require to promote your content in spaces you would have never imagined.

In our Quuu Promote Review, we will discuss everything about the platform to help you decide if this is the tool for you!

What is Quuu Promote?

Quuu is the only content promotion platform that helps real people share real content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. The content marketing tool promotes your content with over 500 categories that are relevant to your area of interest.

It creates content in hundreds of categories, giving you all the types of posts that one may require. This, in turn, lets you focus on your core business as all content-related requirements are taken care of by the system. With Quuu, you can grow your social media following as you share relevant content, which is made on a complete auto-pilot mode.

It is one of the best marketing and content promotion tools to exist in the market and promises to drive multiple opportunities to your business and help it grow tenfolds. The platform is also responsible for increasing your audience reach and improving engagement. 


Quuu Promote Features 

Connect and Share

The platform enables you to schedule things the way you like in order to make everything work out smoothly. It also lets you connect with your social media accounts according to your respective time zone, choose posting times, and post accordingly.

Quuu comes with several integrations that make your content creation and posting process even simpler, quicker, fun, and easier. Connecting directly to your platforms is also possible with Quuu, as you can use their scheduler in the background seamlessly.

quuu 8


Quuu helps you in personalizing content in over 500 interest categories. They ensure that the content they provide you with aligns with your business tone of voice, values, mission, vision, and objectives. From sports to neuroscience, they get you quality content for every possible niche. You can choose the categories you need as per the social profile that you are connecting.

They send you six suggestions every day based on your profile and also share posts for you automatically. However, they also give you the option of reviewing the post before it is shared so that you are satisfied before the audience reads it.

quuu 7

Quality content

Well, the most important purpose of the tool is to give you quality content that is made with the power of automation but is double-checked with the power of humans. The human touch is never missed in any content piece as expert editors review every single word the system comes up with. The content is backed by artificial intelligence with six years of top-notch quality data. Hence, you get the smartness of technology but also the essence of humans with this tool!


Quuu is responsible for driving up your engagement statistics like never before. You can find the creators of your content and shower them with love by reaching out to them. This also leads to higher engagement as it improves your business’ networking. This, in turn, leads to convert you into an expert source of valuable content worldwide, making you the epitome of the quality content finder. 


The tool helps you discover newer topics and things to talk about. It enables you to follow and support the best content creators in the market, engage with their content, and get inspired to create more of such content for your business. It comes with a reader mode that gives you the reading experience with a constant audience curation and profit enhancement going on side by side.

You can create your own discover profile with Quuu and submit your content to build an audience. The higher the engagement of your content, the more profits you make. 

RSS Feeds

Quote enables you to be updated with the trends and ongoing topics in the market that drive up engagement and analytics for a business. It organizes all your sources from one place under one roof. It allows you to read all the publications you love and have an incredible reading experience with its distraction-free reader mode. You can even save things for later and categorize or organize them as per your choice. 


Everything you discover on Quuu can be organized exactly how you want them to be. From creating custom categories for the content organization to inviting your team in order to be sure that everybody is aligned, the platform does it all. You can organize and connect all your feeds from around the world under one roof with Quuu.

You can build your teams for collaborative research where you share key industry trends to keep up to date with the same. It provides you with the feature of making notes and highlighting important points in all the articles you read, too.

Read Later Mode

The read later mode on Quuu lets you store the entire web page into an easily navigable space. When you browse the discover section of ultimate content on Quuu, you can easily shortlist your favorite content and put them into your read later library, and go through it all at once when you feel comfortable. 

Reader Mode

The reader mode feature is for all the brainy readers like you out there. It gives you a distraction-free time so that you can digest all the content you consume without any hassle. It helps you focus without any popups, ads and braining, or marketing which might not be helpful to you at all.

The platform puts the content at the forefront and gives you a sleek reading experience with a consistent reading style. You can also customize the reader mode by letting it march and remember your visual preferences. You can choose the background color from sepia, dark and white, and even alter the font type and size till it suits you.

The reader mode even comes with a read-aloud feature so that you can side by side work on something else with an AI-powered voice read the article out for you.

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Pods help you find the content that your team must see and that your audience will appreciate. You can add the pod with just a few clicks as soon as you discover the right content for your team/audience. There is an easy team invite facility where you can invite anyone and share the same content with them to be aligned.

Your pod members can get permission to add content to your pod as well for seamless collaboration. This can help you build a bank of useful and quality content, share them on social and even stock up on worthy learning posts. 

Content Promotion

Last but not least, Quuu immensely helps you promote your content as a content creator. You can build content that gets shared hundreds and thousands of times on social media and even go viral to change your existence altogether.

It is the number one tool that helps you with content marketing to drive several opportunities building up engagement and relevant audience on the social media platform. It helps you create quality content over and over again regularly, which keeps your audience hitched and enables growth over time. 

All you have to do is add your RSS feed and leave everything on the platform instead. All your content can be shared on autopilot as per your time zone and frequency of posting. Share your content over a hundred times.

quuu 1

Promotional Support

Quuu helps you promote your content like no other tool in the market. Here is how it does so –

It makes you promote your real blog to real people through real people

All the Quuu users manually subscribe to the interest categories that make sense to them and matter to their audience. It helps you curate the right content for the right people, which gets shared on social media platforms to reach even more people. The realism involved in the AI-powered tool makes it a win-win situation for content creators who have the best of both worlds in one place.

quuu 4

It helps you promote your content to the right set of audience

Your content is only shared with and promoted to the audience who is genuinely interested in reading the type of content you create. This helps in increasing content shares, engagement, and social media presence.

