Ryte Review – Improve SEO and UX of Your Website

UX has been receiving more and more attention the last few years, as Google now puts user experience above anything else. 

Although UX is a term not everyone is familiar with, we all know the importance of a clean, easy-to-use interface.

User experience can be the difference between a visitor staying on your page or quickly running away. 

That’s why today, we’re going to talk about Ryte, a software focused on improving UX and the overall quality of your website.



Ryte is a platform that helps website owners perfect their website user experience. It is a German company with headquarters in Munich.

It was originally founded in 2012 but was relaunched in June of 2021. And just last week, they presented Ryte 6.0, which focuses on the 6 Website User Experience pillars. 

Ryte points out, we normally use different tools to measure the same goal. That’s why they offer three essential tools that make it the first website quality management platform:

  • Website success.
  • Content success.
  • Search success.

Moreover, Ryte uses 100% real Google data to give you accurate performance analytics. 

You might think that Ryte is for those that are beginners at UX and need a platform to do everything for them. But the truth is, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Ryte has a lot of resources to help you in your journey.

It’s used by more than one million users in over 130 countries, and it keeps growing its customer base at amazing speed.


Website Audit Tools

Ryte new project

  • Carry out analysis of your website performance both for desktop and mobile.
  • Find out your performance in Google Web Core Vital metrics.
  • Customize your website crawl with over 15 different configurations.
  • Filter the data in your reports according to over 350 different criteria to identify problematic pages easily.

Content optimization

Content editor

Ryte also provides you with the tools necessary to drive more user engagement. These are some of the things you’ll be able to do with Ryte:

  • Find underperforming keywords and CTRs. You don’t need to create brand new pages, with just a quick snippet update. You’ll get more clicks.
  • Identify UX issues such as duplicate content, readability problems and images missing alt tags.
  • Identify the search intent of your organic visitors.
  • A/B test your content to see what works best.
  • Get inspiration for new topics and specific suggestions for improving your written content.

Website Carbon Neutral Program. 

Ryte is among the platforms that care about the environment. That’s why they offer this Carbon Neutral program that consists of 2 steps.

First, you calculate your website’s carbon consumption. Your Ryte Website Carbon KPI can be measured considering average page size and amount of traffic.

Then you get the chance to offset your emissions by investing in a climate project led by ClimatePartner. 

ClimatePartner is a company that’s committed to improving the living conditions of people, animals and the biosphere by taking ambitious climate action daily. One of the projects you can be part of involves planting native species of bamboo in eastern Nicaragua to fight deforestation.

In-house Customer Success managers

Ryte offers a dedicated Customer Success Manager to answer your questions, give you advice and help you get the best possible results from the platform. Besides, they also provide regular training lessons to keep you updated on the new features.

Free tools

  • Structured data helper: a Chrome plugin to validate your page’s Schema markup.
  • Ryte topic explorer: check for matching keywords for your content.
  • Website checker: get an overview of outstanding optimization potential. 

And more! Text uniqueness tool, Google Snippet optimizer, Robots.txt generator and tool.


Ryte is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Korean.

Support and resources

They offer personal support via chat and a long list of resources to get you started:

  • Ryte wiki with all the digital marketing terms you need to know.
  • eBooks and White papers.
  • Webinars and videos.
  • Youtube videos in English and German.

Plus, Ryte Magazine has a lot of articles covering UX, SEO, social media, Google topics and more!

Ryte for coders and tech enthusiasts

For those with code skills, Ryte offers resources to build better reports using its API. In the future, you’ll also be able to take a look at their GitHub page where they gather some examples.

Other features

Ryte keyword recommendations

  • Multi-project management and reporting tools.
  • High-Performance Crawler can render JavaScript to give you a more comprehensive analysis of your website.
  • Keyword recommendations. Find the perfect keywords for your content.

How to use Ryte

Getting started

1. Sign up to start your 10-day free trial. You don’t need to enter your credit card! Write your website URL, first and last name, company and email. Or you can sign up with Google.

Ryte step 1

2. Verify your email address and choose a password.

Ryte step 2

3. Once you sign in for the first time, Ryte will ask you to select what you want to do. You can select as many actions as you want.

Ryte step 3

4. Ryte will guide you through each step of your configuration. You’ll need to tell them your level of expertise, the size of your company, and the type of work you do.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I chose the options “self-employed” and “freelance” and I selected “I’m new and would like some guidance” to see how they helped me.

step 4

They will also ask for your phone number, but you can skip that.

Analyzing your website

5. Once you’ve finished the configuration, you’ll be taken to the dashboard. There, a friendly assistant will tell you in detail how to proceed. 

Ryte step 5

Analysis lasts about 2h— select “Start website analysis”. Otherwise, close the pop-up and select “Try now” in “Single Page Analyzer” to get immediate results. 

You can also click “Schedule analysis”, next to “Start analysis” and select the day and hour of the week in which you want to conduct the analysis.

Schedule analysis

6. While you wait, you can close Ryte and let it email you when the analysis is done. Or you can invite teammates to the project.

Ryte step 6

You can also click on your domain name in the right upper corner and select “add project”.

However, you need to upgrade your account to have more projects. You’ll land on this page where, besides entering your domain, you can choose whether to analyze your website or the mobile version of your website. 

Find the issues

7. Once the analysis has concluded, you’ll receive an email with the results.

You can either click on “View all results” if you’d like to take a look at all the issues identified or select “See all” in one of the tasks.

This option will lead you to a page where you’ll see detailed information and how to solve the problem.

Analysis results

8. After you click on “See all”, you’ll land on a report page. In this case, the Duplicate Descriptions.

It’s important that you click on “Connect Google Analytics Data”. You’ll then be able to connect to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

This will allow you to get unlimited data storage, which is great since Search Console limits you to 16 months.

Connect with Google Analytics data


Ryte is paid on a monthly basis and that’s the only payment frequency they offer.

  • Basic: $120 per month. Includes 10,000 monthly sessions, 3 projects and 3 users. You can test it for free for 10 days.
  • Business: starts at $590 per month. Get unlimited projects and users, plus limited API access.
  • Enterprise: customize. This tier unlocks all APIs and gives you regular, personal product training. 

Ryte Pros and Cons


  • Ryte is a very powerful and complete tool.
  • It helps you build reports easily.
  • Its excellent customer support helps you with any doubt or inconvenience.
  • Errors are clearly differentiated according to their priority.


  • It can be overkill for beginners and occasional users.
  • Its TF*IDF analysis has some problems.
  • Some issues aren’t explained in detail, which makes it difficult to understand what’s wrong.


If you want to improve your site or make sure your website is doing everything possible to drive user engagement, Ryte is an excellent option for that. No matter where you’re or the size of your company, this tool is accessible to everyone.

Although some may argue it is a bit expensive, the truth is Ryte offers plenty of solutions and it’s overall a pretty powerful tool. So it’s a fair price-quality relationship.

Moreover, even if you find it too complex, Ryte has tons of articles to easily start using its features. And you also have this post’s tutorial to get you started.

What do you think? Will you give Ryte a try? If you do, tell us about your experience in the comments! And if you have a better option, share it with us!

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