The engagement opportunities increase further when more and more people get to read what they are looking for, which drives higher traffic to your content.

The platform increases SEO social signals and drives up your Google ranking

Google rankings are important for every creates because that is what lets other people find you on the internet. Everybody loves Quuu because it is one of the best ways to get real people to share, talk, and engage with your content on social media.

Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more correlate strongly with the google ranking. This makes sure that your content appears on the first or second page of google with a strong presence overall.

It gives you results worth over 50 million shares to social media platforms, over 100 million trackable clicks to all content promoted by the platform, and over 120 thousand daily shares across the platforms!

Setting Up Your Profile

You can easily set up your profile on Quuu within minutes. Here are three simple steps how you can do it –

Add your site’s RSS Feed URL

In order to make the most out of the platform, you should add your RSS feed as the first step towards setting up your profile. This way, all the new content that you create is ready and waiting to be shared and promoted automatically. 

quuu 2

Submit the content

Quuu has some basic guidelines that you have to follow while submitting your content. Any content that has prolific, hateful, violent, or obscene material will not be entertained by the platform. They strictly follow the rule of only having clean, valuable, and worthy content on their platform; hence you need to make sure that you follow the rules to get your work approved.

Once you submit your content, it is reviewed by a team of experts to make sure that curation guidelines are followed. This helps in improving your share network!

Track the shares

After your content gets approved to get shared and promoted, you can track it to see how viral it is going. From the number of clicks, shares to likes, you can monitor everything easily. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the service from the platform and get all your money refunded within 15-days of the subscription.

However, that hardly ever happens because Quuu abides by what it promises – over hundreds of shares across all platforms. 


The platform comes with a 15-day 100% money-back guarantee if you do not get the expected shares and clicks promised by the platform. Content marketing strategy is given a huge boost with their platform, and they even offer a basic free subscription for the same.

quuu 5

They have two different types of pricing mechanisms, as follows –

Automatic pricing

The automatic pricing promotes all the latest content that you create on autopilot mode. It is as if you have a dedicated employee to work for you for a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. This is what the automatic pricing subscription does-

  • Automatically promotes all new articles from your RSS feed
  • Includes the author’s name in order to tag them in relevant tweets automatically
  • Utilizes the paragraph pictures on the content to increase engagement
  • Saves you a lot of time by taking the burden of posting regularly away from you

There are three different plans in the automatic pricing section –

Individual plan

The individual plan costs $75 per month and includes –

  • Promoting ten posts every month
  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • As many sites addition as needed
  • Automatic addition of content to the Quuu Discover profile
  • Automatic content promotion for as long as the content stays relevant

Company plan

The company plan costs $150 per month and includes –

  • 20 posts promotion every month
  • 15-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • As many site additions as needed
  • Content automatically added to the Quuu Discover profile
  • Content is automatically promoted till it remains relevant

Agency plan 

The agency plan costs $750 per month and includes –

  • 100 posts promoted every month
  • As many site additions as needed
  • 15-day full money-back guarantee
  • Automatic addition of content to the Quuu Discover profile
  • Automatic content promotion for as long as the content stays relevant

quuu 6

Manual pricing

The second type of pricing mechanism followed in Quuu is manual pricing. In this, you do everything yourself by choosing their manual plan and have full control over all the promotion-related aspects. It lets you create up to three different variations for your promotion for every social network profile.

The platform lets you use the engaging hashtag for better reach and also ensures that you include author names to tag them in the tweets. The cost of the plans are as follows –

Individual plan

The individual plan costs $50 per month and includes –

  • 10 post promotions a month
  • It lets you add as many sites as needed
  • Content automatically added to Discover profile
  • Full money-back guarantee within 15 days
  • Content is automatically promoted for as long as you are subscribed and it is relevant

Company plan

The company plan costs $100 per month and includes –

  • Promotion of 20 posts every month
  • As many site additions as needed
  • 15-day full money-back guarantee
  • Automatic addition of content to the Quuu Discover profile
  • Automatic content promotion for as long as the content stays relevant

Agency plan

The agency plan cost $500 per month and includes –

  • 100 posts promoted every month
  • As many site additions as needed
  • Full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service within 15 days
  • Automatic addition of content to the Quuu Discover profile
  • Automatic content promotion for as long as the content stays relevant

quuu 1 1


Quuu is definitely one of the best content marketing tools to exist in the market right now. It helps share your content to as many relevant people as possible, builds your reader base, and makes you go viral.

This leads to better engagement, statistics, and profits through the content you create in the future. Not only that, but the tool also lets you be a reader yourself. It allows you to consume and read content without any distractions.

Get started with Quuu for free

Quuu has features that are unique and help you become a better content creator and reader. It also makes you the expert content source that you could only imagine becoming. The platform comes with a basic free plan. This lets everybody make the most out of the tool’s functionality. It also has paid plans if you wish to make use of its advanced features.

Try the tool out today to see results for yourself! We are sure you will not be disappointed once you use the platform to up your content strategy and marketing game.

